Best Dragonfly Accent Pillows

by SusanM

Creating dragonfly flair with accent pillows can create a wonderful mood in your home if you pick the right decorative pillow.

I'm a big fan of dragonflies. Luckily there does seem to be plenty of stuff made in dragonfly designs but sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you're after. This is especially true with something like accent pillows. They're a major decorating item in your home so they can change the mood of a room. This means it's important to choose the right one. Not just for quality but also for atmosphere..

Glowing Dragonfly Pillow

This dragonfly accent pillow caught my eye. 

This is a great pillow if it fits in with your color scheme. It also comes with a red dragonfly. This pillow is also a nice choice if the magical feel of dragonflies appeals to you most. This magical aspect is one of the things I love about dragonflies. 

The best thing about this accent pillow is the glow coming from the body of the dragonfly.It has a warmth I really like. The brightness of the glow gives the pillow it's magical feel. But this glow not only gives a nice mood it also balances out the black background well so the pillow isn't too dark.

Dragonfly Pillow in Warm Colors

It's hard to find interesting dragonfly pillows in warm colors like yellow, gold, orange and warm brown.

Dragonflies are amazing creatures so you don't want your feature accent pillow to fade into the background. This pillow demands attention. It's warm and bright. The dragonfly design is clear and doesn't get lost in the abstract background. 

I think this would be a lovely choice in a room with warm wood furniture or in a place that needs some brightness or a happy, comfortable feel.

Purples and Deep Pinks

There's some good choices in the purple and deep pink color range of dragonfly accent pillows.

I'm not sure why these colors are so well represented in dragonfly designs. Perhaps it's because purple is especially thought of as a mystical color. So the purple designs bring out this mystical element of dragonflies.

Deep pinks aren't too different from the deep purples, except maybe a little brighter in their mood. So the use of deep pinks might have something to do with this mystical coloring.

Mystic Dragonfly Pillow

If you really like the mystic feel of dragonflies check out this dragonfly accent pillow.

I think the semi-abstract design and color choices in this pillow gives the biggest mystic feel in a simple way.

The swirls feel mystical, especially when the main color of the pillow is between a pink and a purple. The mix of these two things seems to give the mystical feel. But it's been toned down a little with the grey and white dragonfly that seems to pop out of the background. This makes for a mystic looking pillow that's not overpowering. So it's a pillow that suits it's name well I think.

Earthy Dragonfly Pillows

You can get dragonfly pillows in earthy colors, but I thought many of the ones I saw were drab and ordinary looking. Not this dragonfly pillow though. I think this semi-abstract green dragonfly pillow is the best in the earthy colors. 

The intricate black and white dragonflies on the different greens in the background have a stylish feel that the other earthy toned pillows I saw didn't have. The semi-abstract design also feels  modern and has a calming feel to it I think.

So a good one if you're wanting something with an earthy feel for a living area or bedroom.

Pillows with Real Dragonfly Photos

If you want something realistic you can find accent pillows with photos of real dragonflies on them. These have a big naturalistic feel to them. They're uncommon too so they'll certainly create a big decorating effect in your home. 

I liked these pillows with the same photo design on them because they come in two color choices. It's a shame there aren't more colors but there is an email address to contact the store owner. So you could request another color if you wanted a blue or another colored pillow in this design. 

Artistic Dragonfly Accent Pillow

This abstract designed pillow is very unusual and eye-catching. It's a flexible choice too because the design and colors would go with most home decor color schemes. It's a design that good for both kids and adults too. That's one of the good things about some abstract designs. They seem to have more decorating flexibility than other designs. 

The colored swirled design also gives a feeling of movement as well as the mystic. So it's a nice choice if you want to showcase the mystical style of dragonflies - but want to avoid colors like purple or pink.

Dragonfly Pillows in Blue

If you're looking for a dragonfly accent pillow in blue you have a challenge. There aren't many and from what I saw most are uninspired patterns that don't capture the special feel of dragonflies at all. 

I thought this blue one was one of the very best. It has the magical feel. It also has the feeling of something special, which I think dragonflies are. The dark and light shades used in the pillow design also give a feeling of depth to the pillow - as though this dragonfly is flying over a fantastic landscape. So this is definitely one of the best dragonfly accent pillows. 

More Dragonfly Accent Pillows

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Updated: 02/16/2013, SusanM
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