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Candy Buffet at Wedding | Sweets Table at Wedding
Candy Buffets can add so much to any event. This is some great tips and photos. Thanks so much for all your help!
ohme, on 06/05/2011
How to Make Irish Stew
Irish Stew is a great dish, but I only ever cook it when the eather is cold. Great to see you here on Wizzley :)
AJ, on 06/05/2011
Who is AndyPo?
Ah Hemel Hempstead - I know it well but do not venture there very often ;) Richmond is definitely a lot nicer, what with the park and the deer and of course the river. Great to see you on here Andy :)
AJ, on 06/05/2011
It's me! nightbear!
So pleased to see you on here Susan and I love the explanation for your online name.
AJ, on 06/05/2011
Recipe for Buckwheat-Blueberry Breakfast Pudding
I've never had buckwheat but I always put berries like raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in my morning cereal or porridge. I don't think buckwheat is readily available here in the UK but I'll look out for it so I can try it.
Stazjia, on 06/05/2011
Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Features More Than Just Cactus
We never get heat like this in our cooler corner of England, so we are unable to grwo cati like these unless in aheated glasshouse. I love the way you show the wildlife that is a natural part of these habitats in your lovely photos :)
AJ, on 06/05/2011
Dinosaur Shoes for Kids
My kids would have loved these shoes when they were younger - but with a new baby in the family, it wont be long before she will be able to wear them!
AJ, on 06/05/2011
Ten Ways to NOT Make Money on Zazzle
Very fun and full of true stuff!
Vicky Brago-Mitchell, on 06/05/2011
Cell Phone Towers That Look Like Trees
I couldn't agree more with chefkeem and also have to say, I agree with the concept behind it, to try and disguise these 'eyesores' by prettying them up.
Spook, on 06/05/2011
Communicating with deaf people
Challenge? Never thought of it that way before but I hope you enjoyed the challenge and do hope next time you will find it much easier.
Spook, on 06/05/2011
Easy link building with blog comments
Hello nightbear, thank you for commenting. That is what I´m talking about. Placing content relevant comments on blogs does level up your site. The Fast Blog Finder is a great tool to find the best articles to comment on. Best regards
profkm, on 06/05/2011
Ten Ways to NOT Make Money on Zazzle
Thank you! I'm a new Zazzler and need all the advice I can get. And you've got a very good turn of phrase, you're a natural writer!
Anthony T Steel, on 06/05/2011
The Glee Project
Great introduction to the Project. I must admit I didn't want to get caught up in liking the music but there is something about it isn't there!
pkmcr, on 06/05/2011
Veronica Bright Welcome to My World
Nice to learn a little more about you and look forward to seeing what you create here at Wizzley
pkmcr, on 06/05/2011
Aloe Blacc: Soul Singer
Really great review - as always. I seem to recall hearing this on the Graham Norton show and having the same thoughts. It must be an age thing! :-)
pkmcr, on 06/05/2011

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