Dinosaur Revolution

by TerriRexson

Dinosaur Revolution is the new animated Dinosaur TV show from Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel Dinosaur Revolution

Dinosaur Revolution is the a new Dinosaur TV show from Discovery Channel. It's set on a basis of scientific fact but aims to entertain as well as educate. 

Dinosaur Revolution uses CGI animation mixed with interviews with paleontologists. 

The show is made in such a way that it tells stories and gets you connected to the dinosaurs. But of course, they're dinosaurs in a prehistoric world - bad things happen to them ...

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Dinosaur Revolution | Premieres Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 9PM e/p on Discovery*

Dinosaur Revolution Clips

An excellent review of Dinosaur Revolution

The Dinosaur Revolution will be Televised
A review of Dinosaur Revolution on the excellent Smithsonian Dinosaur Tracks blog. It makes good points about how the show could have been better from a scientific perspective.

Dinosaur Revolution Schedule


On Sunday Sept 4th, 2 episodes will air: “Evolution’s Winners” and “The Watering Hole.” 

Then on Sunday Sept 11th, the remaining 2 episodes will be shown: "Survival Tactics" and "End Game: T.Rex and Troodon". 

In each case the first show is at 9pm e/p and the second show at 10pm e/p. That's a lot of dinosaur in a short space of time!

Dinosaur Revolution Age Range

From the clips I've seen, this is going to be a show for the older kids and adults. 

My nearly five year old loves dinosaurs and can definitely cope with a bit of dino violence, but I think this may be a bit too much. I would definitely watch the episodes first. 

The show is airing late in the evening anyway so most little kids will be in bed giving parents the chance to check the show out first and decide whether it's suitable for their kids. 

Bigger kids love some serious dinosaur gore though! So I'm sure it will be a bit hit there. 

The show also wants to engage and connect with people's emotions so I think there will be a lot to enjoy for a wide audience. 

UK BBC 1 Planet Dinosaur

Another dinosaur show airing in September 2011
Planet Dinosaur is the new BBC CGI series about dinosaurs. 10 years on from Walking with Dinosaurs we get new effects and new science.

Dinosaur Revolution vs Planet Dinosaur

Dinosaur Revolution vs Planet Dinosaur. Which looks best? Well it doesn't really matter too much at the moment since you can only watch Dinosaur Revolution in the US and Planet Dinosaur in the UK. 

I think they'll both be good. Dinosaur Revolution will probably appeal to a broader audience with engaging stories set in the mesozoic. But in terms of science and quality of the animation I'd go with Planet Dinosaur. 

We'll definitely watch them both as soon as we're able to. 

Stegosaurus Photo Sculpture

Gregory S Paul

I can't resist featuring this gorgeous Stegosaurus Photosculpture by paleoartist Gregory S Paul. Paleoartists combine science and art to recreate the appearance of dinosaurs. It's thanks to paleoartists like Paul that we can have realistic recreations of dinosaurs like the ones we see in Dinosaur Revolution. 

Updated: 11/12/2011, TerriRexson
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ohcaroline on 09/04/2011

It sounds very interesting. Kids love dinosaurs.

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