Christmas for me was my Christmas stocking and chocolate teddy bears

by BardofEly

We all have memories of Christmas and ideas about what makes this time of year such a good one or not.

Memories of Christmas
What do you remember of Christmas? For me it was the food and the excitement of seeing what Santa Claus had left me in my Christmas stocking.
I believed in Father Christmas until my teens and never could figure out how he got himself and all the presents down the chimney or how he managed to visit everyone on one single night. When I started to have my doubts I used to keep awake hoping to catch my mum and dad playing Santa but I never did. It was always a magical moment to wake up and find the stocking full of presents.

Christmas food

Amongst all the gifts that Father Xmas had left it was the Lindt chocolate teddy bears I used to enjoy most. I only had Lindt chocolate at Christmas and it had a really special and smooth taste that I loved.

Then there were the little bags of chocolate coins, also made by Lindt and just as delicious as the teddy bears. They came wrapped in golden foil you could peel off to find the chocolate money inside.

I also used to love eating the chocolates that came wrapped in silver foil and were hung on the Christmas Tree as decorations. I remember they came in seasonal and festive shapes such as bells and snowmen. We used to have a real tree with real pine needles and I used to enjoy helping to dress it with tinsel, baubles, fairy lights and chocolate treats.

Enjoying food at Christmas was always what made it a special time for me as a boy and into my teenage years, and still does for that matter! It wasn't just the Lindt chocolate, it was the traditional Christmas dinner followed by Christmas pudding with cornflour and brandy sauce. I always wanted second helpings.

Christmas cake I wasn't so keen on. When I was younger I didn't like the marzipan although I like the flavour now. I used to love mince pies though and still do.

I used to not be a vegetarian when I was younger and used to enjoy eating turkey with the main meal and perhaps cold in sandwiches on Boxing Day.

And then there were the nuts. I used to love eating walnuts and brazil nuts and cracking them open with the metal nut-crackers. Tangerines were another of the really yummy foods of Christmas, as were dates and figs.

Other Christmas delights

We often had indoor fireworks too. I remember watching with delight the "Snake in the Grass" firework as it magically uncurled and then there were those ones that puffed out wisps of camphorated smoke.

Pulling crackers was always a lot of fun as well although the jokes weren't any good and the prizes inside weren't up to much. There was something about pulling a cracker though that was really enjoyable. Perhaps it was showing how you could do this when other family members had to have several tries, perhaps it was the excitement of not knowing what was inside? The party hats were fun to wear too, even if they did always break.

I always used to enjoy watching TV at Christmas. Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland is one of my favourite films and was always on. You could guarantee it would be on somewhere over the holiday period and there were always lots of other great films too. The Bob Hope and Bing Crosby 'Road movies' were often on at Christmas and I used to enjoy their adventures.

The Christmas edition of Top of the Pops was another programme I used to enjoy seeing and I liked the pantomimes. Although Christmas hasn't meant much to me for many years if I look back I can find a lot of happy memories of Christmas Past.

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BardofEly on 09/17/2012

Hello Brenda and 2uesday! Thanks for your comments!

BrendaReeves on 09/16/2012

Beautiful story Bard. It's too bad we lose that sense of excitement and wonder as adults.

BardofEly on 09/16/2012

Yes, although I haven't bothered much with Christmas as I have grown older I have plenty of good memories to look back on! Thanks for commenting!

katiem2 on 09/16/2012

I love the special memories of Christmas, the food, candies and great times spent with family relaxing and watching and listening to Christmas movies, and music. Ah yes good times. :)k

BardofEly on 09/16/2012

I was thinking there would be Lindt chocolate on Amazon but I can't find any to add here! .

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