Days to Celebrate in February

by lou16

Everyone knows about Valentine's Day, but there are lots of other days worth celebrating in February like Umbrella Day or Polar Bear Day.

Celebrating February Holidays

The whole world is familiar with Valentine's Day and the population of New Zealand knows about Waitangi Day, but how many other February holidays are you familiar with?

Maybe you celebrate No Brainer Day or Polar Bear Day - there are certainly some great holidays to celebrate during February and if you don't get any chocolates on Valentine's Day don't worry as the 15th February is Gumdrop Day so you can have your fill of sugar then!

Let's look at what holidays February has to offer in chronological order....

1st February - National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day is an American holiday that commemorates Abraham Lincoln signing the resolution that was to abolish slavery and is seen as a day to celebrate the fact that America is a free society.


2nd February - Groundhog Day

The first time I heard of Groundhog Day was when I watched the movie of that name with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.   Groundhog Day isn't actually what Bill Murray experienced when he had to relive the same day over and over, but is actually a celebration of a custom that has it's roots in European folklore.

Apparently the Groundhog can predict if winter is going to come to an end or continue for another six weeks.

3rd February - Laugh and Grow Rich Day

Now I don't think that merely laughing will make you grow rich on this day or any other day, but it could make your life feel richer and it's certainly good for your health so why not laugh and see what happens?

5th February - National Weatherperson's Day

Thank your local weather person today because it's National Weatherperson's Day.

6th February - Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day is a national holiday in New Zealand that celebrates the signing of the Waitangi Treaty which is an agreement that was made between Great Britain and the Maori tribes of New Zealand that made New Zealand part of the British Empire and offered protection to the Maori land rights.

8th February - Boy Scouts Day

On February 8th 1910 William Dickson Boyce filed the incorporation papers to create the Boy Scouts of America so celebrate that on Boy Scouts Day and have an adventure - just remember the motto and 'be prepared'.


10th February - Umbrella Day

I think umbrellas are one of the best inventions so I'm really glad that they have their own day - aren't you?   Check out some cool umbrellas at Unique Umbrellas.

11th February Holidays

11th February - Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

This day is a great reminder to us all to try and stay positive because as my late Nana used to say 'every cloud has a silver lining.'

11th February - National Inventor's Day

The 11th of February was chosen to be National Inventor's Day because it was the birthday of one of America's favorite Inventors - Thomas Edison.

12th February - Lost Penny Day

When I heard that there was a Lost Penny Day I immediately thought of the rythme, 'if you see a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck.'   This holiday isn't about finding lost pennies on the street though it was 'invented' to encourage people to look around their homes for all of their stray coins (lost pennies), gather them up and donate them to charity.

13th February - Get a Different Name Day

This holiday is for all of those who's parents gave them names like Moonbeam, Zowie and Apple!

14th February Holidays

14th February - Valentine's Day

The biggest holiday in February has to be Valentine's Day, a day for flowers, chocolates and romance.

14th February - Ferris Wheel Day

If you don't like Valentine's forget about celebrating Anti-Valentine's or locking yourself up in your home, get out and celebrate a fun day - Ferris Wheel Day.   Find the nearest ferris wheel to you and go along for a ride today - you'll have fun!

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Stuck on how to say I love you? What about saying it in a different language? Here's a few linguistic ways to say I love you.
Cocktails are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a cocktail made for two sounds very romantic, so let’s check out some cocktails for two recipes.
Valentine’s Day cards are a great way to let someone know that you love them and around the world people do just that on February 14th – do you?

15th February - National Gumdrop Day

Who doesn't love gumdrops?   Now you have an excuse to eat gumdrops all day long - on the 15th February anyway!


17th February - Random Acts of Kindness Day

Any day is a great day to make a random act of kindness, but having a special day to celebrate the idea can serve as a great prompt for people to do something completely selfless for someone else.

21st February - Love Your Pet Day

Now if you haven't heard of Love Your Pet Day you're probably thinking, but I love my pet everyday which was my first reaction to this holiday.   Then someone explained it to me in this way - Love Your Pet Day is basically Valentine's Day for Animals and I thought how cool!

22nd February Holidays

22nd February - Be Humble Day

They say that humility is a virtue so use today to be humble and when you feel like bragging about your accomplishments just remember one thing - the person responsible for be humble day has humbly remained annonymous!

22nd February - World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day was started way back in 1926 by the Girl Guide movement and is a great day to take stock and think about your contribution to your world and how you can help the world around you.

22nd February - National Margarita Day

As the name suggests this day is the day to celebrate by having a margarita or two and for more information on margaritas including some delicious recipes you should check out Margarita Time.


27th February Holidays

27th February - International Polar Bear Day

This is a day to pay tribute to these magnificant creatures, there's something really endearing about polar bears and they are the first species to become endangered as a result of global warming.   This International Polar Bear Day learn a few more facts about these animals and become more Polar Bear Aware.

27th February - No Brainer Day

No Brainer Day - I don't know what to say about this holiday except it's a day to do simple, easy things that don't require any thinking which has got to be a great opportunity to totally relax.

28th February - Public Sleeping Day

This is the day when it's okay to sleep in public, unfortunately depending on where you live it might be a little too cold to fall asleep in a public park and I'm not sure that sleeping in a bedding store still constitues public sleeping.....

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anshu sethi on 02/02/2012

pet day ..................great thinking

sheilamarie on 12/21/2011

Umbrella Day? Now that's a celebration!

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