Planet Dinosaur

by TerriRexson

Planet Dinosaur is the new BBC CGI series about dinosaurs. 10 years on from Walking with Dinosaurs we get new effects and new science.

Planet Dinosaur - BBC 1

Starts Weds 14th September

Ooh a new dinosaur TV series in the UK. That's big news in our house! My nearly five year old son has been fascinated with dinosaurs since he could talk, possibly before, but he couldn't tell us! 

Planet Dinosaur is a new dinosaur documentary from the BBC. We loved the Walking with Dinosaurs series so we're facinated to see what can be achieved with modern CGI. 

The makers of Planet Dinosaur have been busy researching the latest paleontology so we'll be getting the latest dinosaur science. 

We've been looking forward to Planet Dinosaur because we've watched all our favorite dinosaur DVDs so many times it's great to have something new!

Order Planet Dinosaur DVD, Blu-Ray and Book

The Planet Dinosaur Book to accompany the series is available now. The BBC Planet Dinosaur Blu-Ray and DVD are available for pre-order for release on October 24th, in plenty of time for Christmas.

Click to images to order or pre-order.  

Planet Dinosaur Blu-Ray

Planet Dinosaur DVD

Planet Dinosaur Book

Planet Dinosaur - Launch Trailer

Is Planet Dinosaur any good?

Planet Dinosaur is superb! The dinosaurs are full of life and very realistic. We watched it in HD which looks amazing. We've recorded it so our sons can watch it tomorrow. My older son is nearly 5 and this is just perfect for him. It's full of facts on what dinosaurs ate and how they lived and he's an absolute sponge for that kind of information. 

There are some bits that could be a bit scary for some young children, but my son is very matter of fact about the fact that some dinosaurs were fierce carnivores ...

In terms of the content they've got it spot on for boys like my son who love dinosaurs. It mentions newly discovered dinosaurs that tower over T-Rex - he loves carnivores, the bigger the better! And the first episode looks at Africa - he's fascinated by anything to do with Africa. 

When is Planet Dinosaur On?

Dinosaur Planet is on wednesday evenings at 8:30pm on BBC 1. The first episode was shown on Weds 14th September. 

This is way after my boys' bedtime! So we had to record it. There's some dinosaur violence in the show so we'll watch it first to make sure there's nothing the kids won't be comfortable with. 

How Many Episodes of Planet Dinosaur will there be?

There will be 6 episodes of Planet Dinosaur in the first series:

Episode 1 is called Lost World:

"New finds from Africa have revealed some of the most spectacular dinosaurs ever known."

Oh wow! My son is fascinated with Africa and loves to know where dinosaurs lived. I think we're going to like this series!

How Long is Each Episode of Planet Dinosaur?

Each episode of Planet Dinosaur is 30 minutes long. So with 6 episodes we'll be getting 3 hours of dinsoaurs. Fantastic. 

Planet Dinosaur Website

Will Planet Dinosaur Show in the US?

I don't know if Planet Dinosaur will be shown in the US, but I think it's very likely given the success the BBC's Walking with Dinosaur Series in America. 

At about the same time as the UK gets Planet Dinosaur, the US is getting Dinosaur Revolution - another CGI dinosaur series from Discovery Channel. 

Looks like we're getting dinosaurs on both sides of the Atlantic!

If you're in the US and want to get your fix of british dinosaurs then the two DVDs below come highly recommended from a house of dinosaur fanatics!

Dinosaur Documentaries on DVD

The Complete Walking with... Collection

Finally all three programs from the Emmy Award- winning Walking With...series -- Walking with Dinosaurs, Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Specialand Walking with ...

$19.92  $99.99
Prehistoric Park

Join zoologist and wildlife expert Nigel Marven as he travels back in time to capture the most amazing creatures ever to exist. Step into the hostile climates of the ...

$16.81  $12.83

Dinosaur Revolution

Dinosaur Revolution is the new animated Dinosaur TV show from Discovery Channel.

Deadly 60 Toys

Deadly 60 is a UK TV programme about the deadliest animals in the world. These toys feature animals from Deadly 60 and their habitats.
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jan sterling on 04/06/2013

srry i am in usa and was wondering if this series would come to discover channel - its april, 2013 now

jan sterling on 04/06/2013

yes love dinosaurs - all set to go see jurassic park in 3-d - shd be awesome - have the old movies for all 3 of jurassic park

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