Dinosaur Train Party Supplies and Ideas - All aboard!

by TerriRexson

Are you looking for Dinosaur Train party supplies and ideas for a Buddy and Tiny themed birthday party? All aboard ...

Planning a Dinosaur Train Party

If you're planning a Dinosaur Train birthday party this page will help you find party supplies and ideas for party games and activities that fans of the show will love. 

Dinosaur Train features Buddy the T-Rex and his sister Tiny the Pteranodon. Boys love Buddy and Tiny is a favorite with the girls so this is a party theme that's popular with lots of little kids. 

You can now get official Dinosaur Train Party Supplies (pictured right.) You can choose between and basic set with tableware and a few decorations, a luxury set with lots more decorations, foil balloon candles and more. And you can also choose a pack that includes filled party favor boxes. 

Dinosaur Train Party Supplies Pack

Dinosaur Train Party Favor Boxes

Filled with Dinosaur Train themed gifts

Dinosaur Train - Party Favor Box









Dinosaur Train - Party Favor Box

Dinosaur Train Party Favors

These Dinosaur Train filled party boxes include officially licensed Dinosaur Train gifts and dinosaur toys. My favorite is the train whistle. Fans of the show will know that Buddy and his family travel through time on the Dinosaur Train with the Conductor. A train whistle makes a great party favor. 

You might consider letting the kids have their whistles during the party. Kids love to make a noise!

Dinosaur Train Musical Statues

Dinosaur Train Party Game

It's easy to have a Dinosaur Train themed version of the Musical Statues party game. 

Play the Dinosaur Train A-Z song and video on a big TV and have the kids sing and dance along. When the music stops the kids all have to be pretend to be fossils. Anyone caught moving is out. It's a good idea to give a small prize like a little chocolate to those who are out so no one gets upset.

The last child in the game gets a slightly larger prize like a small toy dinosaur. 

Dinosaur Train Song: Dinosaurs A-Z

More Dinosaur Train Party Games

  • "I have a Hypothesis" - You can take any science experiment and turn it into a party game. One idea is to take various objects and a big tub of water. Each child takes a turn choosing an object and saying "I have a Hypthesis that this [toy] will float / sink". If they are correct they get a small prize. (If not maybe give them a sticker anyway for taking part.)
  • Pass the Dinosaur Bone. Pass the parcel but with the parcel wrapped up to look like a big bone! Just use white paper - it doesn't have to be accurate! 
  • Feed a Fish to Tiny. Set up a bean bag toss game and tell the kids that the bean bags are fish and they must feed Tiny the Pteranodon. If you're artistic you could draw Tiny, otherwise let the kids use their imagination! Winner gets a small prize. 

Dinosaur Train Party Activities

  • Dinosaur Train Dino Dig. Bury toy dinosaurs or dinosaur skeletons or fossils in a sandpit (or use shredded paper indoors) and let the kids dig up the dinosaur bones and say what sort of dinosaur they have found. They get to keep their finds to take home as a party favor. 
  • Set up a group treasure hunt with clues for the kids to track and identify a dinosaur (which will of course be a T-Rex or a Pteranodon depending on your child's favorite character.) Each clue should come with a big arrow, pointing to the next clue. This can be done inside or outside. You can start with footprints, add some skeleton bones (these can just be pictures printed and laminated), pictures of what they eat, and then finally the dinosaur itself (which could be a Buddy or Tiny Toy.)
  • Dinosaur Train Rescue. Oh no, lots of dinosaurs have got stuck in a net and you need to rescue them! This is a good activity to do at the end of a Dinosaur Train party instead of a pinata. Put various small party favors into a piece of garden netting and hang it on the ceiling. The birthday boy or girl gets to unhook the string that is holding it up and rescue the trapping dinosaurs so everyone gets treats to take home. 

Small Dinosaur Gifts

For use in activities
Safari LTD Ancient Fossils Tube
Only $22.93
Dinosaurs Eggs with Mini Toy Dinosaur Figures Inside - 36...
Only $9.99
36 Dinosaur Tattoos
Only $3.97

Have a wonderful Dinosaur Train Party!

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