Closet Organizer Systems - Replenish Your Closet Space And Organization Cost Effectively

by Jerrico_Usher

Closets become the haven for all of our "unsorted" items. Learn how to get rid of the clutter and create a closet of the gods

Most homes and apartments now come with either a walk in closet that is narrow and deep or wide and shallow. Either way this leaves a lot of room for your stuff. If not organized and kept up, this equally becomes a magnet for "quick room cleanup" storage, the answer to "Where can I put this till later?"

Disorganized closets often become underutilized and cluttered to the point of only being able to utilize half the space. The other habit is just throwing things in the closet, on the floor, on the shelf, or anywhere you can't see it when you close the doors! Add in a dresser, some hangers, clothing, purses, keys/wallet/change, shoes, and belts (for starters) and this is a recipe for clutter.

In this article I'm going to review some of the many types of organizers, prepare to get your organize on! It's incredible to look into a closet that is not just a boring closet but an empire of your stuff!

Exhibit A is Below:

|███████████████ EXHIBIT A: ████████████████|

Closet organizers
Closet organizers

Closet organizers are not just simple stackable bins anymore (of course you can still use them and they are still an integral part of many systems) - they are fully integrated  systems that interlock and arrange to suit your needs. There are many innovative parts you can blend together to create the perfect closet. Closet organizers/pieces/units come in plastic, metal, vinyl, wood, and many other materials.


||| █████ Example Of Metal Adjustable Shelving Units ██████ |||




Modular Design Makes Organizers Powerful


Most systems come in either starter kits (that you can add to), modular pieces/whole sections, or full sized, fully customizable kits designed for the standard walk in or wide/shallow closets. We'll talk about a few of them in this article.

These systems can be put up and taken down quickly. They have lots of configuration potentials for creating a highly customizable closet space.


Below are two videos, the first will show you what an organizer kit looks like and how to install it.


Habit Of Organization


These systems full of modular shelving (that can scoot in 160 degrees in some units) and organizers.

By locking things into an area your mind can more quickly search the closet for what you're looking for.

Having an organized home, closet, garage, and everything else, helps you get into a habit of organization too.

At first you'll search a little for where things go (as deemed by you), but as a habit forms this system also becomes a sort of mind Google when you need anything "inside the matrix".

The more you organize the more you will want to set up another room or area.

The more  you get organized the more your mind works in an organized manner!


Adjustment Period

The first few months you will adjust all the variables on shelves to suit your taste and your items, but eventually you'll find a comfort zone and your closet will be as easy to find things in as your kitchen!

There will also be modifications to suit new wardrobes or items you want to store- and that's the beauty of the way these systems are set up. It's gone from hobby to professional organization and many pre-made systems exist (and show up all over this page).

Closet Organizers

Disorganization Is Usually A Reflex Of A Disorganized Environment

Many people end up just throwing things in the closet when they are not sure what to do with them. This can lead to messy closets jam packed with all sorts of random items in no particular order. Worse, a lot of things tend to "stick" together because of their variable shapes. Umbrella's get caught in jackets and so on.


Once the closet starts to get discombobulated it's like a lawn people throw trash on only because there was already trash there... We're lazy by our nature when it comes to organization without boundaries. Without shelves or cubbies to put things in to keep them separated, things just go nuts. 

The solution is to get your closets organized with an inexpensive modular closet organization system. Organizers are custom designed to suit the closet space you have and the items that you need to store there. They are like Legos but with sliders and ways to adjust everything then lock it all into place until you want to reconfigure it.

Easy Track RB1460 4 to 8-Foot Deluxe Closet Starter Kit, White

Easy Track Closet RB1460.PK Easy Track White 4' To 8' Deluxe Starter ClosetEasy Track Closet RB1460.PK Easy Track White 4' To 8' Deluxe Starter Closet Features:; Starter closet;...

Easy Track  / Only $193.25

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Preparing The Closet


Build Your Blueprint By Cleaning Up

Planning Stages

The first thing to do is completely remove everything from the closet you want to organize.

In a clean room, this will give you perspective about how much stuff you need to store in that relatively small space. So much space in a closet is wasted simply by lack of geometry- things being thrown all willie nillie, but lack cohesion with "sharing" the space!

It's a lot like how when you find there is only one parking space in a lot but one car parked sideways and took up two spots- but in your closet!

Get rid of anything you don't need or want, and then figure out what should go in that closet and what should go someplace else.

In other words, clean out the closet and purge anything you don't need/want in the new design (keep in mind, however, that there will be plenty of room for everything and more so don't purge so much for space as for being able to plan your closet system design/blueprint).

You can now map out your perfect closet organization system based on your needs and what systems/modules are available. 

Once you know what needs to be in the closet you'll be able to figure out whether you need shelves, drawers, baskets, hanging storage, or what combination of these objects would work out best for your purposes, what sizes, and how many.

Organization Tips

How to plan for and build your organized closet
Closet 2X
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Easy Track RB1460 4-to-8-Foot Deluxe Tower Closet, White
Easy Track
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Lots Of Room To Personalize


Many of the systems can be purchased by a root piece/section/set without the complete boat of pieces you may never need (i.e. smaller closet, only wanting to segregate a small portion of the existing space etc...). You can buy additional pieces to expand it and even link other modules together into a matrix of organizational bliss.


Building Blocks

The modular design gives you a high degree of personalization potential.

You can create these closet infrastructures with a set of building blocks (standard kit) or you can get creative and utilize stores like the dollar stores to purchase modular pieces like tubs, plastic see through containers (like tupperware/Gladware), innovative hanger units, and more.

For a more uniform look and feel you may want to go with the modular sets, they give the feel of being built in not "stored" as is the case with the plastic tubs. There are even organizers for use inside those tubs, actually!

As your closet grows you can reallocate the pieces and the length/width of each section to allow for more items (you can completely control the width and height of some systems/shelves, others are fixed sizes you fit into the matrix). 

If you get a new vacuum you want to slide in THAT closet, a few twists of a  knob or screw and you can reallocate vertical and horizontal space to snugly (but with room to wiggle) fit the vacuum in without cluttering up the joint.

Below are some modular and ala carte' closet organizers that can work together. You can blend the benefits of several organizers to form a network of organization in your own style of storage and aesthetics.


There Are Organizers Designed For:






Home Offices


Kids/Adult Bedrooms


(i.e. hallway, under stairs closets etc...)

Mud/Utility Rooms

and Just About Anywhere You Can Store Things

(i.e. a shed or storage space rental)




With closet organizers there are options for (as listed above) offices, garages, bedrooms, mud rooms and utility rooms.

You will have your choice of finishes, faces, accessories and hardware, as well as the actual components themselves. 

With the high demand for these units, there are a great many types, colors, even shapes and technologies to choose from. You will have no problem finding something that will not only match, it will impress. 

You will quickly find out what a convenience organizing the closets will be when you have company, are time pressed to find something, or you find yourself in a situation where you need to find something quickly- and because of your closet organization you can!

Below are some dollar tree ideas for organization/building your closet system:


In Conclusion



I've barely tapped the surface of this huge industry. Organization has become a necessity in many households because quite honestly- we need a clutter free room, closet, kitchen cabinets, etc... to help us organize our thoughts!

There are some great products on Amazon on this page for illustration purposes and to get you started. 

Good Luck!


Updated: 08/15/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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