Amco Color Alert Kitchen Timer -- Makes Keeping Track as Easy as Knowing Traffic Light Colors

by Regi_B

Coded lights on a kitchen timer. Pretty!

Let's face it! Keeping your eye on a soufflé is hard. At least, that is the premise behind Amco's Color Alert kitchen timers.

Okay! Maybe I am just making a bad joke there. It wouldn't be the first time!

The thing that does the stuff with regard to Amco's nifty product comes from a user -- you, perhaps -- wanting to know generally how much time is left for cooking a given food, or doing some other activity for which you need a timer.

You say there is a roast cooking and you want to know -- quickly -- if you have time to jump in the shower? That is where Amco's little helper comes into the picture!

What Is the Amco Color Alert Timer?

Okay! Take a kitchen timer. Now, put a plastic dome on top, with 3 color LEDs inside -- one green, one yellow, and one red. Now, you have got the Color Alert Timer.

The timer is sold in analog or digital. If you choose digital, you will enjoy paying more, as you get more features (like the item's digital-ness, for example).

When you have more than ten minutes left for whatever it is you are timing, the light on this fancy timer is green. Green means "Go" -- as in, "Go take that shower, you've got plenty of time!"

Below ten minutes, the timer's light switches to yellow. With yellow, take caution -- as in, "You've got time to take a shower, but don't lallygag!"

Under one minute remaining and the timer goes to red. As you might imagine, red means you're running out of time -- as in, "Forget the shower for now, Bub!"

What You Get with The Analog Color Alert Timer

We are all likely familiar with analog kitchen timers. You turn the knob past a quarter-turn, and it's all "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick," from there.

The analog version of the Color Alert works the same, with the added notes of the colors to let you know which zone you are in for time remaining, and beeps when the colors change.

For more features and accuracy, the digital version is for you.

Amco Color Alert Analog Timer

Amco Color Alert Timer

What You Get with the Digital Color Alert Timer

Analog has a certain generalness to it. Digital is all about precision. With these timers, that fact remains.

If you choose the digital Color Alert, you get features beyond precision timing. You will also enjoy the ability to pause the timer and restart it later.

Further, the digital option comes with a clock mode -- for telling time and stuff. Nice.

Things to Time with Your New Color Alert Timer:

  • Cooking,
  • Watching paint dry,
  • Betting rounds for (charity) poker tournaments,
  • Watching more paint dry,
  • Detention.

You Can Buy Amco Color Alert Kitchen Timers Online

Here is a linky I have graciously provided to help you on your way. ;-)


Updated: 03/28/2012, Regi_B
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