Blue Love a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay

by jfay1995

Blue Love is a way of looking at love and has a sadness to the poem. Poem of sadness.

Blue Love a poem

Effects of Blue Love

Blue Love

Have you ever noticed the sublime messages

that love sends to us?

Have you ever gotten the sinking feeling

that your love is blue

when it should be red?

Yes, your love is suddenly

cobalt blue, or ultramarine blue

and there is something wrong with your


It is not what it seems to be.

Love that is red

seems to have a fastly beating pulse

and you can feel the warmth pulsating

through your veins.

Your love is alive and beckoning

for you to stay for a while.

Yet, as you can see your love is blue.

It has been painted a flat blue color

and is suffocating on a shallowness

that isn't love.

Caution is key when you feel that blueness

surrounding you.  The pounding has slowed down

and suddenly you feel as if the breath has been

poured out of you and you are

simply clinging to blue love

that isn't going to survive.

Don't hold on.

Why don't you just let go.

Why waste your time on blue love.

You will just be drowning in a sea of cobalt denseness.

You know darn well,

you would rather have the warmth

of true love

that is ruby red.

At least red lasts forever

when blue love

sinks to the bottom and gets buried

in the sinking sands of time.

Time that you wasted on your

sadness of blue love.

You know the one that

you were desperately clinging to

and were hoping was real and true.

This is the new year.

Do you really want to wish upon

blue love?


Jennifer Jo Fay


Copyrighted January 7, 2012

 This is for all the women and girls who think they have found love, but they really haven't.  Perhaps their love is just destined to fail and they haven't realized it yet.  Quite often in our younger years we hope that something will become of an ill fated love.  We want to have love immediately and sometimes love leaves us.

We have to give it wings and let it go.  It wasn't ours to keep.  You know you need to find your perfect fit.  That special glove that fits your hand.  The man has to fit your needs and you need to fit to his.

If you don't have anything in common, sometimes it just doesn't work out.  Sometimes the best of relationships don't end up lasting forever.  We often wish things could work out.

Maybe you had your heart set on being Mrs. Lovelace and when Joshua decided to call it quits you are devastated.

You can't always have what you want.  Things happen for a reason.  Maybe you are destined for other things.  Maybe things wouldn't have been that great as Mrs. Lovelace.  You don't know what he was really like.  Maybe there was a side to him that you didn't know about, and maybe you may not have liked that part of him.

Sometimes you just have to wait for a while before you meet your perfect match. 


Looking for your soul mate?  He might just be waiting around door number two.  Wish upon the magic number.  Maybe you will get lucky. 

And if not, it often pays to wait for good things.


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blue love


Updated: 01/07/2012, jfay1995
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