Best Electric Grass Trimmer Tools

by Tested_to_Destruction

The best electric grass trimmer should deliver great weed whacking results, edge grass effectively and feel solid. An electric string trimmer is an awesome time-reducing garden too

An electric grass trimmer is a great outdoor power tool for those that don't have the biggest yard areas to maintain. They're user friendly, often more lightweight than a gas grass trimmer and lack the need for refueling and overhauling.

For those that want the no fuss aspect of an electric trimmer but the idea of a cord doesn't appeal, you can purchase one of the cordless grass trimmer models. This cuts out the need to worry about the cord snaking around the yard, or even the fact that it may not be long enough.

There are some top quality and highly related trimmers on the market and the five best trimmers will be featured below. Whether you opt for a trusted brand name such as Black and Decker, or simply opt for the best one to suit your needs, at least you can make your purchase knowing that you've got the best trimmer and the best value for your money.

Black & Decker GH600 Grass Hog 14-Inch 5 amp Electric String Trimmer and Edger

The Black and Decker DH600 is not called a grass hot for nothing. One of the five best electric grass trimmer models, this garden tool will weed whack all day long. Among some of its cooler features is the rotating head - a quick switch around and it swaps into lawn-edging mode. On top of that, the 5 amp motor delivers a vigorous 9,500 rpm - allowing the string to take down almost everything in its path.

It's wieghs in at under 6lbs, and the adustable hand grips and user friendly design make it easy to work with. The cutting path is a rather impressive 14" - another aspect that helps make this an awesome tool. It really will cut through weeds like a hot knife through butter and you won't find better for your 50 bucks. A highly recommended purchase for anyone looking for an alternative to a gas powered weed whacker.

Black & Decker GH600 Grass Hog 14-Inch 5 amp Electric String Trimmer and Edger

Every home lawn enthusiast needs a reliable trimmer. When it comes to performance in the front or back yard, the Grass Hog 14-inch automatic feed string trimmer and edger ...

Only $69.99

View on Amazon

Black & Decker NST2018 Grass Hog 12-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Electric String Trimmer with 2 Batteries

The Black and Decker NST is the best cordless electric grass trimmer and the price increase relates to the convenient battery powered operation as much as anything else. The cutting path is slightly reduced but - you get an automatic string feed, a lack of cord snaking around the yard and an adjustable shaft length. The 18v battery powers the unit along with a gutsy 8300rpm and, despite it weighing in at less than 7 pounds, it feels nice and solid in your hands.

It's not going to win an award for taking out some of the bigger vegetation around the yard but that doesn't mean it's lacking the bang for your buck aspect. When you purchase the B and D NST2018 Grass Hog, you're buying convenience and handling. It's a great buy for those with a small to medium sized yard, anyone looking for a relatively quiet weed whacker or someone that simply isn't up to handling the heavier, more vigorous gas models.

Earthwise ST00015 15-Inch 6.25 amp Electric String Trimmer

The Earthwise ST000 is a top rated electric trimmer from the mid level range. For $55, you're getting an awful lot of bang for your buck. It's quiet yet powerful, lightweight yet sturdy - and will cut an impressive 15" path through weed beds and overgrown vegetation. The handle is telescopic, the head comfortably switches through three positions and the grab handle adjustable. This presents a lot of scope from the handling and comfort perspective.

Of its many features, it also includes an edge guard that flips down - reducing the distribution of mulch around your feet. On top of all that, it possesses a spirited 6.25amp motor that delivers up to 7500rpm. In all, an awesome weed eater, efficient, powerful and well worth its price tag.

Earthwise ST00015 15-Inch 6.25 amp Electric String Trimmer

Earthwise 15" Corded Electric String Trimmer. ALL the performance of a gas trimmer, NONE of the noise, heat or hassle! And, of course, no gas required! The 15" Trimmer's 6.25 ...

$59.99  $38.95

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Black & Decker ST1000 9-Inch 1.8 amp Electric Grass Trimmer

Without doubt the best budget electric grass trimmer is the Black and Decker ST100. If you've got a small yard, a mild to moderate weed problem and only have twenty bucks to spend - spend it on this. The 1.8 amp motor delivers an astonishing 11,000rpm, which is half the reason that the ST1000 performs so well for it's size. The other reason is the simplicity of the design. It may lack an adjustable shaft or an automatic feed but that doesn't detract from its ability to shine as a mini weed whacking power house.

Measured against other grass trimmers, this one will cut a 9" path, cope with precision trimming and edging and throw up less clippings and mulch that the bigger models. A definite buy for anyone that's on a tight budget and simply in need of a basic electric trimmer that's no mess, no fuss.

Black & Decker ST1000 9-Inch 1.8 amp Electric Grass Trimmer

If you're in the market for a basic, entry-level electric trimmer to handle light trimming work around your house, the Black and Decker 9-inch grass trimmer might be worth ...

$29.99  $24.69

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Black & Decker LST1018 12-Inch 18-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Edger with Quick Charger

The Black and Decker LST1018 is, in a nutshell, an upgrade on the 2018. It's the best cordless electric grass trimmer in the quick charge range. And quick charge means exactly what it says - a recharge only takes around 45 to 60 minutes. Once you're up and running, the LST1018 is slightly lighter, at 6lbs. The motor and rpm are the same - 18v and 8300rpm. The automatic spool feed removes the stop/start aspect associated with some grass trimmers and its design is built around comfort and functionality.

You can alter both its height and the grab handle to suit your needs and the head switches between weed whacking and lawn edging. Overall this is a lively, effective electric grass cutter and more than worth the investment. A top rated mid range power trimmer.

Black & Decker LST1018 12-Inch 18-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Edger with Quick ...

Includes 18V Lithium Cordless Trimmer and Edger - LST1018, 18V Lithium-Ion Battery, 1 Hour Lithium-Ion Charger

Only $149.99

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