BEING LIMITLESS - The Reality Behind Smart Drugs - Part 1

by Jerrico_Usher

Why You Should And Shouldn't Take Smart Drugs And A Contrast Against The Current Nootropics Movement and The Movie "Limitless"

This is a seven article series covering some of the interesting concepts surrounding "cognition Enhancement", "Nootropics", "Smart Drugs", and Overall Being Limitless. By the time you read the last article I hope your mind is blown, your curiosity peaked, and your options more obvious. Each article covers a different aspect individually but also gives you a more rounded perception of this fascinating and growing realm. I'll start with the movie that opened my eyes to this world in the first place- "Limitless". Granted, the movie was completely fantasy, but the awareness you discover with a few google searches and hours in forums will blow your mind- literally. Some terms we'll cover: "Noops", "Nootropics", "Smart Drugs", "Smart Pills", "Stacks, Stack", "Super Vitamins", "Nutraceuticals", "Coffee Alternative" .


Have you watched the movie “Limitless” lately? 

What a brilliantly entertaining film right?



Introduction To Reality

There Is No Spoon. 


NZT Fictional "Smart Pill" - The "one" Pill thing is pure fantasy and if you know what I do, you'd realize you don't want that kind of BS anyway- But the "Smart Pills" Concept Is Real, Available RIGHT NOW and does work.


First of all, no pill can ever take on the entirety of a chemical process necessary to make drastic changes like that to your body.

There isn't nor will there ever be a pill that can do all that, especially within 30 seconds. Even if a pill could do that it would take likely months, even years to acclimate your brains networks (chemical and mental), rewire it (format), evolve it to handle the load, and make thinking like that even possible.

The idea that a pill could, in 30 seconds regardless of what it’s made of, jump into your brain and “turn it on” like that is more than laughable. (Although Noopept does make you feel this way but it's not an artificial or ridiculous change- just a bit of chemical ambition, we'll get into Noopept later in the series).

I wrote this to this song looping
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A change like NZT would cause sounds marvelous, even dreamy right? The metamorphosis would happen so fast, however, that it would literally cause a heart attack or morph your physical form beyond recognition! Most would die within an hour. 

Think about how physics works- you'd turn into something scary like the guy on that movie "The Fly"... You'd realize just how much your brain has to do with "how you look" and how your body replicates cells!

What people are really after is the feeling of being limitless or feeling powerful. That can happen with Noopept without destroying your body- in fact Noopept is really good for your brain! I started taking this incredible smart drug 6 months ago and my productivity, feelings of well being, and especially ambition have been at an all time high (just ask anyone in our forum!).


You won't calculate beyond your math abilities but feeling limitless can inspire and even motivate you to do amazing things - to tap into your actual potential while maintaining the safe laws of physics...

The thing you have to realize is that relatively speaking, you don't need that drastic a change or metamorphosis for you to "feel" and "become" limitless. You already are. You just have to tap into the motivation to take action(s). Those actions create the reality shown in the movie- not the pill. There are smart drugs available now that do amazing things for your memory (vinpocetine, Noopept  Piracetam, to name a few). 

He simply felt powerful enough to tap into his consciousnesses at will- and you can too by maintaining a strong brain. Using sites like Luminosity to push your neurons (like weight lifting for your brain cells) while taking something safe like Noopept and you'll find yourself feeling limitless.

Keep in mind also that limitless the word itself is relative.

What is limitless based on and no further than 2-3x more than your current situation? Would winning a million dollars in the lottery make you feel limitless? Then that is all you need- just plug in ambition and do it. Taking action is the secret of the wealthy- they do it, many people don't. Don't try to reach an impossible height in intelligence and cognition, just amp up your ambition and utilize all those skill sets you've developed since day one!

Evolve naturally into your best self- take it slowly, you have a lot to absorb, experience, and a lot of pain to get through if you want to get there faster. The pain is growing pains- being bombarded by the unexpected and constantly learning new things to up your game. This isn't a bad pain, it's one you do have to become accustomed to so you don't feel it but rather embrace it (like being addicted to learning). If you want to be limitless keep learning at high speed and apply that knowledge in the real world through projects, income opportunities and the like.

Don't try to be lazy, and skip the work. Granted cognition help makes it easier, again Noopept works for that, but becoming superman/woman- that's going to take proactive ambition but mainly just taking action!

NZT is a dream, noopept is the closest you'll come.


Why NZT (the pill on the movie Limitless) Would Kill You

 Far Before It Let You Feel Limitless...




It’s as impossible, and I use this metaphor loosely- as trying to put a newborn baby into the cockpit of a 747 and expect him or her to be able to fly it let alone have the capabilities mentally to even know what to do- the missing “abilities” physically to even control the physical parameters are simply- not there.

Ah but that same baby could grow into an adult, along the way learn meticulously the “how” (mental muscles built through experience and wisdom training from knowledge to dynamic application of the skill sets), and physically could build the muscles (literally) and motor skills to use those muscles to eventually fly the aircraft. Before growing to a certain physical age/size the baby couldn't apply knowledge even if he did know how to fly the plane!

To just throw a baby in the seat from birth and “expect” it to be possible to fly it, let alone control that flight is as silly to a thinking brain that realizes REALITY isn't that simple. Cause and effect isn't that easy to invoke at will as popping a pill and expecting the body to simply “obey” as if those capabilities were there let alone the brain being wired physically and network-ally- to do it- is pure fantasy and entertainment value at best.

If our brains were currently capable of doing these things in the movie. It wouldn't take much to set it off. It's possible, yes, but capability takes specific wiring, chemical reactions in the body and brain and more. It's like trying to evolve 10,000 years overnight- the body can't take that kind of pressure.

A concept in the book "The Singularity Is Near" (see trailer below about the movie version of the book) that speaks to us becoming more cyborg in the future (i.e. we're currently almost there with dependence on phones, Bluetooth etc...) may lend insight into what it would take for us to become limitless like in the movie- with that kind of power the human brain would need some help, some mechanical help from computers, nanobots, and the like. If you've never read the singularity or heard the audio version (8 hours) then your missing out on some amazing real life sci fi stuff there!


Think Before You "Believe" A Pills Advertisement


If you are one of those people who "wishes" the NZT pill was possible and if it were available you'd "take it without question" as one comment said somewhere else- then you should run away from smart drugs- that would, for you, be the smart move- you may kill yourself if that's what you want.

The fact about ANY drug is that it works INSIDE your body's own AVAILABLE cogs and wiring. Most of the prescription drugs push these mechanics to their limits and side effects are horrendous- those side effects are your body saying "Hey, your damaging yourself man!"



NZT Would Melt Your Brain With It's Own Electricity


If the human body can barely, and I say that loosely too, barely handle what our modern prescription drugs to to it, what makes you think that a single pill can make you limitless without causing skid marks and burning you up as is the case in spontaneous combustion? S.C. is actually your own bodily chemicals catching fire and like a gas tank on fire, the "fumes" ignite and BOOOOOOOOM!


A smart drug can give you Steve Jobs like creativity, Bill Gates like cognition  and creativity- but even the pills don't "give" it to you like that- it's not the matrix man!

What they do is enhance what you have now and with time, patience, smart drugs, proper diet, water, eliminating crap that's poisonous to your body, and actively pursuing those skill sets correctly through action based education (however your comfortable getting it, via the internet, books, college, anything works) is essential.

Then, and only then, will you reach that power that relatively speaking, will make YOU feel limitless. It's not based on comparing yourself to other geniuses either- it's based on how you feel when you start and how you feel a year later! If you improve 100% based on YOUR current situation then you have in effect become cognitively wealthy! That will translate into earnings as you pursue your career of choice and thrive at it.

It's exactly like how people want to be rich but don't realize you can't just get rich quick, you have to build into it but to maintain that kind of motivation needed at the millionaire level to even sustain it you have to, through experience and literally physical changes that come as you grow smarter, more ambitious, and challenge yourself you have to wield these changes through action.

As your brains information gets potent, your brain starts to change and become something completely different. Your brain right now and your brain when you've earned your way to millionaire (the right way), will be completely different- it will fire different, and even physically BE different! When someone says "I'm not the same person I used to be"- this is literally true!



Back To Life, Back To Reality. 

Let's Talk About Real Smart Drugs And How They Actually Work (Without the BS)

What smart drugs or Nootropics can do for you that is incredible right away- is start repairing and enhancing your brains natural function to improve memory (drastically over time), clean out the junk in your neurons that stop them from properly and easily firing when you need them, give your body the nutrients it's starving for and can use as raw materials to build more cells, more neurons, more acetylcholine (what makes your memory photographic and thinking faster), and much, much, more.


Piracetam, one of the best to start out with due to it's powerful spell bounding effects right away (about 7 days to acclimate) in creative thinking, power writing, and energy, yet it's non toxic- not one case has ever been found in thousands of studies of this stuff hurting anyone- but millions of posts online about how incredible it is as an antidepressant, motivator, and clarity builder.

When I first felt this stuff kick in I literally felt like I perceived that guy on limitless to feel when HIS NZT kicked in- everything was just clear, incredibly euphoric, and it made me wonder why people did illicit drugs when this legal stuff that was good for your brain made you much higher but not stupid! It has one great side effect too- it will drive your libido through the roof! It's made by about a dozen companies and available on Amazon (I put some Noopept links in this article).


Taking Piracetam even to the complete newbie is safe and highly effective- it will give your brain the boost needed to empower your motivation to start figuring out your brain, body, nutrition, and everything this article will show you you need to do to become superman/woman.

If you take this stuff, however, and don't use this power it creates in you to learn and empower yourself- you are wasting your time because once your brain is "fixed" to some degree, it still works but the "high" you get initially- disappears.

It's not that it's not there- it's that your no longer damaged to the point of "feeling" it as a contrast. This means you sync up to that cognitive level physically (brain) and this is now your "norm"- this is great news because it means your smarter, more efficient, and thinking comes more easily- especially creative thinking.

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this series- you will no longer want that one pill death trap solution fantasized by "Limitless" the movie - and will want to try something a little more effective (a lot actually) and safe if used correctly- and that doesn't damage the brain but rather enhances it realistically (and relatively more powerful than the NZT...).


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Updated: 12/02/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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