Best Vacuum Bottle for Work

by TerriRexson

Do you need a vacuum bottle for work? It's a good way to save money and still get hot coffee or tea when you want it. And cold drinks too.

We used to be able to make coffee and tea cheaply at work. Then they brought in expensive coffee bars with fancy drinks. That made it pretty expensive for caffeine addicts (that would be most of us!)

So a lot of people started bringing in their own coffee and tea in a vacuum flask. We quickly realized this is actually quite practical - when you have back to back meetings it might be the only way you can get a hot drink. And it's certainly much cheaper than expensive drinks from a coffee shop.

You do need a good vacuum flask though. You do not want one that leaks in your briefcase or only gives you tepid drinks.

Let's find the best vacuum bottle for work.

Best Vacuum Bottle for Office Workers

This Thermos Nissan FBB1000 34-Ounce Stainless-Steel Vacuum Insulated Briefcase Bottle is designed to be carried in a briefcase and taken to work. (A backpack works fine if you don't use a briefcase!)

The flask looks professional and is made from stylish and practical stainless steel. 

The Thermos Briefcase Bottle will keep drinks hot for 8-10 hours. (It says up to 12 hours, but that's if you don't open it.) You'll need to make sure you use the pour spout to keep as much heat in as possible. 

The vacuum bottle holds 34 ounces of liquid and is 12.7 inches tall. 

This Thermos gets excellent reviews and is a popular choice for people who need to take a whole day's supply or tea, coffee or hot water with them to work. 

Of course, in the summer you could choose to take a cold drink with you instead. 

Thermos Nissan FBB1000 34-Ounce Stainless-Steel Vacuum Insulated Briefcase Bottle

Thermos Nissan FBB1000 34-Ounce Stainless-Steel Vacuum In...
Only $41.99

Best Small Vacuum Bottle for Backpacks

Not everyone needs a large Thermos bottle for work. This Thermos Nissan Backpack bottle is perfect for smaller quantities, it still holds 16 ounces of liquid. 

Instead of a cup this bottle has a push-button drink lid, that you can drink directly from (be careful that your drink isn't too hot.) This keeps the weight down even more and is one less thing to wash up! Of course you can take a cup with you and pour your drink out if you prefer. 

This vacuum bottle is also a great choice for Moms who want to take a hot drink out with them in the diaper bag or on the buggy. Handy for hot water for heating baby food too. 

Thermos Nissan JMW500P6 16-Ounce Stainless-Steel Backpack Bottle, Silver

Thermos Nissan JMW500P6 16-Ounce Stainless-Steel Backpack...
Only $29.99

Best Vacuum Bottle for Outdoor Workers

I have this flask and it's probably overkill for office workers. It keeps drinks warm for up to 24 hours. I can verify that it keeps drinks very hot for several hours. In fact when we take this flask out for the day we have to make sure that the drink is not much warmer than the temperature we want it to be when we drink it, or it's too hot!

This flask also has a large capacity. It's ideal for people who need to keep their drinks warm, in cold conditions for a long time. 

If you're working outdoors or driving a truck then this flask is a great choice. 

Thermos Work Series Bottle 40 oz Heavy Duty

Thermos Work Series Beverage Bottle 40 Oz

Don't Forget a Good Brush for Cleaning Your Vacuum Bottle

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

Get tough on grunge, but go easy on your hands with this scrubbing brush that features an ergonomic handle.

Only $7.99
Updated: 02/24/2012, TerriRexson
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