Dragonfly iPhone 5 Cases with Artistic Beauty

by SusanM

Some of the best dragonfly iPhone 5 cases that have an artistic flair

Dragonflies are symbolic of many things including the development of deeper meaning of life. These intricate beings have a delicate look that's magical and interesting. They're one of my favorite things. So I had to see what iPhone 5 cases were available with high quality dragonfly designs.

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of really good dragonfly designs. Few of the photographic designs capture the true beauty of the dragonfly. The same is true of the artistic creations. They seem to miss the magical and intricate beauty of dragonflies. But not all iPhone 5 designs do.

I did find a few impressive iPhone 5 cases - and here they are.

The Best Photographic iPhone 5 Design

I think this iPhone 5 case is definitely the best you can get that's been created with a photo of a dragonfly.

This photo lets us see the beautiful markings on the dragonfly's wings as well as it's superb coloring. The angle the photographer has caught the dragonfly on also lets us see it's streamlined shape. The natural green background does not overpower the delicate dragonfly so it makes a nice background rather than hiding what we want to see. 

So the quality of this photo is the reason this is such a high quality iPhone case and a lovely choice for a dragonfly lover.

This eye-catching dragonfly design captures the mystical and magical feel of the dragonfly. 

It's a hand drawn design that shows a dragonfly in a swirling, colored wind. It's this wind and the simplicity of the design that makes this iPhone 5 case interesting.

The wind creates that magical feel while providing color to the black dragonfly design. The simplicity of the design also means that the swirling wind does not overpower the dragonfly. 

It's a good choice if you want an art design that will stand out from other dragonfly designs and catch attention.

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

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Colorful Dragonfly Case Design

This dragonfly design is perfect if you are looking for something in blues and purples. The use of differing colors in this design creates a striking effect. While the wings look almost real. 

This case certainly captures the intricate beauty and color of the dragonfly. Although the amount of color in the background of this iPhone design does compete with the dragonfly. So it's harder to see. But it's still a beautiful iPhone 5 case design. 

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

Currently this design doesn't seem to be available in an iPhone 3 version. But the contact details for the designer are available. So you could always send them a message asking if an iPhone 3 version could be added to their available products if you really want this dragonfly design on your phone. 

Simple Dragonfly Beauty for Your iPhone 5

The simplicity of this iPhone 5 case is beautiful. Despite only using two colors - black and purple this design captures the intricate patterning of the dragonfly wings. It also captures the colorful nature of the butterfly body. This is impressive when so few colors are used. 

The simplicity of this design means it's easy to see each individual dragonfly. The overlapping pattern also gives this case an almost abstract quality, although it's quite obvious this iPhone case features dragonflies.

This case design only seems to be available in the iPhone 5 format.

I thought this was one of the best dragonfly patterns available in iPhone 5 cases. Although other insects like butterflies are included in it's design the dragonfly is prominent enough to give it inclusion in this article. 

The blue coloring of this case gives a great relaxing mood. This is enhanced by the simple designs used for all the insects and the wind. 

So this is a good dragonfly iPhone 5 case if you're wanting something that's "laid back".

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

This is another design that does not have an iPhone 3 version currently available. The store owner does have their contact details available though. So you have the option of asking if an iPhone 3 version could be added to their store.

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Updated: 02/16/2013, SusanM
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SusanM on 10/21/2012

Thanks Katie. I love them too :)

katiem2 on 10/21/2012

I love dragon flies, thanks for the great iPhone Cases :)K

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