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Why Wizzle on Wizzley?
I am so glad to see you here at Wizzley, LadyMermaid!
petunia, on 05/30/2011
What a lovely way to introduce yourself! I'd always wondered about the story behind that screen name.
BarbRad, on 05/30/2011
A Plate Icon to Replace the Food Pyramid
It has been really quick and easy to teach to kids. I am working on getting another page up on the Plate Method. Keep watching for a new article.
HealthfulMD, on 05/30/2011
Go Wizzley With A Double Z
How funny! You did what I should have done. As to all those double O's, they make an ooooh sound that you hear when people are impressed. I, too, was happy to see Bruno on board for this new venture.
BarbRad, on 05/30/2011
I hate American Idol - my prediction for 2011
I hope you feel better now, when you could ventilate your feelings hehehe I agree in what you say. American Idol has probably overstayed its popularity
irenemaria, on 05/30/2011
Communicating with deaf people
Thanks to you both for your visit and comments.
Spook, on 05/30/2011
So, you want to build a freelance internet marketing business?
Great article. I found some new resources in your list above. Thanks!
lisadh, on 05/30/2011
Children Should Learn to Play Music
My parents allowed me to take piano lessons at a very early age. The values, emotions, thoughts and experience I gained from the lessons have been invaluable to me. I later took band in school. Music has and will always be very important in my ...
cosmopinkice, on 05/30/2011
Why Wizzle on Wizzley?
When I first glanced at the title, I thought it said, "Why you should wizz on Wizzley." Glad to be wrong! But it did make me stop and read this page. :-)
lisadh, on 05/30/2011
How to Enjoy Summer Art Festivals and Fairs
Michey, I love these fairs, too. I'm looking forward to the Lavender Festival in a couple more months, and sometime this summer they will have an olive festival.
BarbRad, on 05/30/2011
Easy to Cook Filipino Recipes -
Hi! This is something new to try, I am an experimental-chief, and after a joyful experience with Thailand recipes... I am deter,mine to try anything which is coming from that direction. Thanks Regards
Michey, on 05/30/2011
How to Google Adsense
This is very helpful, Paula, especially the channels information. Thank you!
petunia, on 05/30/2011
Who is Rich Leigh?
Best wishes my friend. I am having so much fun here finding old friends and making new ones. Love your about me - I still have to do mine up.
Ladymermaid, on 05/30/2011
Who or What is WordCustard?
Hi I just signed up today and I love the ease of use here already. I am so happy to see so many of my friends already here :)
Ladymermaid, on 05/30/2011
Introducing Joan Adams
Lol...we would have recognized you anyways because of that wonderful smile which you just cannot hide :) So glad to find you here.
Ladymermaid, on 05/30/2011

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