Books Bard of Ely is featured in

by BardofEly

Steve Andrews, aka the Bard of Ely, is an author himself but he is featured in depth in books by Lionel Fanthorpe, Peter Finch, C.J. Stone and Anthony Reynolds.

Books Bard of Ely is featured in
I am very proud to say that I have been written about in some depth in books by fellow authors and am included in a total of seven works so far.

My good friend Chris Stone aka CJ Stone has written about me and quoted me extensively in his books Fierce Dancing - Adventures in the Underground and The Last of the Hippies (both by Faber and Faber), as well as in his collection of past stories in The Guardian newspaper in Housing Benefit Hill (AKA Press).

I also play a big part in The Trials of Arthur (Element), which was co-written by CJ again under his full name of Christopher James Stone, writing in partnership with King Arthur Pendragon. It is the true story of how John Rothwell became convinced that he was the spirit of King Arthur returned, and how he changed his name by deed poll and began his new life as an eco-warrior and leader of a Druid order.

A new revised edition has just been published too on Amazon Kindle. It has new chapters and is updated to be much better than the original version. Chris Stone has said this is the book he was really aiming to write.

His books published by Faber and Faber have some wonderful illustrations by Eldad Druks, and many of these are of me in various circumstances at different times in my life.

Last of the Hippies book cover

Book by CJ Stone

Last of the Hippies by CJ Stone

Published by Faber & Faber
Last of the Hippies

Part autobiography, part history, part travelogue, this is an account of the author's experiences in that marginal realm, the mythical hippie's heavenly playground, and an inves...

Faber & Faber
Only $15.0

View on Amazon

The Trials of Arthur

Book by CJ Stone and King Arthur Pendragon
The Trials of Arthur: Revised Edition

Looks like a tramp. Says he's a King. Meet Arthur - Warrior, leader and Druid. An ex-squaddie and biker turned spiritual leader and parliamentary candidate. The bearer of the Sw...

The Big Hand Books
Only $900.57

View on Amazon

Real Cardiff by Peter Finch

The other side of Cardiff

Peter Finch, who is a well-known poet, who came to fame in the late sixties and has many volumes of poetry to his name, as well as being a writer and literary critic, featured me as his guide to the Ely council estate in Cardiff in his book Real Cardiff (Seren).

Peter looks behind the public image aimed at tourists to meet with the real people and characters of the city and visit the places that perhaps get left out of the news and general publicity for Cardiff. He goes out and has a look at the parts of the city that tourists don't get to hear about. He looks at what makes up the Real Cardiff.

So successful was this book that it has led on to a whole series in a similar vein in which Peter investigates behind the scenes of Cardiff and comes up with a very different world to the one presented by the tourist industry. And this in no way spoils the image of the city but rather adds to its considerable character.

Real Cardiff by Peter Finch

The other side of Cardiff City revealed
Real Cardiff

$11.37  $5.86

View on Amazon

Real Cardiff Two (The Real Wales series)

$15.33  $5.08

View on Amazon

Real Cardiff Three (The Real Wales series)

$22.18  $4.66

View on Amazon

The World's Most Mysterious People signed

By Lionel Fanthorpe
Lionel Fanthorpe's The World's Most Mysterious People
Lionel Fanthorpe's The World's Most M...

Buy books by Lionel Fanthorpe

The World's Most Mysterious People
The World's Most Mysterious People (Mysteries and Secrets Book 3)

Dundurn Press
Only $7.99

View on Amazon

Personajes mas misteriosos del mundo/ World's Most Mysterious People (Spanish Edition)

Grupo Editorial Tomo
$12.98  $6.99

View on Amazon

Lionel Fanthorpe of Fortean TV

Mysterious people

Lionel Fanthorpe and his wife, co-author and agent Patricia, included a chapter about me in their The World's Most Mysterious People, which was part of a series of books published by Hounslow. Lionel is probably most famous for his past role of being the presenter for the popular Fortean TV television series.

I had been regarded as eccentric for a long time but with the publication of this book I got the literary stamp of "mysterious" too!

Guiness Book of Records

A record-breaker

Lionel is also the author of as many as 250 books and poetry anthologies and collections, and he is a Guinness Book of Records record-breaker, as well as having been a multi-media celebrity as a broadcaster on TV and radio and for having had newspaper columns.

He has been a headmaster, a lecturer, a business consultant, financial advisor and a tutor. Besides all that, Lionel is a martial arts expert, a Harley Davidson motorbike owner and an ordained parish priest.

As a matter of interest, Lionel was knighted by King Arthur Pendragon in the living room of my old house in Ely, Cardiff. We are both knights in the Loyal Arthurian Warband Druid Order.

It was a great surprise, and a very welcome one, to be in these books though, and I am very proud to have been written about in all these authors' works, but Lionel's is the one that surprised me the most! I had never thought I would be included in a volume about such famous and infamous names as Aleister Crowley, Nikola Tesla, Rasputin, Gurdjieff and Francis Bacon but in Lionel Fanthorpe's book this has happened.

Guinness Book of Records

Record breakers
Guinness World Records 2024

Guinness World Records
$15.58  $7.18

View on Amazon

Guinness World Records 2023

Guinness World Records
$8.79  $4.81

View on Amazon

Leonard Cohen

Books by Anthony Reynolds

Being a very great fan of Canadian singer-songwriter, novelist and poet Leonard Cohen, and being a good friend of Cardiff-born Anthony Reynolds was enough to earn me a place in The Remarkable Life of Leonard Cohen .
Anthony, who is a fellow singer, songwriter, poet, and author from Cardiff, included my memories of watching Cohen at the Isle of Wight festival all those years ago. The book has been updated and is now out in a new version.
Yes, I am indeed very proud to be included in all these books and often wonder if I will end up in any more. I hope I do!
Copyright © 2012 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

The Remarkable Life of Leonard Cohen

Book by Anthony Reynolds
Leonard Cohen biography
Leonard Cohen biography

Buy The Remarkable Life of Leonard Cohen

By Anthony Reynolds
Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life

Omnibus Press
$20.63  $15.92

View on Amazon

Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life (German Edition)

Bosworth GmbH
Only $25.92

View on Amazon

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