Best Weird Dolls and fun Plush Animals

by spirituality

Fun dolls are so the rage this year, it's weird. In fact, it's worse: it's weird dolls that are in fashion. Which is fun...

I think we're collectively tired of perfect and this explains why weird dolls are so popular. Whether it's ugly dolls, or Monster High, Moshi Monsters or Plants vs Zombies... One of the inspirations for these weird dolls is video games and their matching online worlds. However, personally I think these scary and non-cute soft toys are fun with or without their online worlds.

Some history

Creepy characters go a long way back, yet in history most dolls in the West were beautiful. If a doll was not, it was because the creator or the owner just wasn't very good at making sure of it. I mean - a doll that a poor mom made her child was not likely to be pretty. And if you've ever seen a doll that survived an infant, you'll know that the result isn't beautiful either. 

It's a modern phenomenon that dolls can be bought ugly, I should think - tell me if I'm wrong. The exception is perhaps the hand puppet: there had to be monsters to be able to tell a good story. I know my grandma made a beautiful sweet monster, for instance. Very strange and reminiscent of the dolls on this page: made to be both a monster and a good character in the story, though of course always misunderstood. 

The classic example to the contrary is of course the voodoo doll. In Indonesia too there are hand puppets (wayang dolls) which tell a story like our hand puppets and so there are bad guys. In fact, the tradition includes India inspired goals that are indeed quite frightening. 

Ugly Doll

Scary plush for all ages

What all these dolls and plush animals have in common is that they are so ugly, I'm tempted to spell the word uggly... Yet they're also cute. In the case of Ugly Dolls the cute factor is in the design: one color, clear lines. These may not be your classic stuffed animals, but the creators did put serious thought into the result. 

Monster High Dolls

Monster High Dead Tired - a series that is popular because of it's punk style rock

Grunge, fun, fashion and teens. What more can I possibly say about the weird dolls featuring popular monster characters from world mythology and fiction. 

Well known characters include Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Medusa (Greek), the Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Phantom of the Opera, and of course zombies.

There is a website with fiction around the characters and a whole series of books as well. 

Moshi Monsters Moshlings

This is another online world with merchandise to match. In this case it's not stories but game world that's central stage. 

For this page the moshlings are a bit atypical as some are weird, while others are cute in a more traditional way. There are fluffy monsters, but also unicorns, apples and a duck. 

Plants vs Zombies

This is another set of weird plush toys and dolls inspired by a digital game. The game is a world in which plants (you) fight zombies! What these game developers come up with! The fun part from the perspective of the resulting weird dolls is that both most of the plants (which have to be able to shoot after all) as well as the zombies look weird. Still, there are some cuter plants involved: a sunflower for instance. And there are also actual zombies that look like... zombies...

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