Curious George Birthday Party Favor Ideas

by SusanM

Some fun ideas to pop into your Curious George birthday party favor bags

Curious George is that cute little monkey created by H. A. Rey back in the early 1940s. George's toddler like behavior makes his antics so enjoyable and funny for kids -and he's only become more popular with the kids since the Curious George feature movie was made too.

So as can be expected Curious George makes a popular choice for a birthday party theme. Fun Curious George party favors can be hard to find though. So I thought I'd track down some of the best ones on a single page.

Curious George Toy Favors

These small plastic monkey figures are cute little toys to go into a party favor bag. They come in packs of 10 and you only need to give each party guest one. But you can increase this to two or three different monkeys if you want to create a really fun favor bag. 

These toy monkeys are wonderful for imaginative play. Kids also like little toys like this. They seem to fit well in their hands and give them lots of pretend play ideas. That's why it's good to give each child a few of these little monkeys if you can. It will let them create more pretend play stories with than if you were just to give them one toy each.

These face masks are a great idea for a favor bag if you don't mind having some little monkeys running around your house during the party. 

Being made of foam they should last longer and be more comfortable than the usual paper masks. They're also excellent for imaginative play - in a different way than the little monkey figures. With these party favors the children can become the monkeys themselves and that's heaps of fun.

These masks come in packs of 4 so it's pretty easy to buy enough for all the kids at your Curious George party. 


A Classic Party Favor for Your Bag

Blowouts are a classic and favorite party favor with kids. They're also a great choice for your favor bag if you don't mind a bit of noise. 

Rather than buying general monkey themed blowouts you can get cute blowouts in a Curious George design. These are a much better match with your party theme. 

They come in packs of 8 and are a cheap party favor so they're also an easy way to fill up your party bag with something you know that they'll like. Let's face it too a party just isn't a party without balloons and blowouts. They give the classic feel and look of a party that we remember from our own childhood.


Curious George Bubbles

Kids also love blowing bubbles. It's another classic childhood activity although it's not always associated with birthday parties like balloons and blowouts. 

But given these bubble sets are a favorite with kids these small Curious George Bubble sets are a fun thing to add to each party bag.

You can buy ordinary bubble sets as party favors. But I think these are a better choice because they have a cute monkey design. So they're more of a novelty and exciting for kids at your Curious George party than plain bubble set favors. 

These bubble sets also come in packs of 4. This helps to keep the price down and makes it easier to collect what you need for each bag. 

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

Stickers are yet another sure fire favorite with kids of all ages. This means they're an essential item in your party bag. You can use plain monkey stickers but for an important item like this I think it's best to get actual Curious George stickers - even if you get plain bubble sets to go with them. 

These stickers are a nice set with different Curious George designs. The balloon stickers in this set also make it a nice choice for a party.

You can cut around the stickers so you can give each child just a few but I think with these stickers it's best to give each child one whole sheet. This will give them a nice range of stickers to play with. It's also a good way to make your Curious George party favor bag look fuller.  

Curious George Favors at Ebay

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Updated: 10/22/2012, SusanM
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