Best Cute Baby Dolls

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Sweet little baby dolls for little girls to love and nurture

There is just something so precious about watching a little girl play with baby dolls. Most little girls seem to be drawn to them instinctively when they are given their first one. Maybe it is because they see it as someone smaller that they are and can pretend to take care of.

There are benefits to having a doll to play with for little girls or little boys for that matter. For one thing, they help a child learn how to nurture which will be important if they become parents themselves someday. Nurturing can go beyond parenthood, however. In the relationships that we have with family, friends, neighbors and the people we work with knowing how to sustain a good emotional environment for it to grow is important.

Dolls can also help a child developmentally, too. They learn to snap, zip and button the doll clothing as they play which is good for hand to eye coordination and strengthening their little fingers. They can learn about colors and what works well together while dressing their baby. Most of all their imaginative skills are enhanced as they pretend play being the Mommy or Daddy.

Dolls for development

Most of us want to give a baby girl a doll pretty soon after she is born even when they are so small that they can not hold that baby doll yet. Good choices for those first dolls are ones that will stimulate her senses in different ways and will be easy for her to lift in the first months as she begins to grow and is able to grasp items. If it is too heavy she may opt to not play with it. 

Having a baby doll that is more like a stuffed animal will be a good choice. Picking one that has different fabrics that stimulate her sense of touch is also a wonderful idea. She will probably find one fabric texture on the doll that will give her comfort when she feels it, too. Her tactile skills can be enhanced because she is feeling the different textures and manipulating the doll in different ways.

Great doll for a baby to play with

Taggies Developmental Baby Doll

Taggies Developmental Baby Doll

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Her doll can have ethnicity

Unlike the doll manufacturers of old, companies are now being sensitive to little girls and their ethnic backgrounds. I think that is wonderful and a great move in the right direction. Many firms offer the ability to select the skin tone, eye color and hair color to make the baby doll more personal for a child. 

In decades past it was rather difficult to find a doll that looked more like a child who came from an Asian culture or an African culture or for much of any of the different colors of humankind. That created some self-esteem issues for many little girls. They could have gotten the wrong message that people who looked like them were bad or unworthy or lots of negative messages that were not spoken but perceived in their little minds. 

Having a baby doll that more resembles her own family helps her to have a pride in the culture that her family is a part of.

A doll with skin tone options

Adora Playtime Baby Doll 13-Inch Light Skintone Blue Eyes Pink Romper

Adora's Playtime babies have life-like features and are created in our exclusive, lightly baby powder scented, Gentle Touch™ vinyl. They are the perfect "1st" baby doll weighing...

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Hispanic Baby Doll

JC Toys La Baby 11-Inch Hispanic

Hispanic La Baby dolls are perfect for little hands! Each petite doll is as cute as can be and are wonderful for playtime! This cute soft body doll measures 11" . Outfits and ex...

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Baby Dolls Can Help Her Try New Things

As a little girl grows she begins to be encouraged to do new things and to start to not be so much of a baby any longer. One of those major events is when we start to toilet train her. Some children take to the training fairly easily but most kids struggle with it. Having a doll that can go through the process with her is often a helpful tool. The baby doll has success when sitting on the potty which encourage your little girl to feel comfortable trying herself. 

Good For Potty Training

Melissa & Doug Annie - 12" Drink and Wet Doll

Melissa & Doug Annie - 12" Drink and Wet Doll

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Some Big Girls Collect Dolls

Baby dolls are sometimes collected by women instead of being for little girls. There are several lines of dolls that are made specifically for these collectors. They usually are called "real baby dolls" because they look very much like a real baby. Most are the same size as a newborn or older baby and will often even weigh about the same as a human baby would at the age they represent. Typically, but not always, these creations will be more expensive than one we would choose for a child to play with. 

Real Looking Baby

Realistic Life like Baby Dolls, Tall Dreams Ensemble, 19 inch With Weighted Body

Weighted Body for a "Real" Baby Feel! A 10 piece Ensemble! Dream BIG! That's the message our little of bundle of cuteness is trying to send! With our sweet realistic baby doll '...

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Fun dolls are so the rage this year, it's weird. In fact, it's worse: it's weird dolls that are in fashion. Which is fun...
Great gift ideas for kids to give at Christmas or their birthday.
If you're as tired as I am of seeing kids stare at screens, here are some toys that will get them actually doing something, touching something - aka relating to the world out there
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