Railroad Cart Coffee Tables

by HomeArtist1

Appointing your favorite room with one of these railroad cart coffee tables will usher in guests while defining your uber-modern or rustic space.

Decorating can be the most enjoyable part of making a home your own, although it can be a bit of a conundrum fitting your new cart table into your space.

Not to worry though; I'll give you some great ideas on how you can arrange your furniture pieces to show off this industrial, warehouse-look table, bringing it up front and center stage in your living area.

With these substantial tables it's as though you can feel, see and hear the roar of the railroad. These tables are alive. They'll breathe an air of life wherever they grace.

Scroll down for a look at several train cart coffee tables along with my tips on how to transform your living space into a great space you'll love.

Creating Your Space's Focal Point

Distressed Wood Railroad Cart Coffee Tables Add Drama

A focal point is critical to your space, as it defines your decor genre and welcomes guests into the room.

The success of your decor begins with a striking piece of furniture--one that's substantial enough to grab the eye and make a bold statement acting as the room's crowning jewel. Every other piece in your space should support this 'main attraction.'

Imposing industrial cart coffee tables like these have that substantial, weighty appearance that commands a second look . The weathered, distressed wood will warm the room and add air of sophistication.

I suggest a collection of three related, industrial accessories to keep your palette cohesive. Be sure they're large-scale pieces as opposed to small trinket-like, knick knacks that will get lost and add little to this show stopper.

Begin large with a BANG! and you're off to great start.

Creating the Loft/Industrial Look in Your Room

Warehouse & Train Cart Coffee Tables w/ Two Wheels

Creating the modern or loft space can begin easily with metal and weathered wood. Wheels also play into the ambiance adding an element of strength. You can just about feel the roar of the railroad and metal-on-metal as you admire these industrial-look cart and warehouse style coffee tables.

Begin with a coffee table like those on casters (wheels) and add metal accessories, like gears and repurposed industrial tools for a convincing look in your new space.

With modern decor less is more and bigger is better. Keep things large and weighty and you'll love the look with minimal effort.

Adding Storage to Your Living Space:

Coffee Tables with Storage


Industrial Warehouse Rustic Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Adding storage can be realized with a simple shelf as in this industrial warehouse-look coffee table on four casters.

While you can appreciate more room for your necessities, be sure to keep thing neatly stacked and as minimal as possible to keep your space from having a cluttered look despite your housekeeping efforts.

A coffee table like this metal and wood rustic style piece, affords more storage in tight spaces while lending to your industrial, modern decor.

It's quite the heavyweight and will surely serve you well for the long haul.

budget-friendly wood and metal narrow coffee table with wheels

In spaces with limited floor space, it's narrower tables like this rectangular distressed industrial coffee table are an ideal solution.

Too, their extra storage shelf below make a great display of your favorite accessory while serving to support your warehouse theme quite nicely.

several metal and wood coffee tables yet different look

Accessorizing Your Cart Table

Not everything in your space need reflect the warehouse genre; it's perfectly okay to be eclectic. In fact, too much of a good thing will result in your space not being 'so good,' diluting the energy of your most prized pieces.

Notice these model rooms on this page. There's not a lot going on in the tchotchke (pronounced, 'chotz key' and is a fancy-smanzkie term for trinket) department.

Keeping things simple on your cart table and don't dilute the impact it has on your space as a whole.

I suggest a key piece with a metal finish to add interest and create dimension in your favorite room. Keep it simple and you'll have a successful finish.

Distressed tables with repurposed/recycled wood do well with similar accessories. Peruse flea markets and estate sales for warehouse remnants and old, steel tools.

The same table in different environs will need different sizes and hues as part of its decor.

Looking at your space determine if your room needs tall pieces or more conservatively-sized accessories.

I created a visual further down demonstrating how a simple arrangement of your table can be had without a lot of fuss.


Accessorizing Your Industrial Loft Space


These warehouse cart coffee tables have the wood, iron and wheels that are ideal for the modern space. You may be opting for the loft genre which these cart tables are a perfect fit.

Like the railroad tables above, appointing the right accessories is crucial to a convincing, pulled-together finish. Incorporate repurposed industrial pieces in groups of three in various sizes for best results.

Consider using old car parts for a conversation starter. Or, you might peruse the aisles of a resale builder's or plumbing store for some one-of-a-kind pieces. You'll save big while making a great impression with repurposed items used cleverly.

These industrial cart coffee tables are, indeed the beginning of a great room!

Keep it Simple When Accessorizing Your Railroad Cart Table
Keep it Simple When Accessorizing Your Railroad Cart Table
Updated: 09/08/2015, HomeArtist1
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frankbeswick on 04/24/2015

What a clever idea for recycling materials.

AngelaJohnson on 04/24/2015

I like how people can recycle and repurpose things that others might throw out. I don't believe I'd like a railroad cart coffee table, but it would make a great table for a patio or to put in a garden.

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