Booster Jumper Cables Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A set of jumper cables is a good way of ensuring you're never caught out with a discharged car battery. The five best booster cables reviewed and compared.

A set of jumper cables will allow you to jump start your car without having to use a jump starter. You simply connect the cables to the matching terminals on the battery of another car - then turn on the second vehicle, using its battery power to start your own car.

From that point the alternator gets a chance to recharge the depleted battery - which will hopefully combat the problem, with the exception of a new car battery being required. There's a good range of auto cables available, all of which are designed to deliver the required results.

The five best auto booster cables are featured below. They're all capable of jump staring a car back into being - providing the battery doesn't need replacing - plus they're highly rated a great value for money products.

Coleman Cable 08665 12-Foot Heavy-Duty Truck and Auto Battery Booster Cables with Polar Glow Clamps, 4-Gauge

These are the best jumper cables and they're available in a variety of lengths - from 12 ft up to 25 feet long. The longer length is better suited to larger vehicle - trucks and RVs, the shorter ones work fine with the average car.

The cables work with both side and top mounted cab batteries and the alligator clips are ergonomic (not sure that parts necessary) and give a solid connection. They work fine in the heat or freezing temperatures and they'll handle any 12v battery. The clips have a nice feature - there's a spot that glows in the dark, in the event you can't make out the polarity - and they're manufactured in the US. Good quality, great for battery-to-battery jump starting - nice price tag.

Coleman Cable 08665 12-Foot Heavy-Duty Truck and Auto Battery Booster Cables with Polar Glow Clam...

This Jumper Cable is uniquely designed to grip both top and side post batteries firmly and easily. The extended jaw has grooves which conform to the side post, locking it in pla...

Only $57.48

Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper Cables - 20-Ft Length - Heavy 4-Gauge Copper Wire

These are the second best selling jumper cables - 20ft long, good strong alligator clamps and will work on just about any vehicle. The coil up easily enough - supposing that you prefer order to what amounts to a snake-pit in your trunk, and the 4 gauge copper wiring boosts depleted batteries in a snap.

Of course it's always worth pointing out that when you're in an emergency and can't get going that you use a like for like sized battery/vehicle - never try using something smaller than you drive - the opposing battery may suffer, plus you might find it's not powerful enough to boost yours. That said - great pair of cable, long enough for most auto-to-auto boost, sturdy, well made and cheap enough at less than 20 bucks.

Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper Cables - 20-Ft Length - Heavy 4-Gauge Copper Wire

Essential safety and security tool for every car and truck. This set of jumper cable last 67% longer than regular sets for easier & safer reach between vehicles. Plus extra-thic...

$26.54  $25.21

Schumacher BC-1606 16' 6-Gauge Orange Battery Booster Cable

Another top selling set of booster cables - this time from Schumacher. We like Schumacher, they manufacture some good quality, reasonably priced automotive products and these are no different.

They're a decent enough length at 16 feet, strong alligator clamps, polarity clearly marked for those that are first timers to jump starting a car and they'll work fine with either side or top mounted batteries. Also included in the price is a handy carry case - which makes the trunk storage a lot neater. Good set, do the job - great for those unexpected emergencies.

Schumacher BC-1606 16' 6-Gauge Orange Battery Booster Cable

Schumacher 16" 6-Gauge Orange Battery Booster Cable is designed to connect the discharged battery to the power source for charging. This booster cable includes duty plated coil ...

Only $30.00

Michelin 5100 Smart Jumper Cables with Surge Protection

This pair of auto jumper cables are a step up from previous models - focusing on additional safety features. Fixed centrally along the cable's line is a surge protection unit. This is used primarily as a means of prevent potential damage to the cars electrical and computer driven components.

The central unit also contains an LED that lets you know whether or not the connection is a true one - great for those that are unsure about jump starting. They're also an 8 gauge copper wired set - superior quality all round. Nice tight fit with the clamps, 12 foot in length (only downside so make sure you park up close)  and do the job they were designed for.

Michelin 5100 Smart Jumper Cables with Surge Protection

Michelin Smart Jumper Cables are much safer and easier to use than ordinary jumper cables. These jumper cables won't spark when you connect them, and they automatically adjust p...

Only $77.99

Hopkins BC0840 Juice Performance 16' Ultra Power 6-Gauge Booster Cable

Last of the list of the best jumper cables are the Hopkins set - 16 foot long, 6 gauge wiring and design for larger vehicles. They're about long enough - though the bigger the vehicle the more length you'll end up needing between connections, and there's a decent quality cable bag included in the price. 

The The alligator clips on this pair are pretty impressive - the clamping jaw mechanism works a little different and you sure can feel the strength when they bite down. Glow in the dark polarity indicator, quality manufacture and do the job - and the price is nice too.

Hopkins BC0840 Juice Performance 16' Ultra Power 6-Gauge Booster Cable

Our patent pending Cinch-Lock technology clamps use a ratcheting or cinch-lock mechanism that secures the clamp tightly to the battery terminal in an effortless and safe manner....

Only $35.19
Updated: 06/25/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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