BEING LIMITLESS (For Real) Part 7 - Why We Need Smart Drugs

by Jerrico_Usher

Thinking is a bi-product of health both mental, physical, nutritional, and spiritual health.

In today’s society- people are screwed up and our “lifestyles” may filter us all out far before the sun could destroy the earth or the machines we’re building and making smarter, even intuitive- could take us over. If you liked the Matrix movie think on this: What would give the machines the ultimate advantage? Not needing nutrition to grow and thrive, being able to think without vitamin deficiencies infecting them, the lack of a need for water, nutrition, and all the things messing us all up today!

We become alarmed by the bird flu, mad cow disease, and all the controversial things but we ignore the very foods we DO eat, the viruses that DO infect us and the way our bodies are deteriorating away because we simply have no respect for it. We don’t research what we eat, we believe coke or Pepsi is “refreshing” when it’s TOXIC.

Smart Drugs

Smart Drugs Replace What's Missing From Modern Diets

  • We don’t get nutrition, we don’t exercise
  • Drinking water has been replaced by carbonated poisons, energy drinks (100x the poison)
  • Instead of eating right many turn to multivitamins that only get 5-10% of their actual vitamins
  • into the blood stream, the rest is broken down or settles in their stomachs like bad food causing bloating.
  • That's just a start, a scratch of the surface, the tip of the iceberg!


We say we drink water but in reality it’s our perception that soda, tea, even foods contain water- but do they? Not pure water and often they deplete our water as they are diuretics (make you use the bathroom more or purge 3x the water they introduce into your body).

Once the water is mixed in or with something it’s very molecular properties are no longer powerful enough to fight through them to give you the same benefits. Think of it like if someone put a straight jacket around you binding your arms and legs then covered your mouth with duct tape- you’d still be you right?

But could you offer any real contribution to society other than moris code? Sure it only takes a 1 and 0 to make everything in existence so blinking a 1 and a zero as fast as you can- could you really, or wait, WOULD you really put in that kind of effort to contribute? Nope. So why drink soda and call it (with all it’s benefits) water?


The FDA - Food And Drug Administaration

America especially is getting dumber by the minute. Smart drugs are available over the counter in Europe but in this country you have to deal with the private company the FDA a prejudice faction no better than religion dictating what you are allowed to “believe”.

It took 20 years before the FDA let people order these nutrients that have been around and studied since the late 50’s into the country but it took a lot of activists mainly for aids patients who would have died horrible deaths had it not been for certain medications you can only import as the FDA didn’t see fit to approve them without 220 million dollars in funding.

The pharmaceutical companies have taken over the FDA by proxy of their having the money required to get approval. It’s ridiculous.

They approve poisons and disprove the very nutrients (smart drugs) that would heal the nation of the modern times.

The fact is the FDA is actually requiring anyone who wants a new drug approved to pay for the entire staffing of doctors, testing (blind and double blind, including what you pay the participants) and all that jazz to the sum of over 220 million dollars.

This means that the big pharmaceutical companies have the monopoly over ANY new drug as no small business will ever be able to afford that and honestly- if they could they'd just keep the money and live life in the fast lane wouldn't they?

How ridiculous is this rule? It's not only not fair at all, it means that in the USA there is a terrorist far worse than Bin Laden, the FDA.

They are making it impossible for REAL healing drugs to hit the shelves equally, while approving dangerous drugs and giving the pharmaceutical companies the power to corrupt America at it's root- the people.

If we're all too dumb and deteriorating at the rate we are due to trusting prescription drugs- we'll be wiped out in 50 years.

Smart drugs are 98% approved for import legally into the USA (meaning only 2% of them are not allowed but are due to them being prescription strength effects and not true nootripics but rather stimulants (modafinil for one, but a legal import is Adrafinil).

Many have tried to get smart drugs approved but none have been able to. Why? Because it's not to treat an illness, it's to enhance intelligence, and if you believe that the decline in our modern diet nutrition and stress constantly making us sick is not a good reason for smart drugs being in dire need- you can join the FDA's position.

The FDA is irony incarnate. Under the guise of "helping protect people" they are actually corrupting them.

They aren't helping anyone in fact I can see the FDA as being fully responsible for the decline of Americans health. They also set the "RDA" which is ridiculously too low to help anyone.

Centrum, for example doesn't have enough multivitamin power to even make it through your stomach. You pretty much have to take twice the RDA just to get the RDA amount to absorb!

Don't get me started on these guys- just thought I'd mention it. A book called "brain boosters", goes into intricate detail naming names- it's a fascinating and eye opening story.

People have fought back and what used to be impossible is now possible.

The book was written in the late 80's and many of the things we now find on our health store and grocery store vitamin aisles shelves was "banned" for no reason by the FDA in the 80's but has been released along with the ability to legally purchase and have shipped in from another country most of the smart drugs that still can't be sold here but can be imported none the less. They are in the Grey area of "not approved by the FDA" but also "not disproved".


Just the stress factor of living a day in this modern time is killing us

You have to know a lot, persevere beyond normal benchmarks set in the 50’s for “hard working”, your mind is taxed 1000% more today than just 20 years ago. Those cells need nutrients, the building blocks of life to just function, create new cells to compensate for the “extra” thinking, to build the immune system so it can defend against our own body’s creations like bad peptides (chemicals like cortisol or the stress hormone) and so on.

The pressure put upon just the average person is immense and overwhelming- without smart drugs and the right education it’s dam near impossible to thrive let along beat the depression caused when your hindered by your own efforts to thwart societal BS.

  • Try getting a job with all the right skills and no college degree to prove it.
  • Try getting a loan from the bank even with the most brilliant business plan and every step laid out in detail.

It’s ridiculous and no wonder the pharmaceutical companies are making all the money- (just one pharmaceutical company makes more than the entire network of fortune 500 companies combined) - We’re stressed out, in pain, collapsing, degrading and the government is making us sick- the cure to most? DRUGS. (where SMART drugs could help not hinder but take more time so many skip them).

If water wasn’t so plentiful, and 5 major companies in the world owned the rights to ALL of it- you’d likely die because you couldn’t afford enough to get 8 glasses or even 4 a day. Do you see the problem and why smart drugs could likely be the answer?

Brain Boosters...

One book I’m reading called “brain boosters” written in 1985 said succinctly- why would the government want us to take things that fix us? A society of smart people fully capable and motivated couldn’t be contained by any government body- thus they’d likely lose control if people could think for themselves! WOW right?

In Conclusion (of the series)

I hope this series has given you food for thought- a look into why smart drugs exist, can help anyone excel, and the dangers to be aware of.

As much as I love this brilliant technology- I too at first fell victim to overwhelm. At one point I wanted to fix my body from the years of damage from simply not drinking water or eating nutritiously- working too much, and sleeping too little.

It did help drastically but I found out the hard way that the body can't process or use more than 5 or so pills at once so trying to take 20 different supplements in handfuls and glasses of milk will mean 80% of them will simply pass through your system and won't even do anything. You will find yourself in the bathroom way too much too with the screaming Shites...

I did my homework but I didn't think ahead or logically about the fact that you need to heal a few things at once not everything at once.

I've since dropped down to taking a powerful multivitamin set called Vital4U which you can order online- this is 13 supplements covering 300% of your needs (not RDA but actual needs) and even then you don't take them all at once.

You take them every 2 hours about 5 at a time and eat several times a day instead of 3 large meals. With this I take piracetam and when I need to write brilliantly I supplement in some Oxiracetam and/or Noopept (amazing stuff).

When I need something more than this gives me I take one thing at a time for a bit so I can guage it. I also don't need to take anything all the time to maintain health other than the multivitamin pack. For example if I'm tired and nothing else works I find that Adrenal Caps the precursors to adrenal function (the salts) is more powerful than coffee and sustains you all day!

Stay smart, be smart and do your research. Your not going to need the same things as me or anyone else, and don't fall into using other peoples stacks as a shortcut- it doesn't work- but it can harm you. Take one thing at a time, see how it affects you, see the side effects and what doese are optimal for different things.

Then, and only then, incorporate other things but do the same with them. This gives you a very good idea of what works, how, and how it works against other things.

You also need to realize that when you synergize two different potentiators (things that potentiate other things like huperzine A potentiates (makes more powerful) piracetam) that you don't need even half as much of a dose to get the same effect and in fact if you do take the same amount it could overwhelm you. Using synergies you can lower your dose necessary to achieve a result and empower a more powerful result.

If your going to try Smart drugs you need to break out of the mentality of quick results, stimulatory results, or instant results like coffee. Some things do give you that effect, but the more potent effect is being able to take less and get several weeks of results. Also being able to become healthier not damaged as a result of the "high" they give you.

It's more of a balanced result not a stimulatory one- so you have to realize that it's sustainable and even, not stimulatory and outside the box.

Trust me, in time you will realize the healthy way is much better as it allows you to live your life without worrying about needing a coffee or stimulant to get ahead- you will feel powerful and lose the slave mentality like drinking coffee, energy drinks, and needing something just to think!

This has been a comprehensive look into smart drugs- I hope it helps you.

GOOD LUCK! Comments welcome!


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Updated: 12/02/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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