Best Christmas Gifts for Preschool Girls - Under $10

by SusanM

Looking for some fun and good quality Christmas gifts for preschool girls that won't overwhelm your holiday spending budget? Check out these great ideas for under $10.

Christmas can certainly become expensive, with lots of gifts to buy and other expenses that come with the holiday season.

Luckily you don't need to spend a lot of money on a gift for a preschooler. This is because it's the fun factor not how expensive the gift is that's important to kids at this age.

Favorite Preschool Characters

Curious George Sticky Mosaics

Did you know there's an easy way to find a great Christmas gift for a preschool aged girl?

You just need to find out what their favorite character is and go with that idea.

If a young girl likes Dora, Elmo or Curious George they'll be thrilled with their gift - and you'll have some guidance about what to buy.

There's usually a wide range of price options with character based gifts too.

Picture: Curious George Sticky Mosaics. I talk about these later in this article.

This mischievous monkey is a definite favorite among girls.

Curious George has been a hit with kids since the 1940s when the books were published. How could he not be. He's just so cute. 

Yet reasonably priced Curious George gifts can be hard to find, especially in the $10 and under price range. But Amazon does have some good gift choices in the lower prices. 


Curious George Game

Curious George Matching Game
The Wonder Forge

Matching games are a classic toy that kids enjoy playing. They're also good for helping kids develop better memory and thinking skills. This means the Curious George Matching Game is a good choice. It's also suitable for the youngest preschoolers who are only 3. 

Another fun gift is the Curious George My First Sticky Mosaics. Kids love stickers so a sticker craft is perfect for them and a nice price for you. This set has 4 different Curious George Sticky Mosaics to do. So it will keep girl's happy and busy for a while. This gift is good for girls 3 and up. 

My final Curious George choice was this set of puzzles. There're 4 puzzles in this set. Each one has 12 large and chunky pieces so they're good as a first preschool puzzle. A few parents have reported that these puzzles break but they bought them for a 2 year old. The recommended age for this puzzle set is age 3 and above. Parents who gave them to preschool children seem to say they're durable.

Dora the Explorer Gifts

Dora the Explorer is another absolute favorite with preschool girls. So anything from the Dora range would make a good Christmas gift for a young fan. 

Although Dora is the obvious choice don't forget the other popular characters from the Explorer gang like Boots the monkey. This will give you more options for choosing the best gift.

I thought this book set was a great idea in this cheaper price range. Dora's Magical Adventures is a carry-along box set with 6 stories. So it's a great way to encourage reading. 

Beanie Babies have a great selection of Dora toys. The range even has toys other than Dora like Boots and Swiper. So there's a wide variety of these cute little gifts. 

I don't usually recommend coloring books as gifts because they don't help kids creativity and are a bit of a "standard" gift. But this set of 2 cute coloring books is a good gift choice if you need gifts for two preschool girls who are Dora fans. This is because you can give one book to each child making your gift expenses for the holiday much less.  

Many preschool girls are still big fans of Elmo. This means he can still be a good choice for this age group. There are many Elmo toys and products about but most aren't under $10. These choices were my favorites in the cheaper price range. 

This Gund Beanbag Elmo is cute with his arms outstretched for a hug. He's a plush toy Elmo with a really adorable expression on his face too. But he's only for kids 3 years and above because he's a beanbag toy. That means he's a safety risk for toddlers. 

The Elmo Carry Tin caught my eye because it's a really different idea for a Christmas gift. It's 100% cute too so a brilliant choice for a preschool girl. 

Elmo's Waiting for a Hug

Elmo Plush Beanbag Character

The 25 piece Elmo puzzle is perfect for preschool puzzlers. It has the right number of pieces to interest preschoolers who have mastered easier puzzles with fewer pieces. But it's not too hard either with 25 pieces. (This puzzle is more difficult than the Dora puzzle I've featured.)

Princesses are another favorite theme with preschool girls. So anything princess related can be a hit for Christmas. You can find lots of books about princesses at Amazon in varying price ranges so it's worth a look. But there's also some fun toy ideas that sell for less than $10.

This Princess Mirror Craft is an unusual and fun activity for 4 year old princesses.

The kit has a royal wooden mirror to decorate with glitter, sparkling gems and stickers. Craft glue also comes in the set so you don't need to buy anything extra. 

It's a great cold weather activity - so good for the Christmas season. Once the mirror has been decorated it can also be used for make believe play. So it's still fun to play with once the craft part is finished. This makes it good value for money. 

This Melissa & Doug Princess Puzzle impressed me. It's good quality. Has a lovely picture. Has a good number of pieces for a preschooler (24). It's also a great price. So this works really well as a Christmas gift. 

Sticky Mosaics also has a princess themed set in it's My First range. This is perfect for girls who are too young for the princess mirror craft. It's also fun for older preschoolers.

Animal Beanie Babies

The Beanie Baby range has the most adorable animal toys. This is helpful because it means you can choose an animal to buy that you know the girl likes. This helps make the gift more special. 

I thought Cashmere the Cat was gorgeous with it's big, cute eyes. I also love it's pink highlights too. It can be tricky buying for a preschool girl when you don't know their interests. At these times something like Cashmere is a good choice in this situation because it's a general animal (cat) and really cute. 

Beanie Babies are collectible plush toys so they'll be kept well after the child becomes school age. So they're a nice plush toy choice that doesn't get outgrown quickly.

Amazon has a wide range of animal themed gift ideas for preschoolers. I've chosen a couple from the categories of books, first LEGO and activity toys.

If you haven't met Biscuit before he's a classic children's book character that's been popular with kids for decades.

This Biscuit Storybook Collection is a good buy because it has 10 stories. These are great for reading aloud to a preschooler. But they're also perfect beginner books for the first stage of learning to read.

Duplo is the best LEGO choice for preschoolers. This is because the pieces are bigger and easier to play with. The sets are also made with themes that interest preschool kids.

This Baby Zoo set is a lovely choice among the cheaper sets. The animals are cute and it's great for make believe play.

The Duplo sets are all interchangeable so this set can be used with the other larger sets too.

Lacing sets are a classic toy that helps preschoolers develop the skills they'll need to tie their own shoe laces. They're also heaps of fun. This animal lacing set is good quality and a good choice for girls.

More Sticker Gift Ideas for Preschool Girls

Stickers are so popular among preschool kids I thought I'd include some more ideas. These sticker sets are made especially for girls. So they're a great choice for a low cost gift that a preschool girl will have lots of fun with. 

There's a Play House or Dress Up set that have reusable stickers. These are a wonderful idea because they can be played with many times. Then there's the Pink Sticker Collection. These aren't reusable stickers but there are about 700 stickers in the set. 

Play House Reusable Sticker Set

Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad
Melissa & Doug

You can also look for sticker sets and books that are about something the girl has a special interest in - like horses. Amazon has a big range of sticker books in their book department. 

So you can get some really fabulous Christmas gifts for preschool girls for under $10. That makes it easier to be nice to your bank account during the holiday season.

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