Awkward Stock Photos

by TilenHrovatic

Here you can find the most awkward stock photos and a lot of resources for awkward stock photography. Take a look and have a good laugh!

Most Awkward Stock Photos Online

Stock photography is a really popular and trusted way for professional and hobbie photographers who want to make some real money with photography online. Stock photography is a commercially oriented photography when photographers take photos considering their commercial value for further use of designers, magazine, media and other printed/online publications. Rather than hiring an expensive photographers, agencies just simply buy stock photos onine by browsing a huge collections of professional stock photographs on major micro stock agencies like iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, Fotolia and DreamsTime.

But some stock photos are just weird, have no commercial value, no purpose, no concept and are simply too awkward to believe that stock photography sites accepted these photos. We know that major stock photography agencies are really strict whit accepting and reviews so it's kind of weird that they accept these kind of photos. Weird and stupid.

On this page you can find some examples of weird stock photographs and links to the largest collections of awkward stock photos online. I also run a daily updated blog with weird stock photos if you want to check it out! :)

Check out this page and find the most bizarre and awkward stock photos that have been accepted by stock photography sites.

More Awkward Stock Photos

Best Awkward Stock Photos
A large collection of funny and awkward stock photos from different stock photography sites on Squidoo. Check out the images and find links to largest collections of these photos online.

Awkward Stock Photos Blog
My blog with daily updates with the most awkward and funny stock photos from microstock sites.

Awkward Stock Photos Collection
A Triond article featuring some examples of awkward stock photos. You can also find some links to the largest collections of awkward stock photos online.

Make Money with Stock Photography

take good photos and make money with your photography online

Above are some examples of weird stock photos that have been submitted to major stock photography sites. But don't get the wrong idea about stock photography business and selling photos online. Archives of stock photographs feature high quality and really beautiful stock photos that are selling like butter and are one of the biggest source of income for many photographers and designers.

I make money with stock photography and designs online and you can too! YOu don't need to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment. You need to know the basics of photography, composition and standards for stock photography in order to get accepted by stock photography agencies. You can make money with your photography online!

I wrote many articles and resource guides about selling photos online, resources for stock photographers, stock photography tips and lists with best micro stock agencies. Below you can find some of my articles and if you follow the links and connections on these articles you can learn a lot about stock photography and start educating yourself to become a great stock photographer and make money with your photography online eventually.

Just be passionate about what you're doing. Make good photos, research stock photography market, learn, learn more and keep taking good photos. Stock photography is a "get rich slow" kind of business but when you have a large portfolio of quality stock photos you will start making some real and steady monthly income with your photos online.

The Complete Guide to stock photography and selling photos online. Learn how to make money online with your photography and shine on the best microstock agencies.
Here you can learn how to make money with photography online. Take some beautiful photos and make money online with your photography!
Here you can find the best stock photos of ghosts, paranormal activity and other scary paranormal topics. Check out the best ghost stock photos online.
Updated: 09/19/2011, TilenHrovatic
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Jack on 02/04/2012

Hilarious! Here is some more form Shatterstock -

Michey on 09/20/2011

You are right, we have to separate the weeds, but we can find really great pictures, at low costs to use in our sites, I buy photos mainly from iStockPhoto and some time from DreamsTime and I am comfortable with the quality of them. Sure I buy only what I like and have value for my niches.
And is a good idea to create a business out of selling quality photos.

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