Dinosaur Science and Paleontology Gifts for Kids

by TerriRexson

Do you know a child who likes dinosaurs? Here's a collection of dinosaur science and paleontology gifts for kids who love dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Gifts for Kids who Love Dinosaurs

Both my boys love dinosaurs. They started off with toy dinosaurs and got hungry for dinosaur facts. My older son is know fascinated with paleontology for kids and how scientists learn so much about dinosaurs. 

This collection of toys and gifts is aimed at kids who want to learn all about dinosaur science and develop some of the knowledge and skills that a paleontoligist needs. 

Who knows, maybe you'll encourage a real paleontologist? 

Kids Paleontologist in Training T-Shirt

My First Dinosaur Science Kit

Scientific Explorer's My First Dinosaur Science Kit
Only $26.95

Dino Dig Kit

Age 4+

Kids who are interested in dinosaurs will love a dino dig kit where you excavate dinosaur bones using tools and then assemble a dinosaur skeleton and identify it. The set includes safety goggles and tools. 

This kit is great value for money as it includes educational information about paleontology as well as the fun digging activity. The child will get even more from the set if an adult is willing to discuss the process with them and compare to what a real paleontologist does. 

And the dinosaur bones glow in the dark. Cool!

Playmobil Paleontology Set

We love this Playmobil Triceratops and Baby set. It include a paleontologist or explorer figure and his cameraman. My older son got this for his fourth birthday and it still gets played with regularly, in fact it's out on the play table as I write this. 

It's a great set for imagining what it was like in the time of the dinosaurs with the triceratops (which is really big) and baby and the erupting volcano (it has a mechanical trigger). And there's a dinosaur skeleton that the paleontologist can excavate and put together - very good for explaining to younger kids what paleontologist do. 

And of course because this is Playmobil the set set is full of interesting accessories including field tools. Highly recommended. 

My son has asked for the Spinosaurus set for Christmas which looks just as good. You get two figures plus a really big Spinosaurus and it's babies and eggs. 


Fossils are how paleontologists learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Having real fossils is very cool for a kid who is interested in dinosaur science. 

At school yesterday my son was talking to his friend who has a real Spinosaurus bone and offered to bring it in to school to show him! Yep, dinosaur bones and other fossils are very cool. 

This Ultimate Fossil Kit is a great starter set which includes 15 real fossils. It includes shark teeth and dinosaur bones. And also a fossil identification guide, very useful for a future paleontologist. 

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Com...
Only $18.34

Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Age 5+

There are lots of dinosaur books for kids around but this National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia is rather special. 

Don Lessom is a real dinosaur expert and this recently published book has all the latest facts and amazing pictures of dinosaurs. 

The book has a reading age of 7-10 and will fascinate older kids. But a lot of younger dedicated dinosaur enthusiasts will enjoy looking at the pictures and sharing the book with parents. 

4D Vision Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Model

4D Vision Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Model
Only $145.0

T-Rex Anatomy Model

Age 8+

I just love this T-Rex Anatomy model. It's an accurate model, well to the best of paleontologists current knowledge - they are always learning!

The T-Rex is 22" long and has 39 detatchable organs and other body parts. The dinosaur model can be taken apart to explore all the parts and then reassembled. A very hands-on way of learning dinosaur anatomy. 

You also get an assembly guide with lots of information on dinosaur anatomy and the parts you are assembling. 

This is a great toy as it's fun, educational and will look brilliant on display. 

Dino Dan: Dino Trackers! DVD

Dino Dan: Dino Trackers!
$6.3  $3.59

Dino Dan DVD

Lots of kids are getting interesting in dinosaurs through the Dino Dan TV show. 

Dan Henderson is a 10 year old boy who is obsessed with dinosaurs. He sees dinosaurs everywhere and uses the scientific method to learn all about them - just like a real paleontologist. 

Young dinosaur fans will enjoy the Dino Dan Dino Trackers! DVD. 

Brainbox Discover Dinosaurs

Brainbox Discover Dinosaurs
Only $19.99

Dinosaur Quiz Game

Age 8+

The Brainbox Dinosaurs game from the Natural History Museum is a dinosaur facts game for 1 or more players. 

You have to remember as many facts and details about dinosaurs as you can. It's a dinosaur-themed memory recall game. 

A fun game for dinosaur fans to play with their family or on their own. Great for developing the memory and observation skills needed by a paleontologist. 

Updated: 11/11/2011, TerriRexson
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t on 11/16/2011

Dino-Dan!!!! just what i was looking for!

Markets on 11/12/2011

Love the 4D model. I've always had an interest in building 3D puzzles and the 4D Tyrannosaurus Rex looks like a very detailed prehistoric character. :)

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