Rose Necklace

by lou16

Give the person you love a rose that won’t wither and die – a rose necklace. These beautiful rose necklaces are a gorgeous way to say I love you.

Rose Necklaces are Gorgeous!

I love rose necklaces and can still remember the first rose necklace I ever had – it was a red rose pendant on a gold chain and was given to me by my late Aunty Babs.   Some years later it got misplaced (the fact that I’d moved to a couple of different countries didn’t really help!), but I’ll always treasure the memory.

There are lots of different styles of rose necklaces available which means that no matter what type of jewelry you prefer you can find a rose necklace to suit you.   I think that giving a piece of jewelry is always a great ‘I Love You’ gift and it’s definitely going to last a lot longer than a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day isn’t it?

The coral rose pendant on a leather necklace (pictured opposite) is really nice and has quite a youthful vibe to it.

The white gold plated red rose pendant necklace (opposite) is truly beautiful and will really stand out when you wear it.   I think the rose is very romantic looking and to my mind the word pretty popped into my head when I saw it.

My daughter took one look at this necklace (she’s 10 going on 20) and declared it awesome!   In her mind it looked like it would go really well as part of a gothic outfit (well the idea of romance has a dark side too I guess!).

Rose necklaces symbolize both love and beauty which means they’re a great gift idea for a girlfriend or wife as well as also being a great gift for a daughter or sister.

This military style dog tag pendant that's on offer opposite is a very casual way of wearing a rose that would suit a number of people.   It really is a great way of combining the casual style of dog tag jewelry with the romantic overtures of the red rose.

I have a friend who really doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, her wardrobe of choice is jeans and a casual t shirt and when she does add any jewelry it tends to be this style.

The silver diamond rose pendant necklace that I've chosen opposite combines not just the flower of love, but also diamonds and we all know that diamonds are a girls best friend don’t we!

I love the fact that this rose has a stem and a couple of leafs as well as it just adds a little something to the piece that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Silver Rose Necklaces

There are also a number of sterling silver necklaces that are available to buy online from Zazzle, a print on demand company.   You can choose from some of the gorgeous rose necklaces available here or, if you’ve got a photo of the first roses you ever gave your partner you could upload it to Zazzle to make a personalized rose necklace just for her.

Why is the rose considered the flower of love?   Well there are a number of theories on that but the one I like to refer to is that Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty and love and her favourite flower was the rose.

My late grandmother’s favourite flower was the rose and I’m sure she’d love any of these necklaces (although she’d be a little bemused if we gave her dog tags.........she would wear them though!).   Personally I’d rather get irises given to me if I’m getting flowers, however if I was to be offered some rose jewelry I would be extremely happy to make room in my jewelry box for any of these featured necklaces!

Updated: 11/09/2011, lou16
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Digby_Adams on 11/10/2011

I do love that rose dog tag jewelry. It's a touch of the unexpected! The other rose jewelry pieces are very lovely as well. A very feminine jewelry style.

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