Rustic Industrial Style Furniture & Loft Look Tables

by HomeArtist1

These warehouse and industrial style furniture pieces with their unique design work to transform your blahzay space into one amazing room you can see, feel and 'live.'

The industrial revolution brought with it a sense of promise, potential, and power. It's no wonder that the latest must~have in furniture design is indeed the very industrial loft vintage pieces that betray the strength and essence of the era's urban factory. Industrial furniture, as it's appropriately labeled, is crafted from weighty iron and metals know to bygone factories and often reclaimed wood, like elm. The striking distinction of this urban~legend industrial furniture is easily recognized with oft~used machine gears, casters, heavy pipes, weathered salvaged wood and any number of unique machinery accouterments. Scroll down to peruse the latest in industrial furniture pieces I've discovered for modern to shabby chic decor: rustic wood and metal cocktail/coffee tables with casters (wheels), loft~ look desks made from reclaimed wood and metal, vintage design bedroom furniture and other fun to sophisticated industrial design furniture.

Getting Started with Your Industrial Warehouse Genre: Questions, Questions


As with any new decorating venture, you'll need to address several factors relating to your latest addition. Among those questions, here's several more-important considerations you should broach:

  • What's your style: industrial, warehouse, railroad?
  • Your planned use for the table: everyday, occasional, decorative-only?
  • What's your space's allowable size?
  • What's your table's ideal size?
  • How long do you expect to use your table?

While these questions may seem a bit of the common sense ilk, I've seen new purchases that didn't fit around the corner--let alone make it into the proposed space. It's these little things that can be a real detriment.

I suggest making a list before perusing a specific style industrial table, especially the more-sizable pieces. A little forethought goes miles in avoiding headaches and regret.

Reclaimed Cocktail & Console Tables

Made from Salvaged Wood & Metal

This industrial cart table with casters and the strong-as-steel console tables below, will catapult your ho-hum living room or loft to oh, wow!

Sturdy, rustic design with factory-style vision, this substantial furniture piece will certainly earn its keep in admiration from envious guests--while that may not be your objective, it sure is nice to garner compliments.

Get started right with your industrial furniture scheme: begin with a substantial piece like this one and work outwards, fulfilling your vision.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

I often see the word 'reclaimed' misappropriated and it's helpful to know what the term actually means if you want a true-blue reclaimed piece of furniture.

Here's a rudimentary definition of the work reclaimed as it relates to furniture and its materials:

Reclaimed furniture is crafted from wood and other materials that have served a 'life' in another realm. You may see an old wood floor stripped from a barn, cleaned up and repurposed into one of these tables, here.

Reclaimed pieces are a fabulous way to save on waste and help reduce your carbon footprint (I'll explain on this term, below).

Rustic, industrial tables like this metal and wood piece bear all the scars of their former life, enhancing their value and earning the distinction of real, reclaimed pieces.

Reclaimed Furniture: Amazing Green Furniture


While you may be all a gaga over the beauty, durability and usefulness of industrial furniture pieces like this reclaimed metal and wood console table, there's an extra plus in opting for the industrial rustic decor genre:

Your carbon footprint.

Reclaimed pieces reduce the impact each of us leaves on the environment. One's carbon footprint is measured in the amount of carbon dioxide we're responsible for imposing on the planet.

I know this tidbit of information isn't part of the furniture pieces' glamor but isn't it nice to have such give-and-take appeal, all while decorating our homes and offices?

I'm lovin' this reclaimed wood and metal console table; it's quite unique and its former life is evident in its rustic design. It's the perfect 'anywhere' table: home office, living rooms and bedrooms.

A definite win-win.

Furniture You Can Feel: The Industrial Age Comes Home


This industrial warehouse style "find" is nothing short of jaw~dropping.

Crafted of heavy machinery and accoutrements of forged steel, it's a symbol of factory production in full swing.

This metal and wood table pays an allegorical testament to the power of the Industrial Revolution with their soulful presence.

Can you "feel" the power?

Banishing the 'Box' Round Industrial-style Metal and Wood Cocktail Table with Casters


Round furniture can take the stark, linear look of modern straight-line pieces like leather sofas and boxy furniture arrangements.

This rustic, industrial-style wood and metal cocktail table looks every bit the distinguished loft piece without the hefty price tag.

The casters make this table a great option where floor space is at a premium --especially in loft and studio apartments, a you can literally roll it away when occasions call for a more open area. I'm impressed with this table's generous 34" round size and distressed factory-look finish; it's fabulous design for less.

Pieces like these catapult your senses to bygone days or the future, like the scent of old perfume, where you're transported to a place and time.

Not everything in your space need be theme-related, as unique pieces will meld quite well to your decor palette; they're ideal for any size space and make great nightstands in your bedroom, too.

Enduring Design in Living Areas: Rustic Wood & Metal Coffee Tables


Obviously, wood and metal tables like this rectangular coffee table are quite the promising piece as far as lifespan and durability in your living room.

But don't confine its use to common living areas; there's a plethora of other uses you can entertain like foyers, bedrooms (where the table can be placed at the foot of your bed), and even a window seat when topped with a cushion or pillows.

Having furniture pieces that can be at home anywhere really earn their keep--wherever they may be.

With the strength of metal and the richness of wood, this mid-century style desk on casters makes a powerful impression in your home office.

Great furniture pieces, like this warehouse-style desk have their own essence; they intrigue you, lending their own impression in ways bigger than their frame.

If you're quite the home office denizen and like me, the aspiring writer burning the midnight oil well beyond your off hours, this desk speaks your language.



Industrial and repurposed furniture tends to have a hefty price tag attached but I was able to spot these budget-friendly console tables for quite a bit less than their authentic cousins. When operating within a budget seems daunting and oppressive, it's nice to find 'the look' for less.

Strong as their steel relative with metal and wood finishes, these console tables will serve you well with long~lasting beauty and valuable storage space.

Aren't these tables striking? The pieces prove that one may have amazing furniture while entertaining pet ownership or parenthood. Not to mention distracted party guests with a propensity to spill their cosmopolitans.

When I first saw this genre of furniture I was struck by the air of history each piece seemed to project. The more acquainted I became with industrial loft design the more these furniture pieces apppeared as gems. They fit the bill for my new idea of "splendor de' la perfecta." I made that up, by the way. Let everyone in on your secret wishes; cast your vote!


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blackspanielgallery on 07/03/2015

Nice and functional pieces. They fit many styles.

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