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Astronomy is a very popular science and hobby and to study the sky you really need the best telescopes. Meade Telescopes are top of the range.

Looking to buy a good telescope?
Many people are taking an active interest in the fascinating subject of astronomy. Both amateur and serious astronomers are studying the heavens and finding out more about the planets, stars and constellations. Perhaps you are looking to buy a telescope yourself?
There is so much to see up there, from the mind-boggling Milky Way to the planets we can see in our solar system like mars and Venus, through to the eclipses of the moon and the movements of the constellations. Meteorite showers are another wonder to be seen in the starry skies. Who doesn't marvel at the incredible wonder of the heavens above?
To be able to watch the stars really well you need a very good telescope. Meade Instruments is a world-leader in supplying the needs of both amateur and serious astronomers.

The history of Meade Telescopes

Meade optical instruments

Meade Instruments began life back in 1972. At first it was only a small company that mainly manufactured refracting telescopes and catered for the amateur astronomer. However, after running for only 15 years, Meade became recognised as one of the world’s leading telescope manufacturers and was now supplying professional astronomers as well. By 1995, the company Meade Instruments had sold more telescopes than any of its rival firms had done.

Meade’s success was due to a large part by their innovative approach and willingness to make use of new and cutting-edge technology. The company lead the way by introducing the Schmidt-Cassegrains telescope, for the first time on a commercial basis. This instrument made use of an integrated electronic drive system.

Another key to success for Meade Instruments was the quality and reliability of all the products and services the company offered. Word soon was spread that this was a manufacturer of instruments for astronomers that could be trusted.

By the year of 1999, Meade had become the first manufacturer of telescopes to introduce intermediate-level instruments that offered automatic slewing, as well as the GO TO functionality. Today Meade Instruments make a large range that also includes Solar Telescopes, Microscopes, Optics and Binoculars.

Early refractor telescope

Cincinnati early model of a refracting telescope

Recommended Meade telescopes

Best telescopes made by Meade

Meade Instruments' 60EQ-A makes an ideal telescope for beginners but still provides high resolution images and slow-motion tracking. This telescope comes with a very durable tripod and the instruments controls are simple enough to understand and use.

Astronomers might also like to consider buying the Telestar 60AZ-A2. This telescope in the Meade Telescopes range provides exceptional depth and precision of viewing. It is also a cheaper model that a beginner should be able to afford.

The LX90

A top of the range Meade instrument

The LX90 series by Meade Instruments should suit the serious amateur astronomer who doesn't want to compromise. The LX90 is in an easily affordable range and comes with a choice of Advanced Coma-Free and Schmidt-Cassegrain optics.

More experienced and professional astronomers could find that the portable ETX-90EC Astro, also made by Meade Instruments, suits their requirements and is within a range you can readily afford to pay.

The image resolution in this particular telescope is of an excellent quality and the instrument’s portable nature is another attractive feature of this model. The ETX-90EC Astro’s microprocessor allows for ease of tracking your subjects in the heavens above, and it also comes with a remote control.

If you are an amateur or a serious professional astronomer looking to buy a telescope then Meade Instruments could well be the company you are looking for. These are telescopes of top quality and made by a manufacturer with a history of excellence in supplying these instruments. Meade Telescopes can be trusted for top of the range tools for studying the stars!

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