Arjun Porwal of exclusive interview

by BardofEly

Arjun Porwal is a talented performer who has had a lot of success making videos for clients. He is hoping for his break as a Bollywood actor.

Arjun Porwal talks to Wizzley
I recently befriended Arjun Porwal after a friend had hired him to present a promotional video to help get people listening to my songs. It is entitled The TRUTH about the Taj Mahal and included here. I was very impressed with Arjun's style and with what I have learned about him so I thought I would interview him for Wizzley.
Please introduce yourself, say where you're from and where you live now:
Ahem..ahem..Hello, Wizzley Reader!
I am really feeling great right now..
well, my name is Arjun Porwal ‘AKA’ arjunrocks, I am a Computer Science Engineer.
I am from India, living in the very romantic city of Agra, where Indian tradition can be found. Agra is 200 kms from New Delhi, which is the capital of India.

Arjun Porwal


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The TRUTH about the Taj Mahal

A very famous historic building in India

More about Arjun Porwal's videos

Arjun Porwal's performance on video

Please say a bit about your services. What video services can you offer?
My mission is always to deliver High Definition Videos in English or Hindi and to international standards within the reach of every individual.

I have the achievement of 800 sales so far and offer the commitment of HD quality, crystal clear sound and natural expressions for the benefit of customers.

i can record an original good HD quality video testimonial or advertisement of your product, I can offer promotion of your website, can do singing or dancing for songs of your choice, read birthday wishes, or I will do anything you desire, such as:
a) Say your name.
b) Promote your product or business.
c) Say anything you want. 
Buyers just need to send me 60-80 word script and I do the rest.

I offer to make videos in front of Mogul Emperor Akbar’s Palace, the Marium Palace and the Taj Mahal, and it depends again on the buyer. If some buyer pays me well enough then I can travel to Red Fort too for his or her specific script and needs.

The HD Video at Indian Historic monument offer is a new one. A few months ago I created this.

People can order birthday wishes from me, or I can even scream continuously while reading a message, and am willing to record party invitations and perform from small and crazy scripts.

Some people ask me to hold their website logo poster or pictures while performing on video to advertise them. So all ideas and projects are very welcome!

Interview with Arjun Porwal continued

More about Arjun Porwal

How many videos do you think you've made so far?
Well, I started at fiverr around 20 months ago and up until now I have made over 800 videos, including indoor and outdoor videos. Very successful work has been done near historic monuments and with my Hindi and English testimonials. Sometimes they are in a professional style , and sometimes I am in Indian attire. It simply depends on buyer’s demand.

Your interests?
My interest is in acting and only acting. Well, the story behind this is very interesting. Honestly speaking, I always wanted to be an actor, but in India you can’t really try to become an actor or politician.

The reason is that these professions are held for people who have their fathers already working or involved in them. So I started this work on my own.
My parents insisted that I do engineering so I went to study this but simultaneously I was feeding my needs of wanting to be an actor.
Also today, if I am given any small opportunity to serve in Bollywood or in a small TV serial then I will definitely go for it.

Highlights of your life/career?
I want to do an MBA in marketing, which demands good communication skills, confidence and a wise brain to grab clients and get business for the company.

This current project is giving me enough money to run my life, as well as enabling me to make preparation for the MBA, and to enjoy my hobby of acting in front of the camera. Yes, I can consider it a fulltime job right now, but in coming days I want to expand it by introducing new ideas and new opportunities...MORE NEW PROJECTS, MORE REVENUE..

-Where do you see this idea taking you in the following year?

I will start new projects in different cities in upcoming months so buyers can have more variety too..Next year I want to buy my own house from my fiverr earnings. I just got my Laptop, and a Yamaha bike, all from my fiverr earnings. Maybe a few doors will be opened too for acting.

Real Emotional guy telling experience of tsunami loss.MP4

Arjun acting very emotionally

Love Video sample

Love and romance

Formal attire High Definition

Arjun very smartly dressed

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Raga Rock

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Raga Rock HD video by Arjun Porwal

Arjun Porwal sings Bard of Ely's song Raga Rock

And finally...

Upcoming talent

Anything else you would like to add or promote?
Definitely, If you feel good about it then please place an order from me from any of my offers. The love video is very romantic for those who love someone. A message of love and dedication can be sent to your special someone all year around. However,if you're not confident enough to convey a message to them yourself, It will be my pleasure to help you!

In the video, I will wear a purple shirt, holding a red rose, with slow romantic music playing and some cute tropical fish in the background. I will record and dedicate your message of love, good news or whatever you like, to anyone or maybe even your secret crush.
i will do my best to deliver in just a few hours..

My advice for upcoming talent - Always over-deliver your task, as an example, if you are a logo designer then deliver three logos instead of one, so the buyer can have choice. Deliver on time, and try to do it fast and as an example of your best work.

Just be original and polite. Offer what you can really give. Increase quality and if you can’t then at least maintain it.

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Where to find out more about Arjun Porwal

Arjun Porwal website
  • Arjun Porwal - India | LinkedIn
    View Arjun Porwal's (India) professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Arjun Porwal discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners
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BardofEly on 11/19/2012

I think Arjun deserves a lot more publicity too!

laura on 11/19/2012

Great gigs, you should get some more exposure for them, check out

BardofEly on 11/17/2012

You are welcome and I am glad to be able to help!

arjunrocks on 11/17/2012

thank you all...
i love you alll...

BardofEly on 11/14/2012

Yes, I know he is excellent! As you can see I have him singing a song of mine.

shalusharma on 11/14/2012

I have used Arjuns's gigs and he does his gigs very well. I used the one where he was in front of the Akbar's mausoleum.

BardofEly on 11/14/2012

Thank you too!

Ashutosh Gupta on 11/13/2012


BardofEly on 11/13/2012

Thanks for posting!

arjunporwal on 11/13/2012


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