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It's me! nightbear!
Nice to meet you Susan and congratulations on 25 wonderful years of marriage!
Dianne, on 06/05/2011
Aloe Blacc: Soul Singer
I had heard this song but had no idea who sang it. Nice! Love that music.
PeggyHazelwood, on 06/05/2011
Who Is Doc Hellams
A lovely tribute to your hubbie. Tell him this doc wishes your doc a happy birthday.
HealthfulMD, on 06/05/2011
Flashmob in the UK
I saw clog dancers doing this on TV. It was great.
Liz Mackay, on 06/05/2011
Who Is The Sidewalk Philosopher
You know, there are many people here I've come to know to one degree or another on Squidoo, but, somehow, I feel like I'm getting to know them so much better on the personal pages they're creating here. So glad to know you better, as well.
Ramkitten, on 06/05/2011
Adding Value: Commenting on Wizzley Content
Yes! This is great topic, and it is not only good branding but we must convince Google that we don't use robots, we are real persons. If we respond: "Thanks" or "Great" all the time... without to tell why is "great", it will be easy for Google ...
Michey, on 06/05/2011
Google Analytics
I've installed Google Analysics on Wizzley (just copied the code under the 'Revenue' section), but when I went to check on stats, I am not seeing anything. Will check in the forum to see if there are other answers.
HealthfulMD, on 06/05/2011
Why Wizzle on Wizzley?
I am so happy to see all my old friends here. The world really is a tiny place isn't it.
Ladymermaid, on 06/05/2011
Royal Scandal of Victoria and Lady Flora Hastings
This is fascinating! I didn't know any of it.
tandemonimom, on 06/05/2011
Apple iPad as An eBook Reader
I have a kindle but I often end up reading on my iPhone. The iPad seems a logical next step. Great for kids books too.
TerriRexson, on 06/05/2011
Yoga for Seniors - Aging Well With Yoga
Not as yet! Nice and informative page which is going to be very helpful to people looking to start Yoga as a Senior
pkmcr, on 06/05/2011
Why Wizzle on Wizzley?
Wizzling is my "new toy" :-) I do think it's a little easier than putting together a Squidoo lens, but they're both great platforms, in my opinion.
kajohu, on 06/05/2011
Recipe for Buckwheat-Blueberry Breakfast Pudding
This sounds wonderful! My husband often makes hot cereal in the morning (luckily he shares with me), and I think he'd be up for trying out your recipe.
kajohu, on 06/05/2011
How to Sleep With a Partner Who Snores
My husband's snoring has gotten worse over the past few years. My response is to nudge him, especially if it sounds like he's stopped breathing for a bit, or is close to choking (that's happened a couple times -- scary for both of us!). ...
kajohu, on 06/05/2011
Writing Quality Articles on Wizzley (and beyond)
Useful info here..:)
hamshi5433, on 06/05/2011

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