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We all love the ubiquitous iPhone. We all love accessorizing it.

Delve into this eponymous list of iPhone improvements, add-ons, upgrades, gizmos, and lagniappes. The Apple corporation gave us a wonderful device but it's up to us to accessorize it. Sure, you can make calls with it and play games on it, but have you maxed out the fashion potential? Your phone shouldn't look like anyone elses: we can help. Whip out your debit card and get to work.

OtterBox Defender for iPhone

Climbing the corporate ladder presents dangers aplenty, but dropping your iPhone shouldn't be one of them. Ensconce your precious device in an OtterBox. The Defender series of boxes provides ensconcement unrivaled by common generic phone cases with Lady Gaga's face on them. You can run this thing over with a Prius and it will do more damage to the Prius.

Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset

Bose® is, like, the coolest brand of headphones. You may have friends, but they will like you even more when you have these sticking out of your ears. Shut out the noisy world and enjoy your iTunes subscription or a podcast of Good Morning America with this amazing product. Even the most expensive iPhone comes with a speaker, but this product increases the number of speakers available for your listening experience by over 199%.

PowerGen Dual USB Port 2A 10w (fast) Heavy Duty Ouput Car Charger

Your beloved iPhone is perfect: provide it with perfect electricity. All the cases and headphones in the world will be worthless when the battery runs down. Sure, you can carry it around and hold it up to your ear, but you won't be able to post your Tweets or hurl birds at pigs all day long.

This adorable car charger diverts pure electricity from the battery of your BMW into the battery of your iPhone. Don't worry: complicated electronics embedded deep into the charger by skilled engineers ensure compatibility between the two seemingly disparate devices. It's a digital miracle.

Magnetic 0.67X Wide Angle / Macro Lens

Your iPhone does so much for you. It's only fair that you return the favor. Adding a precision lens to the camera dramatically increases the possibility that your photos will not be blurry. This unique device magnetically adheres to the metal-infused case of your phone. It won't fall off as you snap photo after photo of the Grand Canyon or your niece's graduation. It's made of glass and aluminum with each material strategically designed to be in just the right place.

Windshield/Dashboard Mount with Slim-Grip Phone Holder

Dropping your iPhone while driving could result in a dropped iPhone, or worse. Depend on this unique device to gently clutch your phone at one end while simultaneously adhering to your windshield or dashboard at the other end. Specially designed grasping arms safely but securely ensconce your digital world as you cruise down the highway. All functionality except the camera is readily available to your reaching fingers.

Always keep your eyes on the road while driving. This device is not intended to replace the human being sitting next to you.

Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity Backup Battery and Charger

Solar power is free, and experts predict that it will remain that way. Take advantage of gratis energy streaming from outer space with this nifty contraption. Simply plug your iPhone into one end and the Sun into the other end. In almost no time at all your phone will begin accumulating spare electricity into its battery.

Don't worry about your social standing. No one can tell that your phone is running on solar power rather than the expensive electricity that comes from the wall of your mansion. Feel free to attend a fancy dress party or a Hillbilly wedding with your solar-charged iPhone. Only your electrician knows for sure.

Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery and Charger for ...

The Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered Mobile Device Charger allows you to charge your mobile devices when a wall outlet or USB power source are not available. The BP-SC4...

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Updated: 12/20/2012, nicomp
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