Tire Plug Kit Reviews

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A tire plug kit is a useful part of any auto emergency repair kit. The five best tire plugs reviewed and compared.

A tire plug kit or at least a standard tire repair kit should be a part of any vehicle owners auto emergency kit. They're good for when you're out and experience a flat tire - or even when you approach your car on the drive and discover the tire's flat from the day before.

Car tire repair can be inexpensive and simple to perform and a good quality tire sealant can get you up and running once again. They're pretty easy to use and won't require an automotive professionals knowledge - plus attempting a tire repair is better than leaving it and walking to work.

The five best tire repair plug kits have been reviewed and compared. Those featured below are the best rated, the most popular and offer the best value for money overall.

Dynaplug 1007 Tubeless Tire Repair Kit by Dynaplug

This is the best selling tire plug kit and it's specifically for tubeless tires. It's a great little kit, basic but gets your tire/s up and running again without the need to use solvents, patches or sealants. You simply insert the tool, preloaded with a plug, into the hole. Withdraw the tool, leaving the plug in place.

If necessary you can insert up to four plugs per hole, creating a permanent seal and - ultimately - a permanent fix.The kit includes the plug tool and four plugs - and in the event you'll feel safer carrying more plugs in the trunk - simply buy an additional plug-only set. Once you've performed the required repair, it's safe to drive at speeds up to 90 mph and for the price - it's worth every cent.

Dynaplug 1007 Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Repair is designed to repair a punctured tire in less than a minute without taking the tire off the wheel. This plug can permanently seal the puncture hol...


Slime 1034-A Tire Plug Kit

This is the second best selling tire plug kit - though it's not intended to be used as a permanent solution. Once you've repaired the tire you need to get your tire checked out by a professional - so don't purchase this unless you're prepared to follow the health and safety advice.

That said, the kit includes 5 tire strings, suitable for both auto and truck tires, a plug insert tool and a tube of rubber cement. Though the use of strings and cement aren't exactly the same as plugs - the end result is the same, in as much you're plugging the hole as a means of repairing the tire. Good emergency tire repair kit - and on sale at a great discount price.

Slime 1034-A Tire Plug Kit

The Slime Tire Plug Kit includes two comfort T-handle rasp and plug tools, rubber cement and five extra-strong tire repair strings. This 8-piece kit is made for cars and trucks....

Only $8.77


This is highly rated tire plug kit - and more expensive than the others featured here. That said - you get the gun, reamer, plugs and cement and enough to keep you going for several flat tires or punctures.

Like the previous product it's for emergency use only - the recommended action post-use is that you get the tire professionally checked out and repaired. You can only drive at speeds up to 50 mph once you've made the repair but - providing you stick with the instructions you will be up and running again in no time. Good across a range of tires, bit bulky if you travel by motorcycle but otherwise comparable, though more expensive than the Slime tire repair kit.

Stop & Go International Tubeless Tire Plug Gun 1075

On-the-wheel repair for all tubeless tires Gun inserts a natural rubber plug into the puncture area that expands under pressure to seal the hole Mushroom-shaped head seats on th...

$57.96  $57.9

Black Jack BJK20SC Small Repair Kit with Chrome Tools

This is a pro tire plug kit - as in it's a better quality manufacture all round. The instructions are as clear as it gets, the tools are made bout of chrome, which makes for plenty of durability and the plugs are good enough to fix most makes of tire.

It's all housed in a small, compact case as as one reviewer stated - it's not a bad idea to slip a small pair of needle nose pliers (or similar) in for when you need to extract whatever might be stuck in the tire itself. You also get a collection of 20 plugs and a small tub of lube for the plugs - nice kit, well made - good for the trunk.

Black Jack BJK20SC Small Repair Kit with Chrome Tools

Manufactured for the professional Professional quality crome tools 20 Black Jack self vulcanizing professional 4 plugs (1) 2oz. jar of Plug Lube

Only $42.88

ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit

Once again this tire plug kit uses tire strings rather than straight forward plugs but it achieves the same end and it's a nicely put together tire repair kit. For the price you're getting the insertion tool, lube, a set of 30 repair strings, a reamer, spare valve caps and valves - and a whole lot more.

The case itself is nice a rugged, definitely makes it easier to throw the kit in the trunk without losing all the bits when you need them the most and the repair kit will tackle any type of tires. The case is also big enough to sit with a couple more emergency tools inside it - plus they'll stop the contents rattling around too much. Comprehensive set, quality make, good for long road trips and those that spend their working lives on the highways.

ARB 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit

Coming in a compact carry case, the speedy seal includes all the components necessary to repair tubeless radial or cross ply tires, without removing the tire from the vehicle or...

Only $51.0
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