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by squidooprincess2012

Looking for purple backpacks? Discover an exclusive collection of enviable designs that suit your taste and personality here.

If you love purple -- like I do -- you want to surround yourself with all things purple as much as possible. From your clothes down to your accessories, everything must have a touch of purple in them.

Yes, backpacks are no exception.

If you think that you’ve seen all styles of purple backpacks, think again. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what I’m going to show you. So feast your eyes on these babies, because they will definitely take your breath away.

Skechers Twike Toes Sequins Forever Basic Backpack

This is absolutely fab, don't you think?
Skechers Twinke Toes Sequins Forever Basic Backpack, Violet, One Size

We're used to seeing sequins in dresses. That's why this sequined backpack is such a refreshing, yet risky take on an attempt to extend the fabulousness in bags. But let's be honest here. This risk paid off -- and it paid off big time! 

Girls will definitely love this work of art. And women want to be girls again with this fabulous bag. 

O3 Kid's All-in-One Preschool Backpack

A rhinestone accent for a fab kid!
O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks with Integrated Cooler, Rh...




Next to sequins, rhinestones are a symbol of fabulousness. But sometimes, some designers over-decorate their creations with as many rhinestones as they can possibly put, thereby losing their impact.

The designers of this purple backpack, however, pretty much know what they're doing. The rhinestones are just enough to accentuate the bag.

Look they are wings! 

High Sierra Mayhem Backpack

Functional, yet chic!
High Sierra Mayhem Backpack (19.5 x 13 x 10-Inch, Purple)

Contrary to its name, this "Mayhem" backpack from High Sierra (see right) can actually be your best friend. It has enough compartments so you can stuff all your things in. 

Whether you're working out, or spending the weekend over at grandma's you can rely on this backpack to organize your "mayhem."

Purple Leather-Like Material Laptop Backpack

Bring out the stylish student in you!
Purple PU Leather-like Material Laptop Backpack School Bag Stylish ...

There are tons of reasons why I can't stop looking at this rucksack backpack. But right now, I can think of only three. Here goes. 

First, the material, though it's just "leather-like" is good enough to pass as the real thing. It shines like leather, and it definitely looks like leather. 

Second, isn't this a uniquely designed backpack? We're used to seeing the dome-shaped, bulky shape for backpacks, but this one is obviously different. 

Third, it's like it's trying to say "I'm a punk rock queen, but I'm definitely chic and stylish." Don't you think? 

Vera Bradley Backpack

Quilted backpacks never looked this chic!
Vera Bradley Large Backpack in Purple Punch





If Stephen Joseph is the name to look for when it comes to quilted toddler backpacks, Vera Bradley is the brand for adults.

Just take a look at this quilted backpack. Isn't the design adorable?

The style may remind you of yesteryears, but it has no doubt a modern twist to it. In addition to that, the  combination of the colors is just spot on. 

Korean Popular Casual Canvas Schoolbag

Admit it, you want to go back to school with this ultra-stylish bag!
Korean Popular Casual Canvas Schoolbag/ Backpack (Model: B010277) (...

Some kids don't want to go to school unless you give them something motivating and inspiring. Why not achieve this goal by giving your kids this adorable purple bag? Surely, its uniqueness will not only put a smile on your child's face. But it will also give her a reason to organize all her things and wake up everyday inspired to go to school. 

Or you can motivate yourself. Wink, wink! 

Timbuk2 Candybar Backpack

Don't you just love the color combination?
Timbuk2 Candybar Backpack, Village Violet/Night Blue/Mulberry Purpl...




This definitely reminds us of candy, yes? It looks like a candybar, and the colors are what you see in wrappers of chocolates and sweets. 

So if you're feeling a little sweet as candy lately, get yourself this bag and parade it for everyone to see. 

Of course, it's not just about the fashion. This backpack is also functional. It has enough compartments to make sure that all your valuables are intact and that they are in proper place. 

Spiketus Rex Half Pack Backpack

Let's get spikey!
Spiketus Rex-PURPLE PEOPLE EATER-Half Pack Backpack

Lady Gaga would approve of the creativity and quirkiness of this bag. And look, it's purple! So if you're feeling a little "spikey," get yourself this bag and put a smile to everyone's faces everytime you pass by with it. 

Everybody has their weird moments from time to time. Make this day yours... with spikes!

Nike Fly High Backpack

Yup, just do it!




Sports fans and gym buffs, have I got a bag for you -- this Nike Fly High purple backpack. Isn't it cute? If you're looking for a bag that has the ability to combine fashion and function, this is your chance at getting one. Nike really has great bag designers, don't you think? 

Take a look at the materials of this bag, for instance. It definitely is made from superior quality, which makes it last a long time. 

Nike Jordan Takeover Top Leader Backpack

And you wonder if this really is from Nike...
Nike Jordan Takeover Top Leader Backpack (Club Purple/Cool Grey/Black)

Another quality backpack from Nike, there's no denying how functional this backpack is. And judging from the straps, you can tell that all your valuables will be intact once you put them all inside. 

This bag is perfect for trekking, traveling, and hiking in the woods. If you're a girl looking for a backpack that is "in touch with its feminine side," this is the perfect bag for you. For boys, don't worry because this bag suits male wearers, too. 

Hurley Honor Roll Backpack

Skate with style with purple!
Hurley Honor Roll 2 Skate Backpack (PURPLE)




From the body up to the straps, this bag has different shades of purple. It's designed for skater boys and skateboard enthusiasts, but you can also use it as a durable school bag.

Or you can take it with you on your travels, or for a pajama party at your friend's house. 

Adorable, adorable, adorable! 

Converse Girls Backpack

Even guys can have this too!
Converse Girls Day Backpack (One Size, Purple)


And you thought Converse can't design a cute bag (see right).

Seriously, this bag's color is one of the most unique shades of purple I've ever seen. I mean if you compare it with other purple backpacks, it will stand out because of its light and "barely-there" color. But this is what makes this bag lovable. Don't you agree? 

High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack

Unleash the sporty chicness!
High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack (19.25 x 13.5 x 9.5-Inch, Purple)

Okay, this bag is not predominantly purple. But admit it, the strips of purple stand out! So unleash the sporty chicness in you with this cool backpack from High Sierra. 

Timbuk2 Amnesia Laptop Backpack

Get a stylish room for your laptop.
Timbuk2 Amnesia Laptop Backpack, Night Blue/Village Violet/Mulberry...

This is another quality product from Timbuk2, which, once again, reminds us of candy. The stripe of purple may serve only as an accent for the predominantly blue background of this bag, but this is what made the backpack a standout. 

Purple Bubble Backpack

Weird never looked cool with bubbles.
Purple Bubble Backpack - Half

What a weird-looking bag, you say! But let's be honest. You can't get enough of the color, and the bubbles, though they look like ugly skin imperfections, add a perfect twist to this already adorable purple backpack. 

So if you're feeling a little weird lately, why not give yourself a gift? This bubble backpack is definitely a scene stealer. 




I've been looking for a purple backpack with some polka dots on it, and look at what I found. This Carrot bag definitely has character, don't you think?

And I'm sure that you agree when I say that this backpack may look ordinary, but the white dots are such a perfect match for the purple background. 

North Face Isabella Backpack

Traveling? Get purple!
The North Face Isabella Backpack - Premier Purple/Baroque Purple

If it's from North Face, it must be durable and multi-functional. But I have to say that this one bag (see right) is not just functional, but it also has class and character.

As if the brand is not enough for people to patronize this backpack, the designers are wise to add purple and brown turning it into an adorable creation. 

Violett Paco Backpack

Can you spell style? P-U-R-P-L-E!
Violett - PACO (purple) 2-way Backpack

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jgshoppe on 07/11/2013

I love purple color backpack

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@Mira. Yes, I love, love, love purple. :)

Mira on 12/13/2012

Oh, these are so purple! :)

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