Manual Sod Cutter Tool Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A manual sod cutter tool is a great gardener’s tool for lifting the surface layer of your garden, in order to plant or work an area that is otherwise covered with lawn grass.

You can opt to purchase a manual sod lifter that's capable of small or large area use or, if you're more than your average hobby gardener, then you're better off using a power cutter for sod removal.

They're the kind of tool that are handy for what they were designed for. Trust me - a garden shovel won't cut the mustard. Most will work with the depth at hand, and level out nicely as you work the area.

Once you've got a rhythm going, you'll find the grassy top soil will start to lift off relatively easy, depending upon the ground you're working with.

If you need to remove turf for whatever reason, you're advised to invest in one of these rather handy garden tools. You don't need to pay the price of a small island either - unless you need a machine driven cutter, a manual one will work just fine.

Ames Co. 1943500 Sod Lifter

Manual Sod Cutter ToolsOne of the best types of sod cutter is the Ames lifter - don't let the name put you off, it cuts and helps you lift up sods. Its got the typical half moon lower blade and a long enough handle to enable a good grip and ease of use. The blade is both sturdy and sharp enough to cut through any weeds and roots you'll come across, as well as lift up the sod.

It may be a good idea to have a shovel handy if you cut to big, as the blade might work out a bit small. The easiest way to combat that is to cut the sod small enough for you to work the cutter alone, thus doing away with the need for a second yard tool. A good solid tool, a one piece forged unit with a polished blade, the Ames sod lifter is well worth buying simply because it does the job you need it to do.

Ames Co. 1943500 Sod Lifter

Forged 1 piece construction. Chrome ferrule, polished blade. 31" Armor D top handle. 9" x 5" blade; 18" shank. Refer to model No. 720 for replacement handle.

Only $158.85

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Razor Back Sod Cutters & Lifters

This is another product from Ames, and the best selling sod cutter on the market. Unlike the previous cutter, this one is a two piece construction. The lengthy solid wooden handle is attached to a 10" taper-tight ferrule, which is in turn attached to a forged steel an 5/8" x 18" cutting blade. All together, it makes for a robust design, and gives you a cutter that works the sod with ease.

It's not one the best for nothing - this is a top end manual sod cutter because it makes short work of any type of sod, not to mention other vegetation that may get in its way. Once you get into a rhythm, you'll find that you can cut, lift and roll the sod away without too much effort. The angled blade means that the tool is doing the bending that otherwise your back would be doing. A top quality product, worthy of the price tag and far better than trying to use a shovel and doing yourself some damage. One to buy.

Razor Back Sod Cutters & Lifters

Best for lifting sod. Forged blade with a 5/8" x 18" angled shank for better cutting and lifting. 10" taper-tight ferrule attached to Northern White Ash handle.

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Quail Manual Kick-Type Sod Cutter/Edger, Model# KT

The best manual kick type sod cutter is the Quail. Although it does the same job as a standard cutter, this one covers more ground. That means that you're lifting sod and clearing the area you're targeting at a faster pace. It's pretty simple to operate - get a good grip on the handles, place the blade where you need to remove the sod and kick. If that sounds easy it's because it is, though any form of sod cutting is manual labor, so don't expect the Quail to do all the work for you.

The cutter itself is a good solid build - wooden handles bolted onto a one piece welded frame with an adjustable heat treated blade. It's built to both last and work hard, and will cut sod strips up to 30". If you're looking for a tool that cuts, lifts and rolls as you work, the Quail is the one to purchase. Efficient, effective and simple to use.

Quail Manual Kick-Type Sod Cutter/Edger, Model# KT

The Quail manual kick-type sod cutter/edger easily removes sod for patios, gardens and landscaping. U.S.A. Please allow between 18 - 23 days from delivery. Application: Cutter ...

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Bully Tools 92390 9-Inch Wide Sod Lifter with Ash Handle D-Grip

Although the Bully Tools lifter makes the best sod cutter list, it is an entry level model. However - don't let that put you off. Not everyone needs a sod cutter for everyday use and if you're just looking for a budget level tool, this is the one to go for. At just under $40, the price matches the quality and you'll find it useful for lightweight and/or intermittent sod cutting. It has the same ergonomic design as the other featured products, as well as a 9" wide steel gauge blade.

The handle is solid ash, good enough for most tools of this type and the product itself is a US manufacture. The beveled edged blade will make short work of the sod surface and the lengthy 47 1/2" handle allows you to adopt a non-back breaking position while working. A decent all rounder, matches its price tag and one to consider for those that don't need to lift yard's worth of sod.

Lesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter

The best sod knife is the Lesche. This is a super tool for lifting small areas of sod, or will come in handy for when you hit an underground snag, such as a few roots that a standard sod cutter can't handle. It's a fantastic tool to have around for landscaping in general, and it's well worth the price tag. Its got a double edged blade, one side being beveled/sharpened, the other saw toothed for the tougher vegetation.

It's another US manufactured tool, comes with a user friendly belt to make it easier to keep close by and it's designed with safety in mind. The handle is encased in a rubber grip and your hand's prevented from slipping onto the blade by way of a sturdy blade guard. A highly recommended sod cutter, versatile, solid and well worth having around.

Lesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter

This double-edged digger has a saw tooth edge on one side of the blade to cut through roots and a blade on the other to cut through tuff grass and dirt. The Lesche digging ...

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