Cool Snack Bowls for Parties

by Regi_B

Parties need snacks. Snacks need bowls. Cool snack bowls are best. 'nough said!

If you really want to host a cool party, you are going to need cool bowls for your snacks. (That "fact" is written down somewhere important, I am certain! So what if I just made it up right there!)

Why just throw your snacks into "any old bowl"? Snacks properly "staged" can lend themselves to a memorable party -- making you the toast of hosts!

Or, I could be totally wrong about that!

Still, have a read here of my wizz-thingy about cool snack bowls for parties.

The Highly-Functional, Cool Double Dish Snack Bowl

This is the bowl that inspired this article, so blame Joseph Joseph, makers of the Double Dish snack bowl. The double Joes' Double Dish enables you to serve snacks that have refuse -- like pits, shells, toothpicks, and the like.

I think this bowl is an excellent idea because it will stop me from just throwing shrimp shells on the floor. (Once there, I don't want to pick them up, and they pile up for weeks! Over-share? Lie? Yes, lie. My bad.)

The Joseph Joseph Double Dish is 18 x 17 x 7.5cm, made of melamine, and dishwasher safe! (Good! I am tired of bowls that bully my dishwasher!)

Bowls Shaped Like Footballs for Parties to Watch the Big Game

What is "the big game" in your house? If it involves a football (American style), aren't those football-shaped party bowls almost mandatory? (Well, aren't they? I mean, I don't know. Find out for me and let me know. 'kay? Good.)

Mandatory or not, football snack bowls help create a party atmosphere -- which helps you celebrate your team's big game!

And let's hope your team wins, or you may need more than just a bowl in the shape of a football to keep things festive! ZING!

Unzipped Glass Bag Party Bowl -- Now, That's a Look!

As a stand-up comedian, I find myself drawn toward funny things. This unzipped glass "bag" gives the effect of a plastic zip bag that has been stood upon a table and left open.

Conversation pieces are fun, and you will get a lot more uses out of this washable baby than you would out of a plastic zip bag. (I know, bad comparison. Apples and oranges and orangutans, and what not!)

Just be sure to put your leftovers in an actual plastic bag you can truly zip once the party is over! :-D

Fred and Friends Unzipped-Bag-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl

Fred and Friends Unzipped-Bag-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl
$20.2  $17.69

Bowl 'em Over with a Bowling Pin Party Bowl!

I am of the opinion that bowling is coolest when a party revolves around it. It is a good thing then that this bowling pin party bowl is available for sale online!

I like festive bowling parties, and a bowling alley is just the place to allow you to bring your own snacks to your party!

With a snack bowl in the shape of a bowling pin (featuring a dip compartment!), filled with a healthy snack, you can bowl a perfect game of bowling party memories. (Cheesy mental image drawn there in honor of bowling.)

Get a Gummy Bear Party Bowl and Eat Your Serving Dish!

That's correct! You read that right! Thanks to the creative minds at, the world has the Party Gummy Bear -- capable of holding a liter of soda or comparable amount of snack goodies.

What is more, you can eat the Party Gummy, as it comes in four gummy candy flavors.

At $150, this cool, one-time-use snack bowl is best reserved for special occasions -- you know, like eloping or something!

Vat19's Party Gummy

Party Gummy Bear Snack Bowl
Party Gummy Bear Snack Bowl

Snack Bowls on eBay

Some Are Cooler than Others
Updated: 03/06/2012, Regi_B
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Cool Comments 'bout Cool Snack Bowls

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Regi_B on 03/07/2012

Thank you, Angel. My favorite is the double bowl -- it's different looking, and practical.

Now, if I were obscenely rich, I would host a party w/ the Party Gummy Bear once a week!

Angel on 03/06/2012

I love the unzipped bag bowl... very cool. You have some very neat bowls here. I may have to try one of them for my next get together...

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