BEING LIMITLESS (For Real) - Part 2: The Brains Physical Limits

by Jerrico_Usher

The brain and body has limits to what it can do. We often perceive our potential and the body's capabilities out of sync. Cognition enhancers work with the brains current wiring

In this article we'll discuss the physical mechanics of the brain/body in relation to being limitless and all powerful. Beyond the daydream of one pill giving you super human strength and prowess, the body's physical requirements would be immense to make the concepts in Limitless (the movie) possible or even probable. You can reach where he was without the magic but you have to realize the movie was just a movie- not reality.

Brain Limitations

The Brain Has Physical Limits Beyond Mental Ones

Even magic powers of mental prowess such as telekinesis, if it’s possible, would require a complete overhaul of parts of the brain.

Then wisdom would be required to fire neurons correctly and in a certain order through networks powering the body’s own magnetic fields before you could do it. This is a process that I believe though evolution and probably another 10k years even at today’s rate of evolution- is possible but not probable in this lifetime or the next 200 generations.

I could be wrong, however- we may reach it in 20 and smart drugs (real ones) may be the very conduit that makes our physical brain evolve faster and faster simply by invoking us to actually USE IT and invoking our internal and endogenous ability to morph to life… anything is possible (even that SOME individuals have evolved beyond the "pack" of human beings and can do it now- who knows-)..

Baby Pilot
Baby Pilot

A One Year Old In The Far Future Could Fly That Air Craft But He'd Be A FULL grown adult physically

The magic pill? Maybe in 10k years when our brain is 99% wired already (and physically capable without killing us, to make use of these skills and potentials but in our current evolutionary and physical form? Nope.

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In that way using the metaphor above of the child flying an aircraft. It would be like a human being evolving to literally compress the growth rate we enjoy now (like most animals today do)- to become a full adult sized being in a year.

The brain growing at the same rate, i.e. we'd all evolve into what by today's standards would be "genius" would be normal because our body, brain, and mental states would be capable of more quickly growing, evolving etc... That would require us as a race to stop feeding our body/brain poisons and to evolve through many generations as a healthy race living healthy and responsibly.

Then and only then would we evolve to the point of almost magic like prowess and capabilities...

I believe what's stopping us is the poisons we take in in the name of "food" and "emotional control" (alcohol?), and our habits causing our need for emotional tranquilizing!

It would be possible for a 1 year old to learn quickly and potentially fly that craft, but to say in our current stage of evolution, growth, and even brain changing potential in the best of circumstances that a single pill could magically make you superman in mental realms is a bit much to swallow, easy to fantasize about but impossible physically if not emotionally. Fact is even if it were possible we'd burn out our brain and body just passively thinking because we're not yet wired to handle that much information at once!

The movie itself is entertaining, but impossible. Magic powers would be simpler to manifest than the pill popping reality they are showing. It simply can’t happen that way- but it can happen, just as the baby can become a pilot with training, knowledge and application of wisdom in time.

Ah the movie taps into most people’s laziness and lack of will power and a want for a fast food answer to complex and impossible tasks without the experience...

There are, however, smart drugs available right now that can accomplish all that in time and due to the nature of smart drugs (the real ones by definition set by the creator of the first one Piracetam called Nootropics) they are safe, effective, and powerful.

I wrote a previous article about this but came to realize I needed to point out a few things before people start “dreaming” of the one pill solution and hurting themselves before they ever even try to take it.


NZT - The Fastest Way To Die Confused - The Alzheimers Cancer Pill

There are two companies right now, one that created Piracetam actually, working on experimental versions of the NZT pill- but it will kill you and always will. Why? Because it’s not exactly natural.

Even if it could unlock all those abilities in your brain it would kill you in the process so what’s the point?

Your brain would cause such amazing stress on the body that you'd age 1000% faster than you do now, and all the cancer causing problems with stress would be yours for a mere 10 days of being incredibly brilliant!

My question about the movie is why didn't they show the guy eating like he was STARVING, as the pill may have made it (based on the movies fantasy) possible for him to DO those things but without food/nutrients to actually generate the brains electrical power (no it's not just immaculate conception based) that would make it possible. Also you'd burn your brain out like putting plastic on a hot pan or metal toaster... or putting nitro in your car with no modifications.

You couldn't even think your way out of it because the problem isn't mental- it's physical and nothing could make you physically change your brain/body (evolve) fast enough to compensate. The fact is you'd die of more stress than anyone who ever lived JUST PASSIVELY TRYING TO PROCESS IDLE THINKING!!

The reality is that everyone is different. They have different biological factors, chemistry factors, and even habitual factors

You'd need a thousand pills that worked for one person that were slightly modified to meet with each persons individual (physical) needs. To counter their limitations, and even then the pill would only be a catalyst for potential- you'd need to activate those skill sets over years, push enough nutrients into your body as raw materials (not junk food, actual potent, organic foods and supplements with those nutrients you don't get in foods).

With over 8 billion people and many billions more animals (thinking animals) on earth- and no two being even close to the same in make up, biochemistry (chemical make up), brain chemistry and so on it's impossible to make any pill like this that isn't personalized completely. Sure we have similarities but at the molecular level we’re all about 85% different from one another in matrix make up- chemical patterns, make up, designs, and so on. Not only that- we’re also all dynamic as hell meaning we are never from one second to the next even the same as our former second (one second before the next) self.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, this should:

Us all being completely different and UNIQUE is a good thing but also an amazing thing that makes it ridiculous to want to be someone else. Imitation is the highest form of flattery but nobody could truly imitate anyone else exactly, so why would one pill be able to perform the same “Limitless” result on two different people?

The pharmaceutical companies will never be able to pull that one off (in our current evolutionary stage physically and mental discipline at the most prominent of human potential right now).

Bill and Steve
Bill and Steve

Let's Try A Scenario - A Pill That Makes You "Think" Like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates

Let's step out of the physical biology limitations back into this reality and say a pill could take your brain to extraordinary (but not impossible) heights within the current evolution of the physical body and without breaching ridiculous capabilities.

Let's say you could use 10 pills to accomplish, relatively speaking, 10x the thinking power you currently have and think and create like Steve Jobs can. That- is possible, Steve just has more neurons firing, thinks differently, and may have been eating healthy from birth and so his body and mind wasn't poisoned.

So let’s get into a more enlightening thinking pattern for a moment

With everyone being different it only makes sense that everyone who wants to “balance” their brain chemistry would need to at the very least become a scientist of their own balance.

Instead of just trying to treat the symptoms i.e. low energy, learning all the things that may cause it like adrenal fatigue (adrenal glands not working, none of the raw materials (nutrients like iron, salt, etc...) and adding those components instead of jumping to coffee or short term fixes- you can eliminate the problem and spend more time enhancing your cognitian, even adding more energy instead of just a jolt that lasts an hour but rather a natural jolt that lasts weeks!

Let's say for a moment that it's possible to acclimate your brain to his (and it is) status and you could think like that.

You'd have to follow in his path as far as actually exercising those brain cells and you'd have to push yourself as he did, making yourself limitless doesn't change the laws of physical reality. Just having the brain "format" wouldn't be enough- just like our bodies now are capable of amazing feats of strength and cognitive thinking like Thomas Edison- but how many of us don't exercise, feed the body poisons, and don't push ourselves?

Now let's step back and say there is a pill that could do THAT, a more realistic approach but still one pill can't but let's just say it can given evolution of a thousand years and our body being more capable of rapidly changing faster. The conduits and wiring is all there and just needs activation.

The fact is that this IS possible but it's not a free ride. You'd still have to do as they did to reach their level of success, but what could you do with that drive they had in the beginning and that grew as they became more successful?

A great deal really. Smart drugs can give you that drive by virtue of "repairing" and "enhancing" your brain chemistry so your body was more efficient, repaired itself and enhanced it's capabilities by physically creating new dendrites (connections coming from each neuron), creating new Acetylcholine neurotransmitters (faster thinking) and the like.

You have to break out of the fast food thinking and think more in terms of being given the missing elements that they USED and may have been born already configured to. Your brain may have been inferior to Bill Gates in terms of things being easier and ambition coming easier- but ANY brain can be built up to his brains power level simply by healthy living, ambitious thinking, taking action, and using smart drugs to give you a boost.

Learning How The General Mind Works Gives You Power

Learning how the general mind works, down to the neuron and beyond (to the molecules of that neuron), would help a great deal. This is to elicit the Physical, psychological, and behavioral parameters of your (current) mind.

It's like learning about the laws of traffic before physically learning how to drive a car then get your license.

It's also like going to the doctor to get your blood, hormone, blood tests before starting to take any drug so you know what you need, how much, and are not shotgun approaching the problem.

This helps you in  pinpointing where you are so you know where you need to go, then getting the right medication to speed up that recovery.

Shotgun approaches cost you money (thousands in trying things to see if they work), time, and can give you a nice run through feeling strange and taking things you don't need thus overloading those systems.

For example if you take 5-HTP a powerful Serotonin precursor that works instantly- and your Serotonin levels are already balanced or even high (but controlled), you will cause what's called "serotonin syndrome" a dangerous (but more so uncomfortable at first) event that makes you feel like your withdrawing from opiates!

For those under-balanced (most people) this replaces much needed resources in your body that creates serotonin- the body's most promiscuous chemical!

Updated: 12/02/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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