Valentine’s Day Cards

by lou16

Valentine’s Day cards are a great way to let someone know that you love them and around the world people do just that on February 14th – do you?

Check Out Some Great Valentine’s Day Cards

There are so many different types of Valentine’s Day cards that you can send to your sweetheart or someone you’ve been admiring from a distance, let’s have a look at some of the different types of Valentine’s Day cards that are available.

Guess Who’s Sweet on You?   Is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day card as they are supposed to be from a secret admirer and to be honest I received one as a teen who I still to this day do not know who it was from.

I love the candy style of writing for the words sweet on you as it just tickles my fancy – what do you think?

This Be Mine, Sweet Valentine card actually reminds me of the card I spoke about earlier because of the type of font the words are made in – they could almost have been cut out of a magazine or newspaper and stuck onto the card.

This is the reason I never guessed who sent me my mystery Valentines all of those years ago – the inside of the card just had a big question mark while the envelope had my name and address made up of letters cut out of the local newspaper.   This wasn’t an original idea, but one which a lot of people used on Valentine’s Day back in the 80s (and probably before that too).

If your Valentine loves birds or animals then one of these next Valentine’s Day cards might be appreciated.

All three of these Valentine's Day cards are based around photographs which I think seem to tell a story by themselves.

The ducks to me just look like a thoroughly contented couple – a pair that are just happy being together and are comfortable to just be in each other’s company without having to be doing anything else except…..being!

The duck and the New Zealand wallaby just look strange together!   I actually took this photo at a lion park in New Zealand and I couldn’t get over the fact that they looked the same size (I’m used to Australian wallabies that are a little bigger).   When I looked at the photo after I got home I just thought what an odd couple and so this card was made.    Let’s face it Valentine’s Day are all about couples and there are a lot of couples that do appear to be an odder match up than a duck and a wallaby!

The final card is of a pair of birds that just seemed to be totally in tune with each other which is why I thought it was the perfect material for a Valentine’s Day card.

Personalized Valentine's Day Card

This card can be personalized which I think is great.   Now I know we aren’t supposed to admit it, but we’ve all carved, written or painted initials on something in our lives haven’t we?   I’ve written on a school desk, a boy carved our initials into a tree at the park, but I’ve never actually put graffiti on anything especially not a bench.

With this customisable Valentine’s Day card you’re encouraged to graffiti the park bench with your initials and those of your Valentine – how cool is that?

Lastly I’m going to leave you with a classic Valentine’s Day card which has the simple Be Mine message and red love hearts – what more could you want on Valentine’s Day?

Which is Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Card?

Updated: 10/08/2011, lou16
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