10 Flowers That Mean Love: Jewelry Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

by CeresSchwarz

Convey a message of your love to your wife or girlfriend on Valentine's Day by giving her jewelries with a flower theme or shape. What makes this gift idea so special and unique?

Consider giving your lover jewelries as a gift for Valentine's Day. But why would you want to do that? Jewelries can be said to be special presents that are usually only given to those that we consider special like our loved ones. These items last for a long time and can really look beautiful and stunning and would be especially appreciated by those who love jewelry.

What would make things even more special and meaningful for your wife or girlfriend is if you didn't just pick some random necklace or bracelet or ring or earring to give as a present to them. It's best if you really took the time and effort to choose something meaningful and special for your significant other.

Instead of just telling your soul mate that you love her or giving her a card with those words, why don't you also try to convey your message of love by gifting her with jewelries that have a flower theme or shape? These flower jewelries can relate your declaration perfectly if you choose the ones that mean love in the language of flowers. So, what are some of these flowers that mean love and what kinds of jewelry are there that have this flower shape or theme and that can be good gift ideas for Valentine's Day?

10 Flowers That Mean Love: Jewelry Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day
10 Flowers That Mean Love: Jewelry Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

1. Rose Jewelry

Classic and traditional

It's only to be expected that the rose will be listed as the very first flower that means love. Roses are practically part and parcel of the day of hearts. This will usually, if not always, be the choice of people when they're thinking about what kind of flower they should give to their lover or what bouquet to buy for Valentine's Day.

And, indeed, roses can be the perfect flower to convey your message of passionate love and devotion to your soul mate. Aside from or rather than giving your significant other a bouquet of real roses on the fourteenth of February, consider giving her a rose-shaped jewelry instead, such as the one featured below.

The silver rose flower diamond pendant really looks like a real rose minus the vibrant color. Still, this is a good gift especially for those who like necklaces. Now your lover can wear a rose anytime she wants to and, every time she sees this pendant, she can be reminded of you.

2. Chrysanthemum Jewelry

While roses (especially the red-colored ones) are the usual choice for Valentine's Day, there's certainly nothing wrong with deciding to forego this flower and look for other possible alternatives.

After all, roses aren't the only kinds of flowers in this world as there are a great many more that also look magnificent and splendid.

Besides, if you and your lover are sick and tired of roses by now, then it's definitely time to try something new and different.

This will add to your uniqueness as well as to the originality of your chosen gift.

A possible alternative flower to roses are chrysanthemums.

If your partner is fond of chrysanthemums or if this is actually her favorite flower, then it's all the more reason to get her some jewelry with a chrysanthemum theme or shape like the navy blue earrings featured above. These earrings look fabulous with that vibrant shade and hue as well as the design and appearance of the item itself.

This should be appreciated by those who love earrings as well as the color though you can also find this in other shades if your lover doesn't like blue. Chrysanthemums mean love and loyal love so it's a good way tell your girlfriend or spouse that you will always be loyal and faithful to her and that you will never leave her.

Navy Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Earrings

Resin Chrysanthemum Flower Stud Earrings - Navy Blue
Resin Chrysanthemum Flower Stud Earri...

3. Daisy Jewelry

Don't like chrysanthemums and roses? Think your girlfriend or wife would like another flower? Why don't you give her a daisy-shaped jewelry instead, just like the necklace featured below?

Just like chrysanthemums, daisies can also mean loyal love. So if you want to convey a message of faithfulness and loyalty to your lover but don't want to do so via chrysanthemums (maybe because your partner hates this flower for some reason), then you can make use of the daisy instead.

This flower can be a really good choice especially if this is your soul mate's favorite flower. The daisy pendant featured below really looks finely-made with a stunning design. You certainly can't mistake the shape of the pendant for that of any other flower but the daisy itself.

4. Lilac Jewelry

Is your girlfriend or spouse also your very first love? Is she the first person that you fell in love with or that you really had romantic feelings for?

Convey just how special she is in your life by giving her lilac flowers, which means first love.

By saying that she is your first love, you can also add that she will be the last person that you'll ever love and that you'll never love another as much as you love her.

Be as romantic as you can and want to be and just tell your soul mate how you feel about her.

Of course, don't forget to give her the Valentine's Day gift you got just for her.

If you have decided to give her some lilac jewelry, you can go with something like the clip-on earrings featured above. The center of the flower and the back of the earrings are gold-plated, which nicely contrasts with the purple color of the lilac. The earrings themselves even have a cute look to them, which should certainly appeal to your partner especially if she is rather fond of cute things.

5. Hyacinth Jewelry

The hyacinth flower has a number of different meanings but the ones that pertain most to or that can be appropriate for Valentine's Day are the following: constancy of love, sincerity and loveliness.

With this marvelous flower, you can easily tell your significant other that she is very lovely and beautiful and that your love for her is constant and will never end.

You can even add that she shouldn't doubt you because you are sincere.

Isn't it great to be able to convey so many things with just one single flower?

If your soul mate loves hyacinths, then it's all the more reason to give her one as a present.

For Valentine's Day, you can go with something like the hyacinth flower ring featured above. Doesn't it look gorgeous? The ring even has a pearl gemstone at the center and the petals of the flower has so many little details that really make it stand out and look dazzlingly splendid.

6. Carnation Jewelry

Carnations also have a multitude of different meanings but we'll only discuss the ones that are appropriate for the day of hearts.

Even with just those meanings, there are so many things that you can tell your partner just by giving her some carnations.

You can tell her that you love her deeply and purely with undying devotion as the flower means "love, pure love, deep love, and undying devotion".

It also means remembrance and gratitude so you can tell her that you remember all the moments and times that you've spent together and you're very grateful and thankful for all the times that she was there by your side when you needed her.

 Carnations can also tell your wife or girlfriend that you admire her many qualities and strengths and that you really think that she is beautiful. For jewelry with a carnation shape or theme, you can go with something like the necklace pendant featured above.

Unfortunately, you will only get a pendant but that doesn't make this item look and seem any less special. For starters, the heart-shape of the pendant makes it even more apt for the fourteenth of February. But you're not just getting a mere heart pendant because this particular one also contains a blue-colored carnation.

7. Gardenia Jewelry

Say "you are lovely" to your girlfriend or wife by way of giving her some gardenia jewelry.

As the flower also means sweetness and joy, you can also tell her that you are always happy to be with her and that she is very sweet and kind and lovable.

Another meaning for gardenias is secret love.

So if you don't have a lover yet or if there's someone that you're interested in or if you're with someone but haven't told her about your feelings yet, you can make use of gardenias to convey the message that you are secretly in love with this woman.

The gardenia choker featured to the right can be a good jewelry gift for Valentine's Day for your special someone.

Gardenia Flower Choker

As you can see from the image, the choker really looks magnificent and finely-made. The colors of the beads and the flowers contrast nicely with each other, giving the jewelry a unique look to it especially when you consider how real the gardenias look.

8. Jasmine Jewelry

Think your lover is graceful and elegant? Tell her this by giving her some jasmine jewelry. The flower also means sweet love, which makes it a good gift choice if you want to be romantic and poetic and tell your partner that you believe that the love you share is the sweetest feeling in the world and that you're always happy to be with her.

If you want to give some jasmine jewelry to your soul mate, consider something like the charm bracelet featured below. This is an especially good choice if your spouse or girlfriend is fond of charm bracelets.

As you can see in the image above, the bracelet has jasmine flowers and crystals, which dangle from a chain. The Caribbean blue color of the crystals really make this particular bracelet stand out as it contrasts beautifully with the silver crystals and the chain itself, creating a look that is marvelous indeed.

This bracelet comes in other colors too so don't be too concerned if your significant other doesn't like blue. You can get her either bronze, gold, lilac opal, silver or starlight jasmine charm bracelets instead.

9. Tulip Jewelry

Tulips have many meanings that are perfect for the fourteenth of February, which makes this a good choice as a gift to your lover.

Giving this flower is a "declaration of love" and you can even add that you are "hopelessly in love" with your soul mate, so much so that your love for her will never die.

You can also say that your love for her knows no bounds and that you will keep loving her even if the feelings aren't or will no longer be returned.

Tulips also mean "perfect love" so you can add that you think your relationship with her is perfect even if you might have some fights or misunderstandings sometimes.

This flower is also a great way to say that your partner is caring and loving.

The jewelry featured above is definitely a good choice for your spouse or girlfriend especially if she likes tulips and necklaces and earrings. One of the best things about the aforementioned item is the fact that you're actually getting two pieces of jewelry with a single purchase. 

So, instead of just getting a necklace or earrings, you can get both by acquiring the item featured above. These 2 items are both tulip-themed too and both look exquisitely gorgeous and marvelously stunning. They both really look like tulip flowers.

10. Sunflower Jewelry

Sunflowers are a great way to tell your partner that you adore her.

Since it also means "dedication and dedicated love", you can also say that you are very much dedicated to your lover and to the love that you two share together.

This flower even comes in very nice-looking jewelry as you can see with the two items featured below and this really makes sunflowers such good gift choices for Valentine's Day.

The sunflower bracelet shown to the right is different from other bracelets in that it is made of leather.

The design and look of the item makes it come across as very unique and original and even makes it seem like you're wearing many bracelets even though you're really only wearing one. The sunflower in the bracelet is, of course, its main attraction but the rest of the bracelet itself along with the dangling heart charm just helps to make the sunflower stand out while also adding to the beauty of the entire item.

On the other hand, the sunflower ring featured below looks to be prominently made of the flower itself because of the large petals and the shining crystals adorning the ring. The way the ring looks really makes it seem as if the sunflower was real and the sunflower itself is sure to draw much attention because of how fantastic and awesome it looks.


These are just some of the flower jewelries that you can consider giving to your lover as a gift for Valentine's Day.

Each of these jewelries has a flower theme or shape and the flowers these jewelries depict all have varying meanings of love, which make them doubly perfect and appropriate for the day of hearts.

Instead of giving your soul mate some random piece of jewelry, you can give her one with a flower theme or shape in order to convey a very special message of love just for her.

With these flower jewelries, you can surely express yourself and your feelings even without having to say anything at all.

What do you think of all these flowers that mean love and these bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and other such jewelries?

Do you think that your girlfriend or wife will want to receive any one of these flower jewelries as a present on the fourteenth of February?

Which of these flower jewelries are you considering giving to your lover for Valentine's Day?

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