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by squidooprincess2012

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When I was in college, one of my guilty pleasures is backpacks. But I refused to jump on the bandwagon and wear what everyone else was carrying. For instance, when Jansport was "the brand," I opted for Eastpak instead. It made me feel good to have gone against the trend.

So for this page, I'm giving you some college backpacks that are cool and trendy, yet not carried by every guy and girl in the campus. They're yours, so take them quickly.



There is something quaint, yet appealing about this bag. Let's be honest. It's unique, and it goes against those ordinary backpacks made from nylon materials and synthetic polymers. 

Function-wise, this vintage leather backpack has enough pockets and compartments that can help you keep your things organized. Though it isn't as big enough for big folders, your books and notebooks can easily fit in the main pocket. 

And if you're thinking of durability, this bag can last a very long time. You can even turn it into an heirloom.

Vintage Leather Backpack

Quaint, rustic, yet irresistable
Vintage Leather Backpack

Travel Backpack from Vagabond Traveler

Let's go to school with leather!
V.T. Full leather sport motor travel backpack w/three straps L62 (b...

Okay, so this backpack is meant to be for traveling. But if you take a look at the interior, it's actually designed for students. It has several compartments and partitions that conveniently separates your school things. It can even house big folders and other important files without wrinkling them. 

This leather backpack is perfect for your tablet, laptop, school paper, and many more. 

You can even use this bag when out on a stroll at the park, or when shopping with some friends. 

The Rebel Distressed Leather Backpack by Bellino

Be a "rebel in distressed."
The Rebel Distressed Leather Backpack Bellino




It's good to be a rebel... especially at school, and especially if it's done with a cause. Did you know that without these "rebels" (be in fashion or even in the food industry), we wouldn't be enjoying these creative ideas that we're enjoying now? Case in point: Yves Saint Laurent is said to have revolutionized the fashion industry when he introduced a collection of women's pants.

So if you want to be a rebel, find a good cause to fight for. Who knows, you might shake the world and revolutionize something. 

For now, though, be happy that the backpack you're wearing is the result of a rebel's mind. 

When I was in college, I've always wanted to own all the feminine colors. But there weren't a lot at that time (or I didn't have enough money to buy one). 

These days, however, affordable college backpacks come in different cute colors -- just like this one. Its Amazon page says it's from South Korea. I don't doubt that it is. Judging from the style and the color, everything about this bag screams Korean fashion. 

Basketweave Backpack

Who knew you can create a backpack out of basket?

I've already included this bag in my list of stylish backpacks, but I think it deserves another mention here. Besides, it can still pass as a great college backpack. Raise your pinkie if you agree! 

I love, love, love the interplay of colors to create the overall silver effect. Be seen wearing this bag, and you will definitely catch attention. 

Try it! 

Diesel In the Mood For Stripes Denim Backpack

Can you say unique?
Diesel In the Mood For Stripes "Back Up Stripes" Denim Zip Top Back...

Out of all the denim bags I've seen on Amazon, there are two that caught my admiration. This bag above, and the other one below. Aren't they cutely unique? I don't know about you, but I personally think that denim doesn't make a great design for bags. To me, a denim bag is a recycled pair of jeans -- which is worn out, and thus poor both in design and quality. 

But these bags proved me wrong. They got me to believe that denim bags can be fashionable, and functional, too. 



This is my runner-up for the denim bag category. I love how the stripes, straps, and body are perfectly combined. Normally, for denim bags, the body is made purely of denim. In short, they're boring and poorly designed. 

But this denim bag is different. It's cute in every sense of the word. The cuteness, though, is not only for girls but it can also be carried by college students. 

I know you agree with me. Wink, wink! 

Check out the bag for more details and specs. 

Mojo Denim Backpack

So cute you can't resist...
Mojo Triple Play Backpack - Denim

Okay, I know that these bags are from Coach. And probably, you're thinking, "but they're not supposed to be here." But you know what, kudos to Coach because they've come up with backpacks that have captured the college spirit. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're "reasonably priced," giving another meaning to the price "luxury you can afford." 


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