Tire Repair Kit Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A tire repair kit is a necessary piece of auto emergnecy equipment. The five best tire repair kits reviewed and compared.

A tire repair kit is a useful item to have to hand. Best kept in the turnk or to have a stock of them if you work in the automotive industry, they are designed to repair deflated tires as a means of getting a vehicle rolling once again.

Like a 12v air compressor, they're a basic requirement of any auto emergency repair kit and as they're largely inexpensive, they're not going to blow a whole in the budget. Unfortunately a tire can puncture for a myriad of reasons and knowing you can at least perform a semi-permanent repair is better that leaving your vehicle at the road side and hauling yourself home on foot.

The five best tire repair kits have been reviewed and compared. Those featured below are the best sellers in their category, offer the best value for money and possess the most positive ratings from previous buyers.

Dynaplug 1007 Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

This is the best tire repair kit and it works perfectly with tubeless tires. Each plug can seal up a hole up to 3/16 of and inch in diameter and if necessary you can insert up to four separate plugs into one hole.

You can repair a punctured tire - even when fully flat - and there's no need to remove the tire from the car. The seal is a permanent one - though with any tire repair, you're advised to have the tire professionally checked over and replaced in need be. No glues, no solvents - load the puncture repair tool with one of the plugs, place it in the hole and withdraw the tool - job done. Great little kit, affordable, useful - great in an emergency.

Dynaplug 1007 Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Repair is designed to repair a punctured tire in less than a minute without taking the tire off the wheel. This plug can permanently seal the puncture hol...


Slime 22038 Compact Tire Plug Kit with Storage Handle

This is the best selling Slime tire repair kit and can be used for autos and RTVs. You use a slightly different method depending upon the tire and the downside to this kit are the intructions - they're not exactly clear.

Still, it gets the job done once you've figured out the correct method. This isn't a plug repair kit - it works using rubber cement and the difference between the two isn't worth worrying about - plugs or cement, it's an individual choice. The T handled tool does make the repair easier but be prepared - it's a bit bigger than the picture makes it look. Get's your tires up and running again - cheap enough to make it worth buying and throw in the trunk.

Slime 22038 Compact Tire Plug Kit with Storage Handle

The Slime Compact Tire Plug Kit has a comfort T-handle to store all the included tools. This kit includes plug tools, rubber cement and extra-strong tire repair strings designed...

Only $6.07

Slime Powerspair - 48 Piece Kit Tire Repair Kit

This is a far more comprehnesive tire repair kit and to be honest - if you got the extra bucks, it's worth buying. Beyond a good enough puncture kit you get a 12v air compressor with a 16ft hose - and a pretty rapid inflation rate.

You've got everything you'll need to either repair a flat/puncture - contains both the tire sealant method and plug/reamer set - as well as a battery charger. It's all housed in a nice sturdy case and compact enough to stow in the trunk. If you're the kind of driver that takes long trips or spends hours on the road for work then it's a great all-round emergency tire kit to take along for the ride.

Slime PowerSpair 48-Piece Tire Repair Kit

This 48 piece kit contains: a heavy duty tire inflator, a 24 oz. bottle of Slime Tire Sealant, a reamer and plugger set , 30 tire plugs, a tire gauge, an alligator clip power ad...

Only $79.00

Bell Automotive 22-5-00126-8 Tire Maintenance Kit

This is the best selling tire patch kit and in truth - it contains a variety of different methods of tire repair. You get patches, rubber cement and plugs with this so one it gives you more scope when it comes to the tires.

It also includes a range of tools, plus a small set of valve caps in case you lose one or two. Everything's neatly stored in a pretty decent case, which keeps the kit together when it's in the trunk and in terms of value for money - you can't go wrong. For a little over ten bucks you get enough equipment to keep more than four tires on the go and if you're looking for a basic but highly useful repair kit - this one's highly recommended.

Bell Automotive 22-5-00126-8 Tire Maintenance Kit

From fashion to function, Bell Automotive offers a wide variety of automotive accessories to meet every need. Staying charged on the go, keeping organized, or just looking for a...

$20.79  $11.86

Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant

This is the best tubeless tire repair kit that's sold as a single purpose product. No patches, plugs or rubber cement - just tire sealant. It works on any tire but - heed the warning that comes with the product: this is not something that you use to repair tire leaks and then go hurtling down the freeway on.

The sealant can and will unbalance the tires and the best advice is that you repair the leak, re-inflate the tire then get your tire/tires checked out by a professional. That said - it does an awesome job of repairing leaks and punctures and providing you remember that it's not safe over 65mph - you'll love what it does. Affordable, useful and the best tire sealant on the market.

Slime 10009 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 32 oz.

Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant prevents and repairs flats in tubeless tires caused by punctures up to a quarter-inch. Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-aerosol, this sealant install...

Only $15.99
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terry on 07/13/2012

Just glad that you didn't list the foam. That stuff is the worst. I had a friend that worked in a tire shop and used to tell me story's of hacking that stuff off of rims.

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