Auto Circadian Meditation - Is There Such A Thing?

by marciag

In short, auto circadian meditation is NOT a real meditation technique, despite being so popular all over the internet.

I was thinking hard before putting these words on paper whether to write about auto circadian meditation or not. This is such a controversial topic, and unfortunately one that is highly misrepresented.

I have done extensive researches on it, having visited at least 100 websites that came up in the search results for this type of meditation and not one, not a single one could give clear steps on how to do the auto circadian meditation.

As a matter of fact, every single one of them is talking "around" the subject, praising its benefits for insomnia and sleep problems and talking at length about what it can do for you. And then, most of these articles are leading to some paid eBook that you'd need to buy in order to experience auto circadian meditation.

Buying An Ebook?

Why do you have to buy an ebook by somebody unkwown in the meditation and spiritual circicles to fully experience this type of meditation? While there are many great aids for meditation (many of which I also personally have), such as guided meditation CDs and DVDs or books with meditation scrips, most of the meditations that one can peform on his (or her) own, are free.

We all have our special ways of meditation, and while we initially started our meditation practice by following various courses, scripts or guides, eventually most of us developed our own ways to meditate, some of which I am sharing on this site with you.

So why auto circadian meditation is not freely shared anywhere at all and you have to actually purchase an ebook to learn it?

Because it is not a true meditation system. It never existed in the history of meditation, no matter how back I looked in articles and online resources about meditation techniques.

It is a notion that has been put together to make money from people who have problems with sleeping (what a lucrative field!). Eventually this concept entered the mainstream circles and now people talk about it as if it's the greatest thing that ever happened to mankind.

Does Auto-Circadian Meditation Exist?

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What We Know About The So-Called Auto Circadian Meditation

biorhythmThe only remotely useful information about circadian rhythms meditation that I could find is very generic and rather common sense which applies to any meditation technique that helps with stress relief and relaxation.

For example I've read that you should change your meditation schedule so that you meditate when it is most convenient to you, when you first wake up or when you go to sleep. Apparently this is helping with insomnia.

If I am not mistaken, I said the same thing on several pages here that you should find a convenient time to meditate where you will not be interrupted and where you are most relaxed.

When you are hyperactive or ready to fall asleep, meditation is not the way to go forward. Hm, maybe I was explaining circadian meditation afterall?

Also they are saying that you should focus on your circadian goals during the meditation. Well, first of all, I was not aware that each meditation session has a specific goal in mind. I definitely do not meditate so that I will win the lottery tomorrow, or to end a started fight with my spouse or maybe to I get a raise next week.

I meditate because I love meditating and the benefits of meditation follow without me trying to do anything about bringing them to me as fast as I can.

Next, we are told to learn about our body clock, biofeedback and biorhythms cycles, which is the study of the internal cycle of the body throughout 24 hours. We all have an internal clock and we all know which are the times when we learn best, when we are brightest, and when we should mostly do routine work.

But to actually having to go into studying biorythm only to be able to meditate, I find that a bit of a stretch.

I am sure there are easier ways to combat insomnia than that, which can include avoiding to eat heavy foods just before going to sleep, avoiding alcohol and coffee, and making a regular routine of going to sleep earlier and at the same time every evening.

I was suffering from insomnia for a few years so I could write a book on what works and what not. But autocircadian meditation is definitely not one of them.

Sure, it is actually recommended to use various sleep meditation tracks that put you in a sleepy and drowsy mood which helps you sleep easier and better, but I honestly haven't heard anyone calling those meditations 'autocircadian'. Sleep meditation tracks, yes, but circadian meditation, no.

I am sad to see so many meditation sites promoting this type of autocircadian meditation, even sites that I usually look up to and recommend, such as Project Meditation. If you follow the link to their site, read carefully the article and then come back and tell me what exactly are the steps to perform this type of meditation if you got a clear understanding of it, as I really haven't.

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Have You Heard Of Auto Circadian Meditation Before?

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marciag on 06/12/2013

I hope you meant it in the way I understood it - that I put down the internet market ebooks selling silly gimmics. I certainly not recommend them and I hope to have exposed them a bit here for what they are!

davestone13 on 06/12/2013

Interesting subject, but you hit on the big internet marketing gimmick they all teach: see eBooks. They cost next to nothing to create, and when you sell them, almost everything is a profit.


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