Deadly 60 Animal and Playset Toys

by TerriRexson

Deadly 60 is a UK TV programme about the deadliest animals in the world. These toys feature animals from Deadly 60 and their habitats.

My boys are really big fans of Deadly 60. It's probably their favourite TV programme. My 5 year old is making plans to be an animal explorer when he's big, just like Steve Backshall.

I've just discovered that there is a range of toys to tie in with the program. The Character Building Deadly 60 playsets and collectible deadly animal figures feature animals from the programme and their habitats and even a Steve Backshall figure!

The playsets are buildable, in the style of LEGO. And my boys are also huge LEGO fans. The sets are aimed at kids age 5+.

My younger son has a birthday coming up. I think Deadly 60 toys will be on his list of presents. The larger playsets join together so you can buy them one at a time and build up a larger environment.

Some of the deadly animals are available to collect as individual figures costing around £1.99. There are also multi-packs and playsets that include animals. Some of the animals are exclusive to the larger sets.

Deadly 60 Toys Video

Character Building Deadly 60 Micro-Deadly 5 Pack

3 Different Packs to Collect

These Character Building Deadly 60 Micro-Deadly animals collectibles are available in three different packs of 5 to collect. The packs include a range of animals that have featured on the show including deadly reptiles, birds, mammals.

You'll find creatures from land and sea. There are fierce predatators and animals that are good at defending themselves.

The action figures are very detailed and realistic. The animals are articulated and the pieces pop apart so you can even mix them up to create new creatures if you like. The animals can stand on the building blocks that come with the playsets. 

Character Building Deadly 60 Micro-deadly 5 PackCharacter Building Deadly 60 Micro-deadly 5 Pack

Character Building Deadly 60 Micro-deadly 5 Pack



Character Building Deadly 60 Micro-deadly 5 Pack

Deadly 60 Playsets

Then there's a range of larger Deadly 60 playsets in different habitats where deadly animals are commonly found. These sets are buildable from bricks with studs and are compatible with LEGO bricks. 

Deadly 60 Deadly Jungle Playset Deadly 60 Deadly Jungle Playset

This medium sized Deadly 60 Playset is set in the jungle. This is the habitat of the deadly Silver-Back Gorilla and the Silver-Back Gorilla figure is exclusive to this set. You also gets lots of jungle pieces to build a habitat for your gorilla. 


 Deadly 60 Steve Safari SetDeadly 60 Steve Safari Set

This is the largest set in the Deadly 60 range featuring Steve on safari. You get pieces to build a large safari set including sand and water areas. There's a Steve action figure with his jeep, and the star of the set is a deadly male lion. 

Deadly 60 Small Playsets

Deadly Rainforest with Goliath Bird Eating Spider Mini Playset

There are also three smaller playsets to collect. Each of these features an animal in its habitat. The habitat is a model to be built from bricks. These playsets and the larger ones fit together to make a larger landscape with lots of different habitats. And you can add the collectible deadly action figures to the sets for more variety. 

Deadly Rainforest with Goliath Bird Eating Spider Mini Playset

The realistic Goliath Bird Eating Spider is the main attraction in this mini playset. He also has a rain forest habitat with leaves to hide underneath (watch out birds!) The rainforest is currently my older son's favourite habitat. 

Deadly Ocean with Great White Shark Mini Playset

The great white shark is a very popular predator. He comes with a cool underwater habitat with rocks, seaweed and water. 

Deadly Mountain with Snow Leopard Mini Playset

Ah we like this one. We saw snow leopards at the zoo yesterday and they were a big hit. The snow  leopard action figure comes with his mountain habitat

Deadly 60 Toys at Amazon UK

You can also get the Deadly 60 Toys at

Deadly 60 Toys at Argos

You can also get the Deadly 60 Playsets at Argos

CBBC Deadly 60

If you have a Deadly 60 fan in the house then it's worth checking out the CBBC Deadly 60 website.  They've got lots of games to play and things to do. I was amazed about how much my 3.5 year old knows about deadly animals! He knew much more than me. He has obviously been paying attention when watching Deadly 60.

This is definitely a TV program and an interest I'm happy to encourage. Both of my kids have a reputation at preschool (and now school for the older one) for being animal experts, and it comes from watching programs like Deadly 60. 

Planet Dinosaur

Planet Dinosaur is the new BBC CGI series about dinosaurs. 10 years on from Walking with Dinosaurs we get new effects and new science.
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