Buy a Butterfly Chair Frame Online

by Regi_B

If you have a butterfly chair cover, but no frame, this article can help. That's my story. Sticking to it? Yep!

Suppose you have a cover for a butterfly chair, but no frame. What ever will you do?

I know, because I am a genius -- at least, that's what my wife thinks, and she is usually right about these things.

Now, I will impart my knowledge upon you. Remember, once you have this knowledge, it is up to you to act responsibly with it. The power to do good or evil will be in your hands. ;-)

Ready for the answer? Here goes!

You can simply buy a butterfly frame online to remedy your problem. Earth-shattering, I know!

Where and what should you buy? Read on, truth seeker.

Who Sells Butterfly Chair Frames Only

In most cases, butterfly chair frames come with covers. Most frame makers sell only the combination of butterfly cover plus frame, but suppose you do not need that combo.

Thankfully, one company sees value in offering a stand-alone butterfly chair frame. After all, sometimes stuff just wears out. (I know! Earth-shattering yet again!)

When a butterfly chair frame needs replacement, enter Algoma -- makers of butterfly chair frames and covers, and happy to sell you a frame all by itself.

Algoma Butterfly Chair Frames Are:

  • American-made,
  • Metal,
  • Hinged,
  • Nice smelling (Hypothetically!),
  • Strong,
  • Painted white or black,
  • Made of unobtainium (Not really!).

Buying an Algoma Butterfly Chair Frame on Amazon

Algoma frames for butterfly chairs are currently on offer at Amazon. If Amazon is your preferred online shopping purveyor (I'm all about the SAT words!), then you will probably be happy purchasing your new Algoma butterfly chair frame there. Please do keep in mind that at this writing, the Algoma frames on Amazon are offered by a third-party, and you will have to pay shipping.

With shipping time and cost considered, you may fair better if you choose to order your new Algoma butterfly chair frame on eBay.

Buying an Algoma Butterfly Chair Frame on eBay

You can easily find the right Algoma butterfly frame for you on eBay. In fact, I have thoughtfully supplied helpful links to the right. Ever altruistic am I!

If you choose your frame from eBay rather than Amazon, you will likely save money. At this time, all the offerings for Algoma butterfly chair frames on eBay come with free shipping -- and therein lies the savings, as such is not similarly offered on Amazon.

No matter which method you choose for purchasing your frame online, I pledge to you free positive thoughts sent in your direction. Such a bargain!

(I hope you have had fun reading this article, and that it has been of assistance to you. Please let me know in Comments.)

Updated: 05/07/2012, Regi_B
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