Beyond The Red Roses: Other Flower Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

by CeresSchwarz

Thinking of giving your wife or girlfriend red roses as part of your Valentine's Day gift? Why is this not the best of ideas? What other flowers can you get your lover instead?

Regardless of what gifts you may have for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine's Day, it's almost always the case that you will also have red roses to go along with that present. While there's nothing wrong with red roses, aren't you and your lover sick of these flowers by now especially if this is what you've been getting for her year after year after year?

Red roses aren't the only kinds of flowers in this world. There are so many other kinds and colors of flowers that can be perfectly appropriate as part of your Valentine's Day present. What are some of these alternatives and why would you want to consider giving them as gifts to your significant other?

Beyond The Red Roses: Other Flower Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day
Beyond The Red Roses: Other Flower Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Problem With Red Roses

What's wrong with giving these beautiful flowers as a present?

Nothing actually. And yes, red roses can certainly be a good gift choice. Its lovely crimson color can signify love and passion and the rose itself has practically become a symbol for Valentine's Day what with its vibrant red color, reminding people of hearts, and how it's always given as a gift to loved ones.

It's practically expected that there should be roses on the day of hearts. Time and time again, people don't even need to think about what kind of flowers to give to their special someone. Everyone already knows that if you're giving flowers on Valentine’s Day, it’s almost always going to be red roses.

But that's just what can be identified as the problem.

A Bouquet Of Red Roses

You know, these aren't the only kinds of flowers in the world. Aren't you and your lover sick of these by now? Why not try something new for Valentine's Day?
Only $79.99

With these scarlet-colored roses being the norm when it comes to Valentine's Day bouquets, some people might be sick and tired of this by now. They might be looking for something different, something new, something that can still be fitting for the fourteenth of February but that isn't the usual bouquet of crimson roses no matter how wonderful it may look or how amazing it may smell.

As such, you can consider giving your spouse or girlfriend another kind of flower as a gift unless, of course, she just happens to love red roses and it's actually her favorite flower, in which case, there's no need to wait. Go and get her some now and make sure they're the reddest and nicest of them all. If this isn't the case though, you can get your soul mate a bunch of her favorite flowers (if you know what they are) otherwise, you can just opt to get her any of the possible alternatives to red roses.

Red Roses As Gifts

Why do you have to give these as presents anyway?

Are you still dithering between going with the usual bouquet of scarlet roses as part of your Valentine's Day gift or going for something new and different?

if you are, ask yourself this, why do you have to give your significant other red roses anyway (unless this is her favorite flower but we already covered that in the above section and if you know what her favorite flower is then why haven't you got it for her yet?)?

The rose isn't the only flower in the world.

There are so many different types and kinds out there and they even come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Valentine's Day Card

Whatever gift you might decide to give to your lover on the day of hearts, don't forget to include a card with a personal and loving message
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These other flowers can also help you convey your message of love to your soul mate just as well as red roses can by way of their own meanings in the language of flowers and even by the way they look as well as their color. With the scarlet rose being so overrated already, don't you think that it's time to go with other flowers as a Valentine's Day present? Give these other flowers some attention.

There's no need to limit yourself to the usual because, by now, it can seem boring and ordinary and normal, not to mention trite. Do the roses still hold meaning for you and your girlfriend or wife or are you just going with these because everyone else is and you think you should do the same? 

If you're looking to be different, don't go with the norm. There's no reason why you shouldn't put more thought into your gift by coming up with something else that your lover will surely appreciate, love and cherish. Giving presents like this indicates that you really took your time, that you really thought about it and that you really wanted it to be special for your significant other. Let's now take a look at some of the appropriate flowers that you can choose to give as a gift to your wife or girlfriend on Valentine's Day:

Red Flowers

For those that like the color

If you still want to go with a red-colored gift (since red does help to symbolize love), then know that roses aren't the only red-colored flower in this world.

There are many other flowers that also come in a beautiful, vibrant and magnificent shade of red, which is doubly perfect if your lover's favorite color just happens to be this hue.

What are some of these flowers?

Red Hydrangea

A possible alternative to crimson roses as part of your Valentine's Day gift
Only $42.49

- Carnations
- Tulips
- Salvias
- Primroses
- Snapdragons
- Gladiolus
- Hydrangeas
- Hibiscus

If you recognize any of these flowers as your significant other's favorite, then it's all the more reason for you to go get her a bouquet.

Alternatively, instead of getting just one of these flowers, you can get a few of each and then combine them all into one Valentine's Day present.

You can even decide to throw in some red roses into the mix so you'll have your very own bouquet of scarlet-colored flowers that are of different kinds.

This can definitely help you stand out and be different from all those that opted to settle for the usual gift.

Red Gladiolus

Roses aren't the only red-colored flowers in the world
Only $98.94

Meanings Of Flowers

Gifts based on the language of flowers

Different flowers have different meanings. You can choose to refer to the language and meaning of flowers to decide just which one to get your wife or girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

There are a number of flowers with appropriate meanings that would befit a present for the day of hearts.

You can even make use of these flowers to communicate or convey a message of love to your soul mate.

With this, you can express many things even without saying anything at all.

Let's take a look at some flowers, with appropriate meanings, that you can consider giving on the fourteenth of February.

Some of these flowers are even available in red color (note, however, that the meanings listed below only pertain to those relating to Valentine’s Day. These flowers have other meanings):


If you're looking to compliment your special someone with her beauty while also telling her that you value and love her for more than just her looks, then you can give her amaryllis, which means ‘splendid beauty, worth beyond beauty’.

If you want to say that your lover is really cute and adorable, get her camellias, which means 'you're adorable'. It also means 'excellence and steadfastness' so you can make use of it to praise her cooking, her intelligence and other skills. On top of that, the flower even lets you tell her that she's 'a flame in my (your) heart'.


Compliment your lover with these gorgeous flowers
Camellia, 3 Gallon - Kramers
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Think the two aforementioned flowers aren't good enough to convey how beautiful you think your wife or girlfriend looks? Give her orchids then as these flowers mean 'rare, delicate and exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm, proud and glorious femininity, magnificence, love'.

Message Of Happiness

Give bird of paradise to your lover if you want to convey your joy about your relationship with her as well as the excitement and eagerness that you feel as you look forward to getting to know your partner more and spending more time with her. 

This is because bird of paradise means ‘joyfulness, magnificence, exciting and wonderful anticipation’.

This flower is a pretty good choice for those that are newly-wed or those that have just started dating as it can help you declare and convey that you want to get to know your soul mate better while also saying that you feel much happiness at being or spending time with her.

Flowers For Wives

For those that are happily married, you can give your wife peony as this flower means ‘compassion, happy life, happy marriage, good health, prosperity’.

It's a great way to say that you're living a happy, contented, prosperous life with your spouse and that you couldn't ask for more while also saying that you wish good health for your lover and that you think she is really compassionate, generous and kind.


Flowers that mean love

Of course, since we are talking about Valentine's Day gifts, you can't go wrong with giving your significant other flowers that mean love. 

And, yes, roses aren't the only ones that mean love.

There are a number of other flowers that can help you tell your soul mate just how much you love her.

Go with daisies (means loyal love) if you want to say that you will be loyal and faithful to your partner.

If you have a newfound relationship and are looking forward to getting to know your girlfriend better, then give her daffodils, which means 'new beginning, joy, happiness'. It can also mean 'unrequited love'.

Give gardenias to your soul mate to tell her 'you are lovely' but the flower can also mean 'sweetness, joy, secret love'.

If you want to say the phrase 'I love you', then go with chrysanthemums, which can also mean 'love, truth and loyal love'.

Think no words can describe your love for your significant other?

Tulips might be able to help as the flower means 'perfect love, declaration of love, hopelessly in love'.

Yarrow, which means 'everlasting love', jasmine, which means 'sweet love', zinnia, which means 'lasting affection' and heliotrope, which means 'devotion, eternal love' can also help you convey that message.

Perhaps you can get them all together into one bouquet to really express yourself more.

In that case, you might as well add carnations, which means 'love and fascination, pure love, sweet love, admiration, my heart aches for you' for even more messages of love that's perfect for your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day.


Especially for those that are head over heels in love


Beautiful flowers with beautiful meanings


The aforementioned are all perfectly good alternatives to red roses.

If both you and your significant other are sick and tired of crimson roses by now, you can choose to give her a bouquet of these other beautiful and gorgeous flowers with equally appropriate and wonderful meanings that will surely delight and please your soul mate.

What do you think of these flowers?

Do you think that your wife or girlfriend will want to get any one of these flowers as a Valentine's Day gift?

Are you planning to give your lover red roses as part of her Valentine's Day gift?

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CeresSchwarz on 01/06/2014

@AbbyFitz - yeah, that was what I thought too, which is why I wrote this article. There's nothing wrong with giving red roses as gifts but for those that are looking for something new or would want to try something new, then there are many other kinds of unique and beautiful flowers that they can choose to give to their lovers for Valentine's Day.

It doesn't always have to be red roses. They could even decide to add some of these flowers to their bouquet of roses, if they want to.

AbbyFitz on 01/01/2014

I think red roses are nice, but getting unusual and unique flowers would be great to receive

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