Cheap Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies-Discount Cups, Balloons And Adorable Favors

by LPerry

Do you need a fabulous idea for a girl's party? Cheap Strawberry Shortcake party supplies turn a plain table into a fun, girly occasion.

Having a Strawberry Shortcake party for your birthday girl is a great idea. Does your little girl love pink? Does she love cute dolls? If she does, your birthday girl would go gaga over having a Strawberry Shortcake party of her very own. Kids and themed events that include fun characters seem to go hand in hand. The great thing about this adorable character is the way she can give a parent clues for food and drinks to serve to the children.

What kind of fun foods would go great with this theme? How about a cute pink cake with real strawberries nestled around the bottom? Cupcakes are great too. Any berry-flavored drink or pink lemonade would be a real kid-pleaser.

Cute Pink Party Favors For Happy Guests

When it comes to giving a memorable party for both kids and adults, one of the things that makes it that way is giving each guest a themed party favor to take home with them. If the birthday girl has only invited her female friends to the event, all the favors can be things that small girls love like bright pink bling rings, fake pearls and little gift bags of Strawberry Shortcake stickers.

What if the birthday girl has invited boys too? Party favors that both boys and girls like include things like decals, sunglasses and hats, although the pink, girly appeal probably won't get as many raves from boys. Who has a great deal online for favors in this theme? sells a 48 piece pack for $14.99 that includes fun beads, stickers, rings, a view prism and activity sheets.

Use Strawberry Shortcake Party Cups And Balloons For Berry-licious Fun

Balloon designs for children's themed birthday parties have really come a long way since I was a kid. I remember balloons for birthdays as those plain, but colorful ones that came in a bag loose and had to be blown up by hand (or mouth). Over the years, themed balloon designs have really taken off. Today's kid can get them in almost any shape, size and color with almost any popular character imprinted on them.

Strawberry Shortcake balloons also come in various adorable shapes. One of the better bargains is getting the bouqet bunch on Amazon that comes with red mylar hearts and silver doll shapes. Very cute and festive!

Party cups are a real indulgence that makes the day different from other days. They are also safer for small kids to handle than a regular glass. All of these great decorations make for a really giggle-worthy atmosphere.

Cheap Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies Online

When it comes to setting up a great Strawberry Shortcake party for your kid, who has the better deals online? I think it depends on how many children will be coming to the party. If your kid has invited the whole neighborhood, or more than 10 kids, has the deals on party packs that serve many guests.

If the birthday girl is only having 5 or 6 of friends over, there are several companies online that sell cute themed birthday supplies. is worth checking out. They offer a basic party pack for 8 guests for $16.99. They also offer coupon codes by email that can save customers up to 50% off their purchase.

Updated: 05/25/2016, LPerry

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