Superior Charisma - How to Tap Into Your Unique Inner Charisma

by Jerrico_Usher

Charisma Isn't Hard, It's Just About Learning What Your Individual Power Is About

We all want to be charismatic don't we? Charisma seems to be the doorway to having more friends, having more people like us, and all around making life more interesting don't you think?

What is Charisma anyway? Is it that energy you feel when certain people enter a room? Is it that magical moment when you realize someone has really captured and held your attention? Is it that feeling others get when they are around you when your being the unique self that is who you REALLY are?

I'd have to go with the last one (and the others will fall into place automatically).

In this article I'm going to give you a realistic and in your face view of what true charisma is, how we all have a specific and un-duplicatable brand of it, and how you can tap into yours TODAY.

Charisma Comes From Within and is Expressed outward

Superior Charisma - How to Tap Into Your Unique Inner Charisma

People are attracted by others who exude confidence

The Double life most people are living is not only making them weak, but it is hiding the charismatic charismaperson that others are LQQking for!

One of the most powerful things science has discovered is our self talk can limit or empower us. Most of the time people don't pay attention to their internal dialogue. Because of this, several outside factors penetrate past our defenses, or even worse they are practically hosted in and the things we want in are "blocked". This happens due to improper and counterproductive filters being created! Lack of awareness is detrimental to our ability to become the person we really are. Influences include the media, friends, our own lack of awareness, and many others!

By taking charge of this self talk, programming it On Purpose with powerful affirmations, we link our emotional states and what we want together, and our resolve strengthens. One of the things that people don't realize is how incredibly powerful they truly are! The things we often want for ourselves already exist within us untapped or isolated by our own walls or bad belief systems distracting, or making us fear our conscious awareness of them.

Confidence, charisma, and many other desirable and powerful dispositions are subconsciously blocked from development. This doesn't mean we can't still access, and develop them, it just means that we need to stimulate those mental muscles! Part of why we don't experience the high energy that charisma provides and stimulates in us is that we've become used to not believing in our own ability to be charismatic.

Charisma Depleated
Charisma Depleated

Life tends to attack our rational mind first, but fixing it is actually pretty easy. Just think for yourself.

Things like a (bad) relationship that eats away at our self esteem so slowly we don't realize it's happening tend to take charisma down with it. The charismatic muscles are in atrophy, so we just have to learn how to stimulate them. I'm sure everyone can remember a time when they felt charismatic. Like a hologram that one moment can unlock the entire charismatic code we know and love but have forgotten how to access un-stimulated.

What's really interesting is that we all have a unique form of charisma that only we can express. It cannot be duplicated or copied; it can only be imitated but never feels as cool as when we express it. It's very attractive when someone's aware of theirs.

One Charisma Killer can be found often in the media hype game

Many believe the hype the media advertises. We watch TV shows and become convinced that we must reach these imaginary heights these "actors" display both on the show and as a celebrity. What many don't realize is that the work involved in their making their selves look like that is unconventional, and even they cannot maintain it for long. Look at Brittany spears break down. It's a lot of pressure to try to be perfect and it can really screw a person up. So why would you want to pretend to be them when you can be yourself and be completely comfortable with who you are?

People raise the bar so high that they lose faith in their own ability to be good enough just being themselves! What many neglect to realize is that they are already amazing, and have an incredible capacity to be charismatic, but living up to unattainable standards retards your progress and in the end creates exactly what you don't want.

I reflect back to a previous paragraph where I said, everyone has a unique and non-duplicable charisma. Your best bet is to extract and use your own, not borrow someone else's.. Do you want to end up like Brittany spears?


I'll tell you a secret. People are tired of all the "fakes" out there.

Everywhere they go they run into someone who is trying to be someone else.. No one's trying to be themselves. What does this spell? Lack of individuality, uniqueness, and value. People like their mates unique, valuable, intelligent, and easy on the eyes and brain, and Real, not a duplicate.

Don't try to be fake, people can sense it. The person who figures this out is the person who has the crowds of potential dates competing for their attention, (Ironically they don't even try, as the easiest thing to do once you realize it, is being yourself) because they fill a need in a market that's saturated with ridiculous people trying to manipulate them. Women don't like to be manipulated any more than men do.. Being genuine is not only comfortable it's adorable! When you do you come to realize that being yourself unburdens you to the point where even the media can't manipulate you you will realize your true power and comfort zone!

We get so caught up trying to be something were not that we put twice the energy we need into pretending, and theirs little energy left for social interaction where by we can enjoy ourselves, relax, and be ourselves. When we're pretenders we find ourselves ill prepared to be resilient to say the least! Confidence suffers and what's less attractive than lack of confidence?

If you only knew that the secret to being amazingly charismatic and confident is to simply relax and stop pretending to be someone else. No two people on this planet are alike, its impossible.. Apples and oranges. Being yourself is not only the most natural state of being, it's the one that will attract people, both romantically and as friends, more than anything else! Being yourself takes no extra energy, in fact it produces more energy. What's ironic is that at first when you're trying to be yourself your fears are still there haunting you and pushing you back into old habits (pretending).

Many try to be themselves and quit before the "transition" actually completes. It takes time and patience, sometimes months but if you endure it you'll eventually become yourself again and others will take notice. Sometimes what puts people in an awkward position when you go from pretending to being yourself is the shock they feel seeing the difference! It takes some getting used to, other times it's people realizing that you've been faking so long they want to give it time to see if this is really you or another fake façade!

You have to do it for you not them too. If you're worried about how others view you your not being yourself- your being worried, anxious, and trying to please the wrong person. You also can't relax enough to actually be yourself if your anxious.

Another problem is we become addicted to those people who themselves are fake and whom are likely the only people who give you the attention you need. You end up with someone as fake as you are and this is a recipe for failure. This is likely one of the biggest reasons people get together and don't last a year or worse fall in love and divorce within 3 years.

Our Charisma Is Like A Match, It Can Light/Stimulate The Charisma In Others


Realize that we each have something unique to offer. Tell me.. Do you enjoy a new episode of your favorite program (providing it's as good as your favorite rerun of the same show) or an old episode?

Of course you enjoy the new one, because it's fresh, exciting, you don't know what to expect. It challenges the mind, stimulates the imagination, and keeps you thinking. We as human beings thrive when these things happen and so we become bored with repetition, lack of variety.

One of the most amazing gifts were born with is our uniqueness from everyone else on the planet.. Why then would you try to cloak it with a "rerun" when you possess an amazing and intriguing gift that others absolutely adore? There's this whole market out there begging for what you have, you're in high demand and yet you cloak your true essence behind a social mask, why?

Do you find it "Impressive" when you see a brilliant commercial, that makes you feel good, makes you laugh, makes you think in new directions, and impresses upon you intrigue and fascination? Of course you do. But do you find it equally "Impressive" to see another commercial from a completely different company "copy" that idea and without so much as a new format, instead of innovating their own? Not really.

How about seeing the same idea "copied" again by yet another company? Of course not, you think to yourself that they simply stole that "Cool" companies "Great" Idea"... This is also how people who've seen the entity you're trying to copy being copied yet again by YOU!

The only chance the copycat commercial has is that someone saw their commercial before seeing the original! Eventually they will see the other and realize this is a clone.. no original thinking. The original often has hallmarks that prove it was first.


We all possess a unique point of view, perspective on life and through being ourselves we share this. This is the essence of "Charisma".

Realize that we all possess, in just being who we uniquely are, the ability to, without even trying, to be that fresh exciting commercial, that innovative and interesting, thought provoking commercial, to each and every person we come in contact with! This only works if you have the confidence to back who you are.

People can tell if your faking it- even if your being yourself but are unsure of yourself you appear fake! Confidence comes in KNOWING who you are and KNOWING that your unique. In that you also have no problem skipping over people who simply don't respect you for it. Those are the people you don't need! Letting others rule how you feel about yourself is no better than letting a bully rule your life.

What if I told you that most people not only don't exploit this birth right but actually go out of their way to counter it! It's like were at war with a peaceful un-provoking country that is our true self.. Smacking candy out of little kid's hands is no better than what people do to themselves every day. More often than not it's not that you don't want to be yourself, it's that others who are jealous are trying to force you out of that spot so they can take it over!

What's astonishing to think about is that this action of being something your not was most likely started when someone called you out, or made fun of your real self when you were not hiding.. You felt embarrassed or humiliated for some reason and didn't even realize they did it out of jealousy! They couldn't be genuine and so they couldn't be comfortable letting you be!

Well I hope to put an end to your suffering, your ignorance of self, and I want to bring out and introduce you to the most important person in your life. YOU.

Fear is simply unawareness, and most people fear being themselves because they simply don't realize who they are! They knew themselves once upon a time but have long forgotten who that person was.

The irony is you confront that person every time you look in the mirror, have a dream, are alone, and any other time you're away from the general public where you fear judgment. Lack of self esteem is often the the result of not acknowledging that you are unique and valuable- when you look in the mirror it's your disappointment in yourself being fake for others that really feels like crap!

So learning to reunite with your real self is as easy as paying attention to who you are when you're alone! This is how I found myself when I was a kid.

Internal Dialogue
Internal Dialogue

Internal Dialogue

We know that our own internal dialogue, the way we "chat" with ourselves is what creates our reality and so if that's the root of the problem then that's what we need to change.. The filters we set up create and cultivate "who we are

Real Authentic Charisma is projected from within not something you build from without. Control how you talk to yourself and you control how you react to others, and learn not to react, just act, be real.

In this light theirs nothing to rehearse, no comebacks to memorize, no resilience training, and no courses to buy, just relax and get to know yourself, and the conversations will ebb and flow with amazing ease!

A funny thing happens when we are confident and assured, motivated and ambitious, and ready to go for what we want.. We put off a powerful energy, a physical "Vibration" that others actually "Resonate" with, physically and emotionally "Feel"! We magnetize people who resonate to our frequency and this is how they get a "good vibe" of you. Your projecting in body language what they like about themselves and they want to get to know you because you're similarities and your differences bring one another more to enjoy and learn from.

If your vibrating fake, non-Authentic waves of generic "canned" charisma you will generally repel them because it not only irritates people to feel it, it's almost an invasive use of their space! It's no better to be fake than to smell like a dumpster.. Both stink, but at least the dumpster is being honest.

Did I mention the amount of energy it takes to be fake? Relax! This isn't rocket science!

Instead of trying to find a way to force people to see who we are inside, we should first discover who we are, become comfortable with whom we are, and then an amazing thing will happen! We will naturally become our true self, comfortable being in our own skin, exuding our true charismatic self. This will radiate confidence and like an earth magnet people will feel strangely drawn to you. They will feel it, and be drawn to you like a tractor beam out of curiosity and intrigue.

Being fake
Being fake

There's Nothing Sexier Than Someone Who Is Confident, Authentic, And Self Assured.

Nothing feels more amazing than living YOUR life. When your being your true self your not desperate for others to fulfill some void in your life, your comfortable, relaxed and love can freely visit you, you don't fear rejection, because your not trying to meet someone, your just being you, enjoying your most faithful companion.. YOU. You have more free time to think about bettering your life, because you don't have to waste time getting people to like you. They will like you because of your charisma, your genuineness.

Being yourself you will naturally invoke the law of attraction- like attracts like. Your friends, lovers, and any other relationship you crave will be more of a choice than a strategy. Being yourself will repel those not like you and attract those like you towards you.

Being unauthentic. When you're pretending you feel shy because you're not sure you can "pull it off", this fake part you're playing. When your just being yourself theirs nothing to fear, you got you down right? Been practicing that play all your life..

The secret is easy.. Be yourself. Don't play games, or pretend.. just offer your opinion, freely, don't worry what people will think, if you back your opinions with conviction and confidence as YOUR opinions, they will accept them, even if at first they mock them- people are funny that way! They will  respect you for being original.

Know thyself. Words to live by.

Good Luck!

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Jerrico_Usher on 06/24/2012

Thank you Katie :)

katiem2 on 06/24/2012

This is a very good article, charisma is a natural force those who allow to naturally flow benefit from. I agree that the entire world is sick and tired of fakes. So the key to true charisma must be that which is truly and honestly yourself. Great inspiring read. Very Nice, a big thumbs up and tweeting. :) K

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