Christmas-Themed Candle by the Hour Coiled Beeswax Rope Candles

by Regi_B

With holiday colors and regalia, the all-beeswax Candle by the Hour takes on a little yuletide somethin'-somethin'.

Maybe you are here because you like Christmas candles. Maybe you are here because you like the Candle by the Hour.

Maybe -- and I know I am a rare genius here -- you arrived on this page because you like both Christmas candles AND the Candle by the Hour.

Would it be fair to say you therefore rather appreciate the idea of a Christmas Candle by the Hour?

If so, you are for certain in the right place, because that is what I am writing about right now. I am watching myself type these words about the very candle you are interested in and I am amazed!

Too much dadaism? Sorry! My bad!

Let's talk about Christmas Candles by the Hour!

Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Candle in Green or Red

While much of the Candle by the Hour line features the natural color of beeswax, they do offer dyed coils so you can set a holiday mood about your home.

These green or red coils come with the same stand and clip as the "regular" 80-hour version.

Pair a green one with a red one and let the festive times ensue!

For even yet still more festive times, pair a pair with a pair.

Now, that would be festive!

$35.9  $26.59
$28.07  $23.68

Candle by the Hour 100-Hour Snowman Candle with Copper Base

This chilly-chill Candle by the Hour comes neatly accessorized with top hat and scarf. Snazzy! Many will buy this treasure and never take the top hat and scarf (and lumps of coal, and carrot) off to burn the candle!

Does that describe you? Is this snowman just too cute to take off its features and burn? I understand.

Whether or not you take a flame to your snowman Candle by the Hour, you will be doing the right thing -- what is right for you, and that is all that matters. (Huh?)

$35.25  $32.99

Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Christmas Tree Candle with 14 Charms

It is cool (and kitschy) enough that this beeswax candle is dyed spruce green and coiled into the shape of a Christmas tree, but that it also comes with charms attached for ornaments -- Oh! Tickle me tickled!

Remember to take off the charms before you set this nice Tannenbaum-shaped candle alight. Of course, there is no rule saying you have to light this green beauty and slowly deconstruct its holiday grandeur. Indeed, you can just leave it be, and have it as a keepsake for Christmases to come.

Only $30.67

Am I a cheese boat captain, or what! Feh! Who cares! I hope you had as good a time readin' as I had writin'!

Updated: 03/29/2012, Regi_B
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