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Having a high quality Bushnell golf range finder in your bag is one of the easiest ways to lower your score immediately.

Bushnell Rangefinder

Lower Your Handicap Today

Bushnell Golf Range FinderAre you looking for a way to lower your golf score almost immediately?

Do you know the single piece of equipment that just about every player says has helped their game improve?

Many people wuold automatically assume that it would be a new driver. The new R11, from TaylorMade, is pretty sweet; but that is not it.....

While it is certainly true that a new putter, such as the Ping Karsten Series Anser 2 Putterm, may help you sink more putts, you would still be wrong.

The one piece of equipment that every golfer needs to have in the bag is a high quality gps golf range finder. Our personal favorite is the new Bushnell Golf Range Finder.

Golf Range Finders

Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS Rangefinder

368150 Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS Rangefinder $20 Rebate until 12/31/2011. You can print the rebate form on the Bushnell site. The smallest, most compact, golf GPS unit available ...

Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

CONFIDENCE HAS A NEW LOOK AND FEEL it's like perfect feel in putting, just 1,000 yeards long. The new Tour V2 with Pinseeker laser rangefinders rests in your hand with an ...

Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder

EVERY GOLFER WANTS SPIN, DISTANCE AND PINSEEKER. With its sleek horizontal profile the Medalist is about two things: Lower scores and PinSeeker technology. Quick and natural ...

Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport 450 Laser Rangefinder

Let it hinge on a guess, or nail it with this. The shot of a lifetime is a time for certainty. With the Yardage Pro Sport 450, you're confident to the last yard. It's ...


Why Every Golfer Needs a Quality Rangefinder

As a golfer myself, there is absolutely nothing worst than hitting a nice, clean iron from about 16o yards out, only to watch it sail over the green and into the rough. It is entirely too easy to underestimate, or overestimate, the distance to the green by simply eyeballing it.

Sure, you can try pacing it out the the nearest course marker, but for some reason that never seems to work out exactly as you plan. While it is certainly a bad thing to hit the ball long of the green, it is even worse when you hit it 20 yards short; right into the water.

Believe me, I have done that enough times in my life. A quality golf range finder, such as the Bushnell Golf Range Finder, takes all of the guesswork out of playing golf. Knowing the exact distance allows you to simply walk up to the ball and knock it within ten feet.

And the crowd goes crazy!

Key Features of the Bushnell GPS Distance Finder

Key Features:

  • tons of pre-loaded courses (within the US) - currently there are over 16,000 that come with this range finder out of the box
  • automatically recognizes the course you are on - how cool is that?
  • gives you accurate distances to the back, center, and front of the green - for those of you good enough to pick where you want to hit it on the green
  • key hazards indicated
  • no additional membership fees
  • rainproof construction

If you are giving this gps golf distance finder as a gift, you will also love the fact that it is currently priced at less than $200.....As such, you would be hard pressed to find a better priced, more attractive way to lower your score than this Bushnell Golf Range Finder.

Updated: 05/02/2012, costumeideas
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