BEING LIMITLESS (For Real) Part 3: Brain Quest How To Contact Your Higher Self Directly

by Jerrico_Usher

The higher self is not a drugged up self but one that is operating at optimal efficiency, cognition, and IQ....

When you are completely grounded in reality, physics, the human potential and how you tap into it, you come to realize that although nothing is without work it's not the work that is the hard part for most people.

What I mean by that is that if you had unlimited energy, thinking came to you effortlessly, and creativity was unbound, the work that you have to do to succeed wouldn't be so much like work because it would be just you going through the motions and putting things together. Being limitless is really just feeling like you can connect the dots faster and make things happen more effortlessly- not being something out of the show "The 4400" or "Heroes".

Many people think it's 'energy' that makes things happen but in reality it's the fact that you don't have any or you have to think too hard and creativity not being abundantly easy to tap into that makes you feel like work is something like slavery and thus many don't push beyond their current energy levels and what feels "easy".

Brain Quest

Ultimate Brain Quest - Get Real First

That first paragraph above describes a reality you really need to grasp early to succeed in life. Steve Jobs said in his speech that unless you absolutely love what you do, you will never be great- and that is true.

The fact is when you love what you do, when you have a deep desire and interest in it- you generate energy. You may not realize how easy it actually is to generate energy if you stopped getting in your own way and thus many only get to see this process once they find something they like and go for it.

This energy is pretty perpetual if you are healthy, your mind is clear of negative thinking and limiting beliefs, and you just do it before you judge "how it will feel".

Smart drugs are amazing because they are cognition enhancers at the root. Cognition is the hardest part really! If you can think faster, more effortlessly- that doesn't alone make you brilliant, but it does pave the road towards brilliance if you just drive through it!

If you put in the work to learn about your brain your body, and nutrition, you'd be amazed how easy life could be. Let's go over how I did it. I'll even tell you what books I started with that threw my ambition into overdrive as they gave me what I needed to pursue further.


In my quest I learned first:

  • How the brain worked. How neurons worked, how they networked, A book The Synaptic Self, was my bible and lead to more.
  • I then learned how chemicals work in the body- what chemicals the body had (Smart Drugs books were amazing for this as they explain all of them).
  • I learned about how nutrition affected and even created these chemicals like dopamine and more. This tells me how to eat certain foods to invoke energy in a way that worked fast, lasted, but didn't damage me for tomorrows energy as coffee does.

This is akin to learning how your computer works one section at a time

First you learn programs by playing with them and then learning how they do what they do. You learn the limitations of the programming and how they interact with the computer itself.

Then you learn how they work in relation and in network with other programs. You soon realize that all of the operating system is nothing but a gazillion programs that work together so efficiently that it appears to be one big program with "features".

In reality just to see your computer before you do anything else Windows launches something like 300 mini programs that act as plugins towards one large synergy called the basic OS you work in.

Programs like Word, Photoshop, and A web browser work the same way internally but what you see is one program with features. Features are programs in programs and even themselves have a synergy of smaller programs that make it work!

The program itself seperately works as a part of another program synergy. For the one program to work it needs even the micro programs built into and that make windows itself work like being able to build a graphical user interface!


  • Key: ">" = Add together to build into...


Code>program mod (lego that fits into other programs to give it a single function) >program usually a "feature" of a bigger program (collection of individual mods that make up a program used as a bigger mod) >program (collection of macro mods/features)

for the brain:

Molecule>neuron mod (component that with other creates one peice of a neuron i.e. the membrane, the nucleus, etc...) >Neuron (neron mods collectively create a single neuron or brain "cell")>program (collection of neurons firing to create one part of a bigger event > thought (tens of thousands or millions of neurons firing in a specific order) >code>program mod >feature >program

(OK I took it from comparing a neuron into thought beyond the brain to how the program comes in to being!)

Learning how the computer works can help you figure out how your brain works as computers are modeled after the brain.


We All Run On The Same Operating System, But No Two Contain The Same Data

Although different we all run on the same basic operating system, the same laws of physics. But like any computer out there running windows, Mac, Linux, or any other operating system- no two computers contain the same information do they?

Even if everyone, 100% of computers and devices ran on windows only- no two would have the same data- even if they were all untouched with YOUR data- different devices would use different components and tweaked to different levels for optimal function- but the reality is when we add our personal data- our info-dna, no two computers are the same- the body works the same way.

Fun Fact:

What many don't realize is that our BODY contains a great deal of our memories, our chemestry, even a great extent of Neurons (yep not just in your brain brain). Your brain realistically goes all the way down your back if you define the brain as "neurons"! So if you were to remove your head and transplant it to a new body- you'd not be the same person! (emotionally, physically, and even biologically).

Our personalities are a bi-product of our chemistry (and to a great extent that chemistry in the past was the builders of our physical body now, the chiselers with our nutrients being the raw materials) meaning even our personalities are all 100% different, as is our physical make up and as a result we cannot simply put into our body to get the same affect as someone else got even if you take the same things.

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Updated: 01/21/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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