Chemtrails and why I no longer believe in them?

by BardofEly

All over the world a growing number of conspiracy theorists and other people believe in chemtrails and think they are part of a sinister Illuminati plot to cull humans.

A chemtrail debunker now!
I never would have thought it could happen but it has: I have switched from being a chemtrail-believer to a chemtrail-debunker! And worse, I get bored to tears arguing with those who believe in the chemtrail conspiracy theory!
So why am I posting this? Well, that is because I want to make my position clear! I see no evidence for chemtrails and have said I do not believe they exist but I still get people sending me videos from YouTube and telling me to "wake up!" The other day I deleted one such person from my friends at Facebook after he also became very rude and insulting and called me an "idiot." This is why I am sick of the matter and I want to make it very clear that my views on chemtrails would be those of a debunker. I am going to shout it out that CHEMTRAILS DO NOT EXIST!

Chemtrail t-shirt

Bard of Ely when he was a believer
I've got the t-shirt
I've got the t-shirt

JazzRoc debunks chemtrails

Banned from YouTube

My friend JazzRoc was the person I have to thank for showing me the errors in my thinking when I used to believe in chemtrails three years ago. He knows what he is talking about and can apply true science instead of the pseudoscience that is used by those wishing to promote the belief in chemtrails.

JazzRoc pointed me in the direction of the excellent contrailscience website where everything that is being debated on the subject is covered and explained. There is no evidence for chemtrails and never was but there are millions of persistent contrails being called chemtrails and there is frequent accumulations of cirrus cloud in the skies being said to be what chemtrails have caused.

JazzRoc points out that this stems from ignorance and indeed, I can see that he is right. There is an incorrect belief doing the rounds that contrails do not last. They do! They are known as persistent contrails. This is nothing new either.

Now it is correct that such contrails spread out and form white and hazy skies. Yes, they do do this. It is cirrus cloud formed from the trails left by the jets. It has to go somewhere and it spreads. It is made from billions of ice crystals. It is not aluminum, barium, fungi, silver iodide or any of the other substances and pathogens listed by chemtrail-believers. So it is harmless, though it does spoil the aesthetic beauty of the skies in a big way.

I am including links to JazzRoc's Wordpress site - JazzRoc versus Chemtrails - and to contrailscience. I advise that readers consult them.

Debunking chemtrails doesn't go down well with chemtrail-believers or "chemtrailers" because apart from not even considering any views outside their beliefs they will take action against you as JazzRoc found out when he was banned from YouTube and the David Icke forums.

Cloud seeding is not chemtrails

Making rain

Due in large part to a film doing the rounds entitled What on Earth Are They Spraying? (to which the answer is nothing), a lot of people have confused cloud seeding with the term chemtrails.

It is very misleading but nevertheless chemtrail-believers are claiming that geoengineering proposals (not ones actually being used) and cloud seeding cause chemtrails. Cloud seeding has been used for very many years. It is a localised system for making rain. It does not create trails of any nature. No contrails and no chemtrails. Just silver iodide used to seed the clouds.

Now it can be argued that having silver iodide up there which must come down at some point is not good for the environment, and fair enough, I would agree, but this is not evidence of chemtrails. It is evidence of silver iodide.

Chemtrails are a hoax

The Truth about chemtrails - they are contrails

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Military chaff is not chemtrails

Dropped from military planes

Aluminium/aluminum chaff used by the military has also been called chemtrails. It does not form trails and is neither contrails of chemtrails but is military chaff.

Military chaff is very tiny strips of aluminum and does not leave a contrail or a chamtrail but is dropped from aircraft. You can read all about it here:

Military chaff

Not chemtrails but chaff all the same
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Aluminum silicate is clay

The composition of clay

Constantly we hear the cry from chemtrail-believers about how aluminum was found in samples of water or soil. I would be surprised if it were not there seeing as clay is one of the most commonly found substances on the planet and clay is made of aluminium silicate.

I was around clay through all my childhood and teens. I used to go fishing in clay ponds and used to dig my grandfather's allotment that had a lot of clay in some parts. There was clay in a lot of the gardens where I used to live. Some root vegetables were covered in it and had been growing in clay soils. I have no doubt swallowed countless clay particles on jacket potatoes!

In very dry conditions clay particles must get blown into the air too I would have thought.

So that is why I am not worried about aluminum being found in samples. It should be there!

You can read all about aluminum silicate here:

Stopping chemtrails

The last word

And finally, now that you have all read this I hope I have made my opinion clear and that no one will send me any more silly videos from YouTube with evidence of chemtrails!

If anyone wishes to refer to me as a chemtrail debunker that is fine with me because I have already called myself that! And my old t-shirt got results because chemtrails have stopped because I have stopped believing they exist! 

Copyright © 2012 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

The chemtrail versus contrail debate websites

The truth about contrails and chemtrails

Contrail Science

JazzRoc versus Chemtrails
Chemtrail debunker JazzRoc's website explaining in depth the scientific viewpoint on the matter

Updated: 10/20/2012, BardofEly
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